Jane loves The West Wing

Anyone who has met me for even a passing moment will probably know of my love for a television programme called The West Wing. To be honest, it surpasses love, it borders on obsession. I started watching when it aired in the UK, in 2001, and it sparked an interest in the American presidency that continues to this day. If I am honest, it certainly contributed to my choice of a degree.

I still don’t own the full boxset, but I have seasons 1-3, plus 5 on DVD, and am currently in possession of a borrowed 6 and 7. I don’t spend all my time watching them, but they are my safeguard against boredom, I know that I can just randomly put a disc from any season (apart from 5, possibly), and I’ll be entertained for a few hours.

I’ve been quite scathing in my views of Tumblr before, but I do have an account over there, and I often take a look at what’s going on. There are quite a few West Wing fansites that I browse through from time to time, and as a result, I found a meme called 30 Days of The West Wing. It’s basically just a writing exercise with different themes for different days, so I thought I would give it a go. I won’t be doing one a day for thirty days, but I will try and do them all. Of course, this will be interesting only to people that have watched The West Wing. Primarily, it’s just an excuse for me a) spend more time thinking about it, and b) write about something I love.

I was just going to press straight on with Day 1: Your favourite character. However, this post is already too long, and I want to go to bed. So I am going to ruminate on exactly who my favourite character is, and continue in a day or two.