How has lockdown changed you?

We call it lockdown because that’s the common parlance now, but I’m not sure it’s a word that has ever been officially used. I digress. These past four months have been an exercise in patience for most of us, and now things are starting open up again (too soon for me, but who am I to say?), did lockdown change you?

I think it’s probably changed all of us. This is such a monumental time that we’ve lived through, and we’ll be feeling the effects of it for a long time, I’m sure.

For me, someone who likes being at home, I thought it wouldn’t be too difficult. Pre-lockdown, I rarely went to the pub, I never went to clubs and bars, and I didn’t go to parties. I live with my best friend, so I naively thought that this curtailing of my freedoms wouldn’t be felt too keenly.

I was wrong. Well, I was both wrong and right, because being someone who likes being at home has helped a fair amount, I’m sure. But I’ve definitely felt hemmed in. One of the best things about going out, for me, has always been getting home. But when you’ve been at home day in, day out, you don’t have that lovely feeling of relief when you flop down on the sofa, because you’ve been on the sofa for four days straight.

I miss my family and friends, I miss the cinema, I miss pottering on a Saturday in charity shops and supermarkets and grabbing lunch somewhere. I miss London, and blue plaque hunting. I miss Airbnb weeks away. I miss planning a holiday abroad and actually being able to go.

How am I changed by all this? Cliched though it may be, I’m probably just a lot more grateful for the life I had before! So much has changed, and lots won’t go back to the way it was before. Things were just whipped away from us with very little warning!

I guess I’ve probably realised that I am a bit more flexible than I thought I was (not in a yoga sense, despite my job I haven’t done one single second of yoga practice during lockdown). This whole thing has just proved to me that I can adapt if I’m forced to, so it’s probably fine to exist just slightly outside of my comfort levels.

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