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    33 Before 33

    33 Before 33 ~ Get a scaffold piercing

    I decided I wanted a scaffold piercing one day after seeing a lady in Sainsbury’s with one. It looked super cool, and I decided that I wanted one too. I think maybe the whole cool thing was down to more than just the piercing, and I don’t think that by getting one I’m any cooler (I am, after all, sitting here with a blanket on my knees and wearing a Harry Potter t-shirt and Harry Potter socks), but I wanted one all the same.

    Putting things on my birthday list is supposed to be motivation to actually do them, but the reality is that I complete very few of them; my record with my birthday lists is terrible. But this was one that I was determined to do, and on 7th November, five days before the deadline, I actually did!


    I had it done at Colchester Body Arts, which is where I got my tattoo done earlier in the year (also a 33 Before 33 item!). They are really friendly in there, and that really helps when you’re a slight wimp like me who has trouble talking to people.

    I was told that my ears are quite small (‘pixie-like’), so the bar wouldn’t be a long one when it can finally go in (three months after the initial piercing) – you can see from the photo that the two piercings are not that far apart. This doesn’t matter to me, I’m just impatient for the bar to go in! It won’t be until February, and that’s only if the piercings have healed correctly, so I’m just going to have to wait!

    When I finally can have the studs replaced and bar put in, I’m after an arrow one, though I like that I’ll be able to change it when I fancy it. I’ve been scrolling through the hashtag on Instagram for inspiration!

    The piercings still hurt, the lower of the two more than the other one, but I think a lot of this is to do with the fact that I can’t stop fiddling. I know I shouldn’t, but it’s a compulsion, and no matter how much I tell myself to stop, I can’t. I’m trying to keep them as clean as possible, so they’ll be all nice and healed in three months. I’ll keep you posted!

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