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Blogging : Way back at the start of May I had grand plans to blog every day, and then I lasted for five days. Oh dear! I’m sure I want to get back to it, I just need to find some direction. What better way to pick things up than with a Mondaying post, an old favourite.

Watching : This past week or so it’s pretty much been wall to wall football, with the Women’s World Cup taking centre stage. I love a big sporting tournament – I can take or leave football all year round, but smush 36 games into a four-week period and I’m there with bells on.

Swiping : I don’t use Tinder, but I have Bumble on my phone, and every now and again I find myself swiping through in the hope that someone interesting pops up. It’s half-hearted really, but it’s something to do!

Hoping : For the last week or so KFC have been trialling their vegan burger. It’s rumoured that it’s been an unmitigated success, so here’s hoping it goes nationwide very soon.

Videoing : Since December, I’ve somehow managed to remember to film on enough days to create a second a day video at the end of each month. I still miss the odd day here and there, but I’m hoping that it’s enough of a habit now that it’s ingrained, and come the end of the year, I’ll have a full video of my 2019!

Posting : I’ve been going through a phase of actually bothering to upload my photos to Instagram, mainly because I took so many photos on my recent trip to Cornwall!

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