There you stand in your dungarees

I have a thing for dungarees. I have a pair of short ones, but I’ve been on the lookout for some full-length ones for a while, and when I found a culotte-style pair, I couldn’t resist.

And with new clothes, comes the once-every-couple-of-years urge I get to do some outfit photos. I am under no illusion that I look like a bit of an idiot, and I feel so awkward while I’m doing them (even though my photographer, Hannah, is awesome and great at taking photos and just generally wonderful), but I’m trying hard to do things that I want to do, and overcome awkwardness and nervousness.




Jumper ~ Primark
Dungarees ~ Tu at Sainsbury’s
Shoes ~ Very
Glasses ~ SpecsPost

As you can see from the photos, I am a bit squinty, and that’s because it was such a sunny Sunday! We haven’t had too much sunshine in recent weeks, so it was nice to have an entire weekend of it, even if it was still very much on the chilly side. Spring has not yet sprung, and as I write this, the skies are very grey and full of the promise of rain, but there’s the promise of better weather in the air.


One more photo then, with a filter on it, because I think I look uber-cool in a seventies kind of way. I’m never going to be a fashion blogger, but these little forays into outfit posts are fun from time to time!

Kitsch Goldy Clarks Boots

I have a new love in my life. I know that at this time of the year, my footwear wishlist should have some strappy sandals on it, but as we all know, spring has not yet sprung, and so boots are the order of the day for a while longer than usual.

So when Clarks gave me the opportunity to review a pair of their Kitsch Goldy boots, it didn’t take me long to say yes! As you may be aware, I’m not very good at Outfit of the Day posts – for various reasons I end up looking like an idiot – but this time things didn’t go quite so badly (if you forget the fact that my camera ran out of batteries, and I was so cold that I was shivering!). My friend Hannah, who seriously covets my new boots, helped me take photos, and if you can forgive the slightly ridiculous faces I am pulling in some of them, I think they turned out OK!

Dress ~ Primark
Cardigan ~ George at Asda
Boots ~ c/o Clarks *

See, I told you! Despite being the daughter of a photographer, and therefore having had my photograph taken a ridiculous amount of times, I am so self-conscious about posing. It’s ridiculous! But I guess the main thing is that the photos show how awesome the boots are (and they really are). So far I have only really worn them with dresses, because I love the way that they lend a bit of an edge to a girly dress, but I’m looking forward to teaming them with my jeans too. I particularly love the metallic leather, they are different from any of my other boots and I know that they are going to wear really well, and I’ll be wearing them for years to come! They have recently been reduced on the Clarks website, they are down from £99.99 to £69.99, so if you like them you should check them out.

I love this dress also – it’s the best style of dress I have ever worn, and manages not to make me look fat, which is always a bonus! The photos were taken in Maldon, if you’re curious. It’s lovely there, but it’s much nicer if it’s not freezing cold.

I’ve included this last photo as a bit of an outtake, because I adore everything about it, even though Hannah cut my head off!

* This item was provided free of charge for review, but all reviews are fair and unbiased.