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34 Before 34 ~ Go to Liverpool

It’s been such a long time since I did a post on here that wasn’t books, photo an hour, or monthly round up related! It’s also been a while since I updated you on my 34 Before 34 progress, so that’s what you are getting now.

I popped ‘Go to Liverpool’ on my list because I’ve always wanted to visit the city, and I was hoping this would provide the impetus to do so. In my head, I was going back to Edinburgh this year, because I enjoyed my time there so much last year, and I had only managed to stay for a couple of days. But then, in the event, I didn’t go, because the radio event that I had attended last year wasn’t on this year. So I thought, rather than go back to somewhere I only went a year ago, I’ll actually go to Liverpool!

I went for three nights; for two nights I stayed in university accommodation, as it’s cheap and functional! I then booked a hotel room in a Travelodge for the last night, because it was the only night that was cheaper than the university room, and it was a little closer to the train station for my return trip. I always do these kinds of trips on a budget – they aren’t about luxury hotels or expensive travel, and this time, as with Edinburgh, I was more than satisfied with my accommodation.

The weather was appalling for the most part; I stepped off the train into the most ridiculous rain! But of course, I didn’t go to the north of England in August for the weather, so I just made the best of it (this included buying an umbrella from Poundland!). Tate LiverpoolTate Liverpool

As my dad works for Tate Britain it would have been remiss of me to go all the way to Liverpool and not visit Tate Liverpool. He got me a ticket for the Francis Bacon Invisible Rooms exhibition that is currently on display there, so I went along on Sunday morning for a look around. It’s not entirely my cup of tea, if I’m honest; I can appreciate the genius without entirely getting it. But there was a Maria Lassnig exhibition on at the same time, and I quite enjoyed that. And Tate Liverpool is in a really love part of the city, on the Albert Dock, so it was nice to spend some time down there. It would have been even nicer if the sun had been shining!

Liver Building Liverpool

Waterstones Liverpool Paperback Writer

Kernaghan Books Liverpool

Albert Dock Liverpool

Albert Dock LiverpoolRailway Offices LiverpoolKermode Award

I managed to find the Kermode Award that I knew was at the Museum of Liverpool – it was tucked around a corner, but I found it! It’s part of the Reel Stories exhibition there that celebrates film in Liverpool.

Liverpool Bluecoat Centre

Liverpool Albert Dock

Albert Dock Liverpool

Albert Dock Liverpool



Liverpool Maritime Museum Mauretania

Liverpool Maritime Museum TitanicI almost didn’t go to the Maritime Museum, because I didn’t think it was going to be up my street.

But then I realised that Liverpool has a Titanic connection, and found out that there was an exhibition at the museum. I’m really pleased that I did go in the end, because it was a highlight of my weekend! The Titanic exhibition was interesting, and I also loved what I learned about the Lusitania, something I knew absolutely nothing about prior to this. It’s well worth a visit.


I had to get an idiotic selfie with The Beatles!

Liverpool Beatles Statue

Liverpool Albert Dock


I had a really great weekend, despite the weather, and I would love to go back some time. I think what I love most about the city is the mix of new and old architecture – it manages to feel modern and classic at the same time.

9. Visit Liverpool


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