Self Portrait Challenge ~ Days 1-16

If you are following me on Instagram, you may have noticed that I am posting a lot of photos of myself at the moment. I mentioned the reason for this in a Mondaying post recently; I’m taking part in the A Beautiful Mess Self Portrait Challenge. I love a photo challenge; I constantly wish I took more photos, so whenever the opportunity for a challenge presents itself, I try to join in.

The problem with this challenge is that it involves taking thirty photos of myself! I take photos of myself quite a lot, actually. As the very wise Cher Horowitz once said “I don’t rely on mirrors so I always take polaroids”. When I am ready to go out, I don’t trust that what I am seeing in the mirror is necessary reliable, so I usually snap a photo with my phone to make sure that I look presentable. But these photos never, ever, EVER make it onto the internet. Prior to my starting this challenge, there were ten photos of me on my own on my Instagram feed, out of 284.

So, you can see, taking photos of my face (on its own) and putting them on the internet is really, really difficult for me. But for some reason, I decided that I was up for this challenge. Not least because everyone taking part has the chance to win a copy of Elsie and Emma’s new book, which I desperately want, and won’t be able to afford to buy.

As I am now just over halfway through the challenge, I thought I would share the first sixteen photos with you.

SPC 1-4a

SPC 5-8

SPC 9-12


As you can see, I’ve tried to be inventive and not just have loads of photos of my whole face. Firstly, that’s boring, and secondly, my face is not presentable enough thirty days in a row to have photos of it floating around the internet.

As I move into the second half of the challenge, it’s getting to be even more difficult, but I am determined to see it through!

Are you taking part? Tell me your Instagram name if you are, I’d love to see how everyone else is getting on with the challenge! If you would like to join me on Instagram, I’m @janeylambert.

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