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34 Before 34 ~ Try Yoga

It’s been such a long time since I provided any kind of update on my 34 Before 34 progress! I am notoriously bad at ticking things off, but as I always say, I have as much fun making the list and trying to tick things off as actually achieving them! But I have been making a little progress, so I’m going to try and provide a few updates before the deadline next Saturday!

One of the things on my list was to try yoga. I have tried it before, but it’s never really taken. My job is deeply ensconced in the yoga world, so I live and breathe it all day, but I’m not able to actually extol the virtues of it, because I don’t do it! So I thought it was time to give it another go.

I would love to go to an actual yoga class, because I think that would give me the structure that I need to give it a real go. But I can’t drive, and there are no classes in my village, so I had to try online yoga. Online yoga is huge, and more and more people are doing it, either in place of a real life class, or in addition.

I went with Movement for Modern Life, a company I know to be great through my work, and jumped right in with the Beginners Class with Clare Beagley. It’s really basic, and perfect for someone like me who needs something simple to begin with.



There are some basic poses, but it’s mostly focused on the breath, as breathing is such an important part of yoga. I did this routine first thing in the morning for a few days, and I was getting on OK, but as ever, something got in my way, and I stopped, and never went back.

Now, writing this post, I want to go back and give it another go! I think ultimately I’ll never really stick to it if I don’t at least start with a class, but I might go back to this beginners class again tomorrow and see if I can have a bit more staying power this time.

17. Try yoga




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