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Midweek Mundane

A few years ago I did a couple of Midweek Mundane posts; it was a thing that another blogger started, and I joined in a few times. Never the most riveting of posts, but I do enjoy reading back on them and seeing what I was up to at a given point in time, and it’s perfect to help me on my way to blogging every day in May.

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My Thursday began as it always does, awoken by my alarm at around 6am. I don’t need to set it this early, as I don’t have to be awake at this time, but I like to be able to wake up leisurely, and not feel like I’m in a rush. I’d like to say that I make the most of the time that I have before work, but in reality what happens is that I pick my phone up, scroll through Instagram, and inevitably put on a podcast. Today, it was the Pilot TV podcast, because I’m currently making my way through the back catalogue, and making lists of all the television that I’ve missed while I’ve been rewatching Gilmore Girls/The West Wing/E.R. (delete as appropriate).

After a little while of dicking around on my phone, I’m up and in the shower, though as my hair definitely needed washing, I probably should have given myself an extra 20 minutes or so. As it was, I had only left enough time to wash and dry my hair, and no time to straighten it. A minimal amount of make-up, my new-to-me jeans (eBay bargain), and a slightly cropped top that I never would have worn 2 years ago, and I’m good to go.

Work begins at 9, and despite living approximately 7 minutes away (by car, no way of walking even though we live so close), Hannah and I still leave at 8.30 every day. It gives us the chance to have a good chat with another Hannah, and that’s the best way to start the day. Work this morning was pretty uneventful; it’s just over a week until an event in Manchester, and so most of the morning was last minute stuff on that – emails, social media etc. I also had to do some stuff on one of our magazine websites.

Lunchtime these days is a trip back home – as I still don’t drive (yet), Hannah usually drops me off, and I grab something to eat (usually leftovers) and watch something on the telly. Today Hannah joined me for lunch, I had pasta bake, and we watched some Brooklyn 99.

Back to work, and the vast majority of the afternoon was taken up with proof-reading one of the magazines that goes to print tomorrow. I have proof-read 4 magazines and supplement this week, so my brain is frazzled from seeing so many words. There’s usually more of a gap between the titles going to print, but sometimes they converge like this.

Straight home after work; it has been a busy few weeks, and I feel as though I haven’t been at home all that much. So it’s nice to have an entire evening at home, with not even a trip to the supermarket. Jacket potato with beans and cheese for dinner, and Unicorn Store on the telly as I type this up. A pretty standard Thursday, which is just what I needed!


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