Barack, pronounced “BUH-ruhtsk”, is a type of Hungarian brandy (Palinka) made of (or flavoured with) apricots.

And so it has happened: Barack Obama is to become the 44th President of the United States of America. I am pleased to say that I watched the results unfold, in Top Bar at the University of Essex, and have to say that I am pleased as punch with the result. Not necessarily because of his political affiliation, I have never really been one for politics in that sense, because I do not know where I stand on the political spectrum, be it left, right or middle. I think it’s a momentous occasion, and I think it’s important for America that they have finally been able to elect a black president. In my sociology classes last year we talked a lot about racism and how it seems to be ingrained in the US, but that people often forget that the US is a young country, and still has much to learn. To know that a country that practiced segregation 40 something years ago has had the balls to elect a black man to run their country is something I think they should be proud of. Obviously there are a lot of Americans who didn’t want Obama as their leader, and I am sure we will hear a lot from those people over the next four years. But tonight I think they can celebrate.

I am just about to watch his victory speech, as soon as I can get my rubbish television to work!

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