35 Before 35

Every year I create a list of things I want to achieve between two birthdays, and slowly but surely try to tick them off. I managed just nine items from my 35 Before 35 list!

1. Dye my hair
2. Visit ten cinemas
3. Go on a date
4. Go to Berlin
5. Record a podcast
6. Take a driving test
7. Get new glasses
8. Go to Canterbury
9. Get a third tattoo
10. Photograph 50 Blue Plaques
11. Compile a top 50 songs list
12. Throw a Gilmore Girls party
13. Listen to an album a week
14. Knit a piece of clothing
15. Watch ten films from 1982
16. Read ten non-fiction books
17. Visit the Warner Bros. Studio Tour
18. Save up for and buy a camera
19. Make some pin displays
20. Go to the theatre
21. Make a photo display
22. Have a day out in ‘Hidden’ London
23. Visit Bettys in York
24. Crochet a granny square
25. Have watched 40 of the Film4 Top 50 Musicals list
26. Read more diverse authors
27. Read ten novels on which films are based
28. Start writing my novel
29. Visit ten bookshops
30. Visit Westminster Abbey
31. Visit Bognor Regis
32. Go to five book events
33. Film a second a day
34. Visit Gold Hill
35. Complete a cross-stitch