Midweek Mundane

This was a thing for a while; at least amongst a couple of bloggers that I followed, so I thought I’d resurrect it. In case you’re wondering, it’s just a general description of a midweek day; nothing special or out of the ordinary, just a normal day at work. Although most of the extraordinary days start off as mundane, so who knows what’s going to happen!

The day of choice is today, 10th May 2017. A very typical day in the life of me and my job, though as we are one week away from leaving for one of our events, it was busier day than many others, with lots of loose ends to tie up, and a to-do list to work through.

My mornings are usually fairly stress-free, mainly because I don’t trouble myself with too much. I usually wake up fairly early, but lay in bed until I can’t push it any further. Today, I had to put tonight’s dinner in the slow cooker, so I had to give myself a little more time – in the shower by 7.45, dinner was cooking by 8.10, and we were out the door by 8.30, as always.

Breakfast at my desk is always cereal, and because I bought the biggest box of cornflakes about two weeks ago, it’s been cornflakes for a while. This led me straight into a morning of work; as I mentioned, it’s all stuff to do with the show, tying up loose ends. I decided to try something new this morning, as my friend Hannah had told me a little while ago about the idea of working solidly for 52 minutes and then taking a 17 minute break. I can’t take a 17 minute break in the middle of the morning, but I can try and work without distractions for 52 minutes, and then reward myself with a cup of tea or something similar. So that’s what I did, until halfway through I was pulled into a meeting. It worked quite well though!

FullSizeRender (1)

Lunch was boring, a couple of slices of raisin loaf and a yoghurt. I struggle so much with lunches; it’s not always feasible to have leftovers from last night’s dinner, and so I’m often left with a sandwich or something equally uninspiring. Tomorrow we have a group lunch, Fajita Thursday or Friday has been a thing for a while; we each take it in turns to bring in a different component of the fajitas, and it’s my favourite lunch of the week!

The afternoon was a little frantic; we had some website issues that needed to be sorted, and there were various emails that needed to be sent out. The best thing about the afternoon was the return of the ice cream man who has been missing for a few weeks!



After work, and after a hastily eaten dinner (aren’t slow cookers amazing?) Hannah and I went into Colchester, back to our old university, to see a play. It was called Semblance of Madness!, and it was only about 45 minutes long, with a cast of three, but it was certainly interesting. A quick trip to Tesco, and back home, with one episode of Parks and Rec, and now I’m in bed writing this and listening to this week’s episode of The West Wing Weekly.

A thoroughly mundane Wednesday, with an interesting evening to perk things up!


Working Girl


I’ve been in my current job for a little over a year now, and, as someone who wasn’t working for a while before that, it’s been an interesting journey back into the world of working in an office. Before I went to university, I worked for a national insurance company with a very specific structure, and so my job was very clear; I had a set amount of work to do, and I was expected to do it.

Now, I work for a much smaller company, and it’s a different kind of set up. There’s lots to do, and my job straddles many different areas. The company I work for publish two magazines and organise three annual exhibitions, and I have work to do in all of those areas. Working in a such a way requires a completely different mindset to how I used to organise my day, because instead of being a linear progression of working through post and diaries and phonecalls, my days can now be all over the place!

Just a few of the things I find myself doing on a daily basis are:

  • Browsing through recipe books and contacting publishers for permission to extract certain recipes.
  • Writing press releases
  • Covering social media
  • Proof reading magazines
  • Contacting media outlets to try and get them to cover our shows
  • Working with bloggers
  • Working with venues on marketing the shows
  • Sourcing people for magazine features

Obviously this list should also include drinking lots of tea, discussing last night’s EastEnders, and trying to resist the urge to buy chocolate from the sandwich lady!

All of this (especially the social media side of my job), and the fact that I have my work emails on my phone, tend to mean that I’m not always as switched off as perhaps I should be when I away from the office. Of course, the fact that I live with Hannah, who works for the same company, mean that we often end up chatting about work at home!

Simplyhealth have put together a quiz to help you find out about your work/life balance, to see if you are a separator, integrator, or volleyer. It tells me that I’m an integrator, and I have no trouble believing this! My work and home life are pretty intertwined, and for now, I’m fine with that. I think it’s nature of the work that I do, and the company I work for, that means that I will often feel the need to check in while I am at home.

Do you think you are good at separating work and home, or do you do what I do, and integrate the two? Take the quiz here, and let me know what you get!


Midweek Mundane

Last year I really enjoyed reading Charlotte’s Midweek Mundane posts, but as I wasn’t working at the time, it didn’t seem like something I could join in with. Now, as I work in an office, I found myself mentally writing a Midweek Mundane post, and even though Charlotte doesn’t run the link up any more, I thought I’d write it anyway.

So my day started as it always does, with my alarm going off at 6.15. My alarm is set to Radio 2, and at 6.15 that means I wake up to Vanessa Feltz. It’s not ideal, and it’s not necessary, because I don’t get up at 6.15. I wake up and then fall asleep again and wake up at 7.30. Then I usually stay in bed thinking about how cold it is and how much I don’t want to get up, before eventually rolling out of bed at around 7.50.

I very much enjoyed listening to Seasick Steve on the radio in the way into work; I’m not particularly familiar with his music, but he seems like a fun man.

