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34 Before 34 ~ Get another tattoo

While I haven’t been blogging too much lately, I have been having lots of fun, and luckily, some of this fun has coincided with the ticking off of some items from my 34 Before 34 list!

For many years, my best friend Anna and I have talked about getting tattoos. It was always a vague plan that we would do it some day, without any firm idea of what we wanted. Then she went and got pregnant, repeatedly (just twice, really), and I got bored of waiting, so I went and got one by myself. This year, Anna was finally foetus-free, and we finally decided that now was the time to do it together! So, last month, we headed along to Colchester Body Arts, where I got my first one, and got inked together!



Anna went first, she had this heart design that is based on a bass clef. I really, really love it – I think it looks so good, but I could never ever have a tattoo on my wrist; I can’t even touch that area myself, never mind let someone else!


And then, it was my turn! I was absolutely lured into a false sense of security with my first tattoo – it was only tiny and so didn’t really hurt at all. This one hurt a lot! I knew it would, but I expecting the filling in to be the painful bit, but it wasn’t, it was the outline!


As you can see, it’s a silhouette of Mary Poppins, complete with carpet bag and umbrella. I absolutely love it, it’s exactly what I have wanted for a while, and I think it just looks so good! It has faded a fair amount since I had it done; I knew that it would, and I know that tattoos on this area of the body tend to drop out, so I anticipate having to have it topped up. But I am so, so happy with it. And, of course, I’m planning the next one already!


23. Get another tattoo

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  • Reply Kerri

    Oh I love it! It’s so so cute. I think silhouette tattoos are awesome! But ouch on the location!

    March 24, 2016 at 8:34 am
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