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    Photo an Hour #56 ~ April 2018

    Last year’s April Photo an Hour (!) fell on 28th April, a random Saturday which, if I remember, was cold and rainy.

    09 10
    9am ~ I had stayed at my niece’s house on the night before, so I woke up in my great-niece’s old baby bedroom (she’d been upgraded to her big girl bedroom by this point!).

    10am ~ Playing with some of Pegs’ birthday presents. She looks so little here, she is now (of course), 18 months older than she was then and a proper little lady now.

    11 12
    11am ~ The next hour belonged to another niece, this was a brand new one, and my first time meeting her!

    12pm ~ On the bus reading – never a good idea, because it makes me feel sick. It looks like I was reading I’ll Be Gone in the Dark, the Michelle McNamara book about the Golden State Killer, which I struggled to get on with, and have never finished. Maybe one day.

    13 14

    2pm ~ A missing hour – I think I was in the process of meeting Hannah, and then we obviously ended up at McDonald’s for some fries.

    5pm ~ Instagram informs me that I had a lot of missing hours after the fries! I had bought some bits in Superdrug and was eager to try them out.

    15 16
    6pm ~ I was waiting to go out (on a Saturday night, no less – who am I?), and evidently had nothing else to take a photo of.

    7pm ~ Out! Hannah’s dad and step-mum were down for a visit, so I tagged along for dinner, and we snapped a selfie. I had really short hair at this point!

    17 18
    8pm ~ Dinner! Vegan tapas at The Clockhouse in Coggeshall. Very nice it was too.

    9pm ~ Not just out, but drinking alcohol. I barely recognise this person.


    10pm ~ Home, and still drinking.

    As ever, I am behind in rounding up my Photo an Hour adventures, but we’re still going! If you want to join in, we’re playing this coming Saturday (25th August). Feel free to sign up to receive a handy email reminder, but if you don’t need that, just join in! Upload a photo every hour, use the hashtag #photoanhour, and take a look at everyone else’s photos!