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I considered myself extremely lucky recently when I found 13 out of 14 seasons of E.R. in a charity shop for £10, so I snapped them up. Within days, the first season had been added to All 4, with subsequent seasons being added weekly (I believe). It doesn’t really bother me – I will just re-donate them and revel in the luxury of watching them on the telly without having to worry about changing the DVD in every four episodes.

I’m having a little trouble getting on board with autumn this year. I don’t know why, it’s usually my favourite, but the grey weather is getting me down a bit in a way it doesn’t usually. Now I’m post-big work event, I’m hoping that will change, as I don’t want to lose my love for the season.

My nephew turned 21 last week. He was born while I was on work experience in year 11, so every year it’s a constant reminder that my GCSEs were many, many moons ago.

I’m now three issues into my tenure as editor of one of the magazines that my company publishes. We go to print tomorrow and I’m repeatedly amazed each time another issue goes and the next one starts.

I’ve started knitting again recently. I bought a magazine that had a toy kit attached, which I always think is a good way to get back into it, and hopefully that will inspire me to carry on and complete some other projects.

I know three people who have a birthday today, as well as Matt Smith,

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