37 Before 37

37 Before 37 ~ The Roundup

My 37 Before 37 has been and gone; I turned 37 last month, with all the appropriate fanfare.  It will surprise nobody who’s followed this blog for any amount of time to hear that I didn’t do too well on this challenge, as I never do. Time just seems to race past and before I know it, it’s two weeks until my birthday and I don’t have a hope in hell of reading 20 books, watching 17 films, and baking 12 cakes.

But I did manage to tick off a few things, so I want to post about 37 Before 37 before I start thinking about 38 Before 38. You heard that right – I am going to continue with these largely pointless lists, even though I don’t work hard on completing them, because I want to, and if there’s one thing I stand by wholeheartedly, it’s that this is my blog, and therefore these are my rules.

  • Tick off three incomplete items from previous lists

This was one that I was always going to find fairly easy to tick off, because I feel like I’m always doing things that appeared on a really old list! I am going to cheat slightly, and only tell you about three, because even though I think I managed more than three, I’m going to put this on my next list again! The three I ticked off were: film a second a day for three months, take a driving test, and see a play at the National Theatre.

I got pretty good at remembering to film a second a day, though I have faltered again in recent months. But I definitely did three! I also took a driving test (failed), and I saw Tartuffe at the National Theatre in April.

  •  Do something amazing for Hannah’s 30th birthday

We went to Brighton, ate ALL the vegan food, and went to more than one beach. That’s pretty amazing as far as we’re concerned.

  • Buy a car

I bought a car! I can’t drive it yet, but I bought it.

  • Start an IGTV channel

Does two videos make a channel? I think so – but I’m hoping to do more next year, with the help of the Filmm app, which I love.

  • Go to the theatre

Now even I am not so much of a cheat that I would count my National Theatre trip for two separate list items. Luckily I have been to the theatre three times this year; as well as Tartuffe, I’ve seen Wicked and Mary Poppins!

Wicked 73292706_10157586624497744_8995086536433205248_o

  • Get drunk

This was a funny one to put on! But it’s evidence of how little I drink that I had to check through my photos to remind me if I had got drunk within the last year! But I did – at my friend Hannah’s Christmas party last December, where she served lethal strawberry daiquiris (two parts rum, one part love).

  • Go to a live recording of a podcast

I went to see a live recording of Pilot TV, at the London Podcast Festival (an event I’ve been meaning to go to for years!), and I bloody loved it. It’s one of my favourite podcasts currently (evidenced by my Spotify review of the year), and it was so exciting to be part of the audience. They had a special guest, Russell Tovey, who was lovely, and it allowed me to indulge my ever-so-slightly odd crush on James Dyer. Also Terri White is my idol.

Pilot TV

Well 37 Before 37 went a little better than I thought! Terrible, in terms of numbers, but I thought I had only ticked off about two, so to get to the end of the list and count up seven was a bit of a surprise!

Stay tuned for my 38 Before 38 (how on earth I’m at 38 already is unfathomable).

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