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Blogging : My plan to blog every day in May fell apart over the weekend! But then I decided not to beat myself up, and just try and commit to blogging every week day in May (and then try to not beat myself up when that inevitably fails!). Is anyone else trying a BEDM challenge this year?


Reading : This weekend I read Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine in its entirety, having put on my library list without noticing that I already had it on my Kindle. I’m planning a full review of it later in the week, but the fact that I read it in two sittings should give you some idea how much I liked it. (It’s wonderful.)

Watching : My friend Hannah, with whom I live, has never watched Game of Thrones, and I’ve only watched the first four series. So when it popped up on NowTV in anticipation of the new series, we decided to watch from the beginning. I have mixed feelings over the series; having read and loved the books, the series didn’t entirely capture my attention. But I’m enjoying watching again, even if I have to keep warning Hannah not to get too attached!

Exercising : It’s not my natural instinct to exercise, because I’m lazy and I like sitting around too much. But I’ve been a member of The Gym for a while – it’s really affordable and not at all intimidating, and Hannah and I have a routine of going twice a week. It’s working out well so far, and although I’m not seeing noticeable results, just being active is making me feel loads better!

Contemplating : I’m seriously considering having all my hair cut off. I go through stages where I want to grow it long so I can do more with it, and then I just want to cut it all off. It’s really hard to decide, but I’m probably just going to get it cut off and then let it grow if I don’t like it!
IMG_9054Ticking : I ticked off another 35 Before 35 item last week, though I haven’t actually written about any of them yet! The above photo should give you some idea as to which one it was!


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