33 Before 33

Every year I set myself a list of things to do between my birthdays. I achieved a fairly paltry ten from my 33 Before 33 list!

1. Knit a blanket
2. Visit Bognor Regis
3. Go to a Book Festival
4. Read ten novels on which films are based
5. Visit ten bookshops
6. Visit Cambridge or Bristol
7. Raise £200 for charity
8. Go on a course to learn a new skill
9. Go on a date
10. Declutter
11. Make a book jar
12. Watch ten documentaries from the BFI list
13. Watch a film outside
14. Apply for a gameshow
15. Read a graphic novel
16. Read ten novels from the Guardian top 100
17. Visit Highgate Cemetery
18. Have a photo taken with Mark Kermode
19. Write one letter a month to personal heroes
20. Go to the London Film Festival
21. Take a trip to London without planning anything
22. Start my novel
23. Recreate some old photos
24. Get a scaffold piercing
25. Learn to play poker
26. Get a mention from every Radio 2 presenter
27. Get a tattoo
28. Visit a town called Ugley
29. Learn the ukulele
30. Volunteer
31. Be a healthy weight
32. Visit Westminster Abbey
33. Ride a horse

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    Love this! May need to steal!

    January 7, 2015 at 3:35 pm
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