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    Book Review ~ Vintage Girl by Hester Browne

    Making the recent decision to review every book (or as near as) that I read means that I have to review the ones that might not seem as trendy or intelligent as others. I have a real problem with people who try to make others feel bad for what they are reading, because they think the books they read are somehow more worthy than others. There has been a lot of it on Twitter recently, and there’s a blog post brewing, but for now I will just keep on reading what I want, and reviewing as much as I can!

    Vintage Girl is not a literary book. It’s not a trendy book, and it’s not going to be winning any awards. But it’s fun, and it’s sweet, and it’s a really easy read. Sometimes I go through those stages where I’m not really reading as much as I feel I should be, and I’m struggling to really get my teeth into anything. When times like that come along, I reach for a book like Vintage Girl, and I finish it in a day, and I feel I’m back on the horse.

    Evie is a young woman with a passion for antiques, and working for a dealer means that she gets to indulge in her obsession on a daily basis. When she is tasked with going to a Scottish castle to help a family determine if they are sitting on a gold mine of antiques, she jumps at the chance, revelling in the romantic visions she has of dressing for dinner and falling in love with a Scottish laird.

    There are no real surprises in the story here; whilst there Evie meets Robert, the heir to the castle, and is immediately thrown into his arms, literally. Hester Browne tries to inject some tension by way of Hamish, Evie’s sister’s boyfriend, on whom Evie has a crush, and a romantic interest for Robert who is obviously all wrong for him. A book like Vintage Girl never really tries to be anything different to every other book that has been written in this style before, but the fun has to come from all of the incidental details; the quirks of the characters, the location and the situations in which the characters find themselves. Luckily, Vintage Girl just about delivers on this level. The setting is a beautiful Scottish castle, the likes of which I would love to visit, and Evie was likable enough to spend the length of the novel with. The romance seemed to be tied up rather neatly and abruptly at the end, but as I said, that’s the nature of these novels, and I don’t believe anyone goes into a book like this expecting anything different.


    Vintage Girl by Hester Browne
    First published: February 2014
    ISBN: 9781782065654
    Library book