I arrived at work around 8.45, and though I don’t start until nine, I’m not the sort of person who clock watches, I obviously started work right away. I caught up on some filing that I’d been doing yesterday, and then started proper work.

Between sorting out some wording for our event on a venue website, and answering emails, I had to find the time to pick my choices for our Christmas meal. It took me far too long, considering there were only around 6 options for each course.

Having done that, I was summoned into the boss’ office. I had no idea what it was about, but it was something fun – she had bought me a light up angel for my desk as I was the only one in the office without something Christmassy!

I had a moment where I felt so unwell that I thought I was going to be sick, and coupled with the cold that is refusing to shift, I felt a bit ropey. It more or less passed, luckily.

Lunch was a bit of a non-event, a quick trip to the post office and back, when I discovered a set of fairy lights on my desk (my boss likes Christmas).

The afternoon passed without much to recommend it; I’m currently looking into vegetarian and vegan recipes, so I spent some time on that, and finishing up what I had spent the morning doing.

Between four and five, I always start thinking what my three-worder will be. If you’re not au fait with Simon Mayo’s Drivetime show on Radio 2, every day he invites listeners to submit a three word summary of their day, and I do it every day. I’ve come to the conclusion you’re more likely to get a mention if you mention alcohol or the weather.

We took a quick trip to Hannah’s grandparents after work so she could help with some computer issues, and then we nipped to the shop for some dinner, and to Boots for a look at some Christmas presents. I even managed to pick up my Secret Santa present, which one less thing to do!

Watching Gilmore Girls and The Apprentice is a nice way to round off the day, and writing this post has taken much longer as a result!

BEDM ~ Journey to Work

Today’s prompt for BEDM is supposed to be about my journey to work. As I don’t have a journey to work at the moment, this is kind of difficult, so as ever, I’m tailoring this prompt to suit ever so slightly!

I thought I would tell you all about the most action-packed journey to work I ever had. When I was in my first year at university, I worked during the holidays at a nursery. As I don’t drive, public transport has always featured in my journey to work, and to get to the nursery I had to get two buses (slightly ridiculous for an eleven-mile journey, but I live in a tiny village, and public transport links aren’t great).

Generally, the most traumatic thing that happened to me on my bus journey was having a smelly person sitting next to me, or, as happened once (on my first day in the job, no less), the driver taking a wrong turn and ending up having to reverse in a narrow country lane.

But then, in August 2008, on the rainiest day you could imagine, my bus driver decided that he was going to ignore the fact that there was water all over the roads, and take a fairly tight corner as fast as he possibly could in a bus. I’ve never been entirely sure what happened, but he managed to take out a electricity pole (I think that’s what it was), causing massive electrical sparks to fly, and everyone on the bus to be thrown all over the place. Luckily nobody was seriously injured, the bus just came to a stop on the side of the road and everyone thanked their lucky stars. I was fine (I’m not really a panicker), until I called my sister to say that I was going to be late, at which point the shock hit me and I started sobbing! All was well, and the police came along and prised open the seriously mangled door to let us all out, and as we had crashed near a small cafe, I had a cup of tea while I waited for someone to come and pick me up, and off to work I went!

Now that I come to write about this, I realise that I have actually been involved in collisions or near-misses three times in buses! As well as this, there was the time a car rear-ended my bus, causing minimal damage and no injuries, but major inconvenience as I missed my connecting train (I told you it was a pain living where I do!). The other time wasn’t actually a collision, but did cause someone to hit their face on the seat in front when the bus driver had to brake rather sharply when a car came round a corner far too fast.

I’m glad to say that I’ve made countless journeys into work on public transport, and I’ve had very few problems (other than the standard delays that make me want to tear my hair out!). Have you had any disasters?

My First Job ~ BEDM

I’ve put off writing this post all day, for the simple reason that my first job wasn’t very interesting, and ended rather unceremoniously!

I worked in the small village supermarket (it’s now a Nisa, though it wasn’t back then) for a couple of months when I was about fifteen or sixteen. The way I remember it is that my mum had asked them if they needed any weekend staff and they said yes and I started working there. There was no interview, of course, because all I was doing was stacking shelves and cleaning.

When I was little, I really wanted to work in a shop. I loved the idea of using the till, it somehow seemed so important to be in charge of a machine with lots of buttons and money inside. When it came to working in this particular shop, I didn’t get to use the till, because I wasn’t old enough. I worked every Saturday afternoon, probably for about five or six hours, and it was deathly dull. Eventually, I got let go because I had taken too long to clean the stock room floor. I will freely admit that I wasn’t especially fast at that particular task, but I do think that there was probably a little more to it. Firstly, I don’t think they liked me very much – I wasn’t the most gregarious teenager, a combination of being shy and not really liking the people I ‘worked’ with. Secondly, I think there may have been a bit of small-village politics at play. It’s best not to go into too many details, but I don’t think that I was that terrible at this menial job!

My first full-time job came along when I left school and was intending to take a year out to work – that year turned into seven! I worked for a company called Special Reserve who had a few stores up and down the country; they sold consoles, games, and computer hardware and software. I had a lot of fun there, despite not being the most technologically minded person at the time. I worked with all men, which is something I recommend, for sure. There’s very little bitchiness when it’s all men, and a lot of them were quite nerdy, because it was a computer shop, so they were really my kind of guys for the most part.

I wish I had one of those really strange, obscure jobs on my CV, but I don’t. Do you?