My Vegan Diary ~ Soho Vegan Market, Yorica & The Diner

As yet, my vegan adventures, outside of the day to day, have been largely confined to London. Mostly due to the proximity; it takes me around an hour to be there by train, and once I’m there, a veritable vegan wonderland awaits. Vegan food in London isn’t hard to find – the problem is narrowing down the choice.

Soho Vegan Market

In April I had plans to see The West Wing Weekly live at the Union Chapel in Islington, so Hannah and I decided to get in as much vegan food as we could manage (that’s quite a lot). It was the first day of the Soho Vegan Market in Rupert Street, so we headed along to check it out.

The market is made up of a handful of food stands, and though it’s always so hard to choose when you are surrounded by such great vegan food, I opted for Jake’s Vegan Steaks, which I had missed out on at Vegan Life Live. The steaks are seitan (wheat gluten, if you’re unaware), and go into a sandwich with added extras.

Jake's Vegan Steaks

I love seitan, but have never actually cooked with it. I’d much rather leave that to the experts! The sandwich was delicious, but I didn’t end up eating it all as there was a lot there. Hannah went for the steamed bao buns from Eat Chay (which she highly recommends).

Vegan Bao Steamed Buns


On the way to the market, we had quite coincidentally walked past Yorica, the vegan ice cream shop. It’s another one that I haven’t had a chance to try yet, so it was too good an opportunity to pass up. Vegan ice cream is fairly easy to find in supermarkets, but can be harder to get hold of when eating out. Going into a shop where nothing is off limits is nothing short of a treat!

Vegan Ice Cream Yorica

Vegan Ice Cream Yorica

I had a scoop of mint choc chip, and a scoop of chocolate – a classic but great combination. I also added some letter-shaped sprinkles.

The Diner

As the podcast recording that I was heading to was in Islington, we decided to grab dinner at The Diner. They are a great choice for vegan food in London; they have various branches in the capital, and a great vegetarian and vegan menu. Unsurprisingly, they sell all the traditional American diner dishes that you’d expect, and the vegan options include breakfasts, pancakes, burgers, and salads.

Southern Fried Seitan

Hannah and I both opted for the Southern Fried Seitan Burger, and it was delicious. It’s a lot of seitan for one day, but what are you going to do?

I’ll never stop wanting to eat all the vegan food in London, but I’m hoping that as time goes on, I can explore a few vegan eateries a little closer to home. I’d like to discover the best of what Essex has to offer!

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