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34 Before 34 ~ Start a Scrapbook/Journal/Diary

Writing a diary is something that I constantly wish I did more. If I could speak to my ten-year-old self, the one thing I would tell her is to never stop writing in her diary. I have lots of diaries that I wrote in for a few weeks, and I just love reading back on them, but I wish they went on for longer.

But it’s never too late, so I’m always trying to start again! At the start of the year I started a traditional diary that my sister bought me for Christmas, but I’ve struggled with keeping up with that. Then, when I was in Liverpool earlier in the year, I picked up a lovely notebook in TK Maxx, and decided to make it my journal.


I have always wanted to keep a journal like the ones I see in American films, full of photos and drawings and writing and scribbles. I kept a journal about ten years ago for about a year, and it’s one of my favourite things to look back on. Writing this has made me realise that it’s still at my dad’s house, so I must retrieve it so I can have another flick through it!


So my new journal was originally going to be something similar to that one; words, photos and things like tickets and postcards. But then I started looking through the #bujo hashtag on Instagram. For anyone who doesn’t know, bujo is a portmanteau for bullet journal, the newest craze amongst those who journal. It’s kind of a cross between a to-do list and a diary, and it uses bullet points, hence ‘bullet journal’.


My new notebook doesn’t have a dotted grid, it’s lined, so it’s not a bullet journal. But the photos on Instagram of other people’s journals are all so pretty that I wanted to replicate them to an certain extent, while still keeping it as somewhere to record all the fun things I have done. Where bullet journals tend to be full of to-do lists, mine tends to just tends to be full of thoughts and photos and the odd quote that I love.


It’s my favourite thing to do at the moment. I have bought pens and washi tape and stickers, and I’m just really enjoying filling it up. It’s beginning to resemble the type of journal I have always wanted – slightly messy and unplanned. I’m really pleased with it!

22. Start a scrapbook/journal/diary


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  • Reply Janet

    Your gorgeous lettering has inspired me to give these kinds of pages a go. I’m doing a sort-of-bujo, but like you I’m finding myself adding photos and mementoes as I go, so it’s also a kind of scrapbook.

    November 12, 2016 at 4:14 pm
    • Reply Jane

      Ah, I don’t know that it’s all that gorgeous – it’s not terribly inspired and I tend to do the same thing time after time! But I do love doing it. Scrapbook is probably an accurate description for my journal as well – I’m not too worried about conforming to what everyone else is doing, I’m just loving doing what I’m doing!

      November 18, 2016 at 1:45 pm

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