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    My Vegan Diary ~ Vegan Vice Club

    It’s been a while since I shared any of my vegan adventures, but this burger at Vegan Vice Club is one of a few very good burgers I have had lately, so it’s time to share.

    Hannah and I recently headed to Cambridge for the Cambridge Literary Festival: it was a fairly last minute trip after I realised that Simon Mayo was there speaking. He was speaking about Mad Blood Stirring, and I hadn’t had a chance to hear him speak about this particular book yet. And as Cambridge is only about an hour away, so it’s always a nice little trip out – especially if it gives us the opportunity to try some delicious vegan food!

    Untitled (14)

    This time we went to Vegan Vice Club, the vegan burger kitchen in Ta Bouche, a bar in Market Passage, Cambridge. I didn’t realise until we got there, but I’d actually already had a Vegan Vice burger when we went to Vegan Nights in January. As well as being based in Ta Bouche, they also have a food stand that rocks up at various different events. At Vegan Nights, I had The Original Vice, but in Cambridge I couldn’t resist the seitan, and went for the TenderCrop (£7).

    It was a very good burger! You really can’t beat a crispy chicken burger, and this came with all the trimmings – vegan mayo, pickle, salad, and a brioche bun. Hannah went for the the Original Vice (£6) this time, and we shared some fries (£3).

    If you’re a fan of a burger, and you come across Vegan Vice Club on your travels, I’d suggest giving them your money. The Peanut Butter BBQ burger comes highly recommended as well, though not by me as I haven’t actually tried that one. It probably warrants another trip to Cambridge though…!

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