Photo an Hour #51 ~ October 2017

I feel like I’m on a bit of a roll now with getting up to date with Photo an Hour, though obviously these are famous last words. Last October’s Photo an Hour saw me in Bedford, seeing my brother and his family for my niece’s birthday. I really like the photos from this day!

08 09

8am ~ I slept in my nephew’s bed, and woke up to realise Superman had been keeping watch over me while I slept.

9am ~ Admiring Molly’s amazing autumnal dress.

10 11

11am ~ After a stop for breakfast which I failed to photograph, Molly and I headed into town for some birthday shopping. It’s so spending time with my nieces and nephews and watching them grow up; they are so cute as babies but I really cherish the relationship I get to have with them as they get older and develop their personalities. My grown up nieces and nephews are amongst my very favourite people in all the world.

1pm ~ Shopping is tough work, and I missed a few photos! Mollly was deliberating over whether or not to buy this keyring, so she asked me to attach it to her bag and take a photo so she could make a decision. She decided against it in the end.


2pm ~ As Molly and I have birthdays that are six days apart, in return for me taking her shopping, she wanted to take me for coffee, so we had a pitstop in Costa.

4pm ~ Another missed hour, but by four o’clock we were back at my brother’s house and Harry, my nephew, was playing with his cars.

14 18

5pm ~ A quick stop at the park before I had to go and get my train, and Harry displayed his extraordinary climbing, swinging, and general monkey-like skills. Seriously, this boy is fearless.

6pm ~ Waiting for my train. How odd, as I write this at 9pm on a sunny summer evening, to imagine that it was this dark at 6pm in the evening. Aren’t seasons funny?

1923172580_10156911411878569_6706324395013518225_n (2)

7pm ~ St Pancras – halfway home! And that’s where the photos stop; no doubt my battery was very much dead by this point in the day!

And because I took an uneven number of photos, please enjoy this one, that my sister-in-law took of me and the children, playing with leaves in the park. There’s a few that she took that I absolutely love; these children are beautiful and very photogenic!

In case you’d like to play next time around, June’s day is set for 28th July. It’s really easy to join in, just take a photo each hour and upload it to Instagram using the hashtag, or save them for a blog post. Once I’m up to date, I’ll start rounding up who joins in, but in the meantime, Louisa at Duck in a Dress is a lot more organised than me, and actually does the round up post!

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