36 Before 36

This is my list of things I want to achieve before my 36th birthday. Stay tuned for updates!

  1. Visit Harry Potter: A History of Magic at the British Library.
  2. Watch a film for every year I’ve been alive (1982-2018).
  3. Keep a bullet journal.
  4. Film a second a day for three months.
  5. Record a podcast.
  6. Send 12 Postcrossing postcards.
  7. Go to Bath.
  8. Get a third tattoo.
  9. Go to Ballie Ballerson.
  10. Get a piercing.
  11. Climb the O2.
  12. Visit Sky Garden.
  13. Give blood.
  14. Cook one new recipe a month.
  15. Read five from The Book of Forgotten Authors.
  16. Work on my family tree.
  17. Visit five new museums.
  18. Read five Christmas books.
  19. Increase my Instagram following by 15% (currently at 518)
  20. Send birthday presents/cards to all my family members and friends.
  21. Buy five poetry books.
  22. Volunteer.
  23. Plan something amazing for my sister’s 50th birthday.
  24. Have watched 30 from the BFI 100 Thrillers to See Before You Die list.
  25. Read all ten from the Guardian Top 10 books on Rural America.
  26. Read all ten from the Guardian Top 10 modern epistolary novels.
  27. Take a trip to a new town or city every month with Hannah.
  28. Bake ten cakes.
  29. Meet up with my teenage best friend.
  30. Start a newsletter.
  31. Take a driving test.
  32. Buy no new clothes for an entire month.
  33. Ask twenty people to recommend a book, and read them all.
  34. Attend a film festival.
  35. Leave the country for a holiday or mini-break.
  36. Re-decorate my bedroom.