Photo an Hour #40 ~ November 2016

You see how organised I can be sometimes? I’m catching up with November’s Photo an Hour already! I just have December’s to go after this!

November’s date fell on Saturday 19th, when I had made plans to meet my sister for lunch.

08 09

8am ~ Awake fairly early, reading in bed. i loved this book, one that I picked up at the library on a whim (I wrote a full review here).

9am ~ I bought a waterproof bluetooth speaker for the shower, and it’s proving very handy!

10 11

10am ~ Getting myself ready to head into town to meet Kim.

11am ~ On the bus. (Thriling morning so far!)

12 13

12pm ~ I cannot deny that I am one of those people who gets drawn into the hype of wanting a Christmas cup from coffee shops. I try not to be that person, but I just am. And these cups are pretty, and the toasted marshmallow hot chocolate tastes good.

1pm ~ After a quick look around the shops, Kim and I went into the Slug and Lettuce for some lunch.

14 15

2pm ~ After lunch we did some more shopping, and these glasses in Fenwicks caught my eye.

3pm ~ There’s only so much shopping you can do in Colchester, so we headed into a cafe for a cup of tea, and sat there for a couple of hours chatting.

17 18

5pm ~ I missed the 4 o’clock photo because of the aforementioned chatting, so I took the next one when I was getting ready to head home on the bus.

6pm ~ Checking out my purchases – I picked up a couple of tops in H&M; the checked shirt was for my Luke Danes costume for our Gilmore Girls party, and the stripy top is one of my current faves. Also, I don’t tend to buy DVDs anymore, especially new ones, but the likes of Meet Me in St Louis and Calamity Jane are never, ever on such things as Netflix, so I want to have them on hand to watch if the mood takes me. Of course Calamity Jane was on the television a mere week or so after I bought it.

19 20

7pm ~ Back home, and the fire is on, because of course it is.

8pm ~ Jen came round for the evening to watch some Fast and Furious films, which I joined in with because I can’t deny enjoying them, especially the later ones.

I haven’t done a round up of people who joined in for ages, as I am usually so far behind that it’s not very easy! But as this is only a month ago, I’m able to do it!

I think I got everyone, but if you remember taking part in November’s Photo an Hour and would like me to add you to the list, just leave me a comment!

December’s Photo an Hour took place this weekend, so I’ll be rounding up those photos in a post soon, and January’s will take place on a date soon to be decided. If you’d like a reminder as to when it will be taking place, please leave your email address here, and I’ll send you a reminder a couple of days in advance.

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    Real fire! <3

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