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    Photo an Hour #55 ~ March 2018

    Since I am blogging every day in May (or trying to, at least), I thought now would be a good time to try and get a bit more up to date with my Photo an Hour posts. Let’s see how I get on with that.

    Here, I’m doing something I honestly never thought I would do. I’m missing out a month. I’m not blogging about February 2018, because a) the photos are rubbish, and b) it was the most uneventful day. There are three television photos from the end of the day! I’m a bit of a completist, so part of me is itching to just post them and move on, but also, what’s the point? It adds nothing to my life to look back on that day, because evidently nothing of note happened. So I’m moving on to March. These photos are also a bit rubbish (I was still uploading to stories due to the misguided notion that it mattered at all what my Instagram grid looked like, hence the odd text overlay that is unable to be edited out), but they at least depict a nice day out.

    IMG_1609 09

    8am ~ Reading in bed. This was when I was trying to get through Ready Player One before I went to see it at the cinema.

    9am ~ Trying to decide if it was a dungarees kind of day. (Spoiler – it wasn’t.)

    10 11

    10am ~ On the bus, on my way into town to see my sister.

    11am ~ Before I met Kim, in Primark, eyeing up the Harry Potter nighties and trying to resist the urge to buy it. (Spoiler – I didn’t resist the urge.)

    12 13

    12pm ~ Waiting for my sister, with a Primark bag that didn’t contain the nightie. Rather, I went back for that later in the day, and somehow by splitting the cost over two trips, I was somehow justified in spending more money than was necessary.

    1pm ~ Lunch with Kim, and enjoying a Dandelion and Burdock.

    14 15

    2pm ~ In a toy shop, looking at the GIRLS’ TOYS. You know that because they are pink.

    3pm ~ Tucking into a cup of tea with Kim. This was when I was only three months vegan, and I was still getting brave about asking for a plant-based milk. I’m a pro at it these days.

    16 17

    4pm – Saying goodbye to Kim as she hopped on the bus.

    5pm ~ A classic photo an hour photo – the wing mirror of Hannah’s car!

    And that was that – a random March day in 2018. We’ve decided to go ahead and set the dates for the whole of 2019, so if you’re interested in joining in, pop the dates in your diary! There’s also an email sign up for a timely reminder before each date (though I don’t remember to send this every month) – sign up here if you’re interested.


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