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34 Before 34 ~ Have a driving lesson

‘Have a driving lesson’ was laughed at by more than one person when I revealed by 34 Before 34 list, who all suggested that I could probably be a little more ambitious. But I didn’t want to put ‘Learn to Drive’, because who knows how long that’s going to take me after my first lesson? I know my own limitations, and I tried to manage my expectations!

And all this leads me to being able to tick off this item, because I have had a driving lesson. In fact, I’ve had eight lessons – sixteen hours in total, and I passed my theory test. If all had been well, I think I would have possibly been able to take my test by the end of the year, or certainly in the new year, and I may even have passed.

Unfortunately, as it turned out, I ended up not really getting on very well with my instructor. I was always going to struggle with being in a small enclosed space with a stranger once a week – I don’t do well with polite conversation and I’m about as awkward as it’s possible for a person to be, but I know that I have to get over that in order to learn to drive. And I did, for the most part. But it constantly felt as though my instructor was pressuring me to take a test within a certain number of hours, and this meant that he regularly asked me to take more than one lesson a week (something I couldn’t afford to do), or have a three-hour lesson (something I really didn’t want to do!).


I think maybe given that I was learning with him through Red Driving School meant that he maybe had his own targets to meet. This did nothing for me, however, in terms of feeling comfortable. So in the end, I cut and run, and haven’t actually got around to restarting with someone else yet. I didn’t have time throughout October, but now I really need to pull my finger out, because I did feel as though it was gradually starting to go in, and I don’t want to have lost all the progress I made! Also, I only have two years to pass from the date I passed my theory test, and I really don’t want to have to take that again.

So I can cross it off for now, and I am thinking that I would ideally like to have passed by this time next year, so maybe my 35 Before 35 will include something to reflect that!

27. Have a driving lesson


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  • Reply Janet

    It sounds like a really frustrating experience with your instructor – I completely lucked out and got a great instructor first time, he was very patient with me (which was very much needed!) and had a similar sense of humour to me, but I’d have hated learning if I didn’t like him.

    November 12, 2016 at 4:27 pm
    • Reply Jane

      I just kept thinking that I was paying for the privilege of hating the two hours I spent in the car! But I’m hoping to find someone new who will be a better fit. I just need to get around to actually doing it!

      November 18, 2016 at 1:46 pm

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