Photo an Hour #36 ~ July 2016

I know I’ve said this before, but I really am aiming to get all caught up on Photo an Hour this month! This is July, which is ludicrous, especially given the photos are of me on the beach and I’m sitting here now with a stinking cold and a blanket. In case you’d like to flashback to those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer, here are my July photos.

08 09

8am | Saturday mornings so often start out with catching up with Wittertainment – I listen the best I can on a Friday afternoon when it airs live, but I always listen again to the podcast, because that’s just the kind of devoted superfan that I am.

9am | Getting out the shower, and feeling the need to apologise for my seriously un-pedicured feet. (This apology will reappear at 1pm.)

010 011

10am | More feet – apologies if you have an aversion! A little bit of housework makes a Saturday morning feel like a Saturday morning.

11am | I’m already missing these days when you could put washing on the line in the morning and by early afternoon it would be dry.

012 013

12pm | Off out, to the aforementioned beach, with an 80s vibe to my hair. It’s shorter now, and I love it, but I do miss the ability to be able to curl it in a wild way.

1pm | Here’s that apology – I love the focus of this photo, which is why I uploaded it, but my feet are a bit gross. Sorry. (And sorry for the third photo of my feet. It wasn’t by design.)

014 15

2pm | On the way back from the beach (quite a few Pokémon were collected!). I always find it so hard to take in-car photos during Photo an Hour!

3pm | Taking a break at Hannah’s grandparent’s house.

016 017

4pm | A quick trip to look around the charity shops. I can’t remember if I bought anything, but the smart money would be on a book that I am yet to read.

5pm | Back home and taking a look at a dress that I bought from Lindy Bop, which was for a hen afternoon that I wrote about here.


6pm | Sat on the sofa with Toy Story on. Of course now, three months later, I’m lamenting the fact that I didn’t at least extend my photos to seven o’clock, because I’m left with an odd number of photos! I can’t remember why I stopped, but my guess is that I didn’t move much from this spot for the rest of the evening, so there was little point in taking more photos of the television!

So that’s that! I’m sorry that I have been so lax in sharing these photos, not because I think they are amazing works of art, but in getting behind with my posts it means that I can’t really round up everyone else who has joined in. So I apologise to all the lovely people who are part of the Photo an Hour gang, but I promise that I will be up to date before the November date, and I’ll be rounding up as I used to!

Talking of November, if you want to join in, we’ll be playing on Saturday 19th November. If you’ve never joined in before, it’s easy – you just take photos and upload them using #photoanhour, or you can gather them together and add them to a post (or do both!). More details can be found here, or you can add your email to this form and I’ll endeavour to send you a reminder a couple of days in advance.

Photo an Hour #35 ~ June 2016

Moving swiftly on from May’s Photo an Hour post, June’s day was a Sunday, for a change. We don’t often do a Sunday, but I like to from time to time, because they are so very different from Saturdays! It’s nice to switch things up and see what people get up to!

It was a pretty lazy day for me, as I’d been to Thorpe Park the day before. It culminated in a trip to the pub, which was nice!


8am ~ A lazy start to the day.

9am ~ A giant crumpet for breakfast.

010 011

10am ~ Simon Mayo and Mark Kermode were on Sunday Brunch to promote the paperback release of The Movie Doctors. I don’t ordinarily watch this programme, because I can’t bear the hosts, but I will suffer all manner of crap for the sake of these two gents.

11am ~ They weren’t on nearly enough, and they weren’t on for ages, so most of my photos from the morning involved the television, as I barely moved!

012 013

12pm ~ I did actually manage to get some cleaning done, due to the convenient situation of the kitchen in relation to the television.

1pm ~ Still loads of tidying to do, but I took a moment for refreshments.

014 015

2pm ~ There’s very much a theme to this Photo an Hour roundup, isn’t there? Taking the chance to catch up with the previous day’s podcast.

3pm ~ Still tidying and cleaning! It’s not a very big house, but when you a) keep taking breaks and b) decide to do a thorough clean, it takes a while.

016 017

4pm ~ Taking the chance to read some of my book, even though I should have been getting ready to go out.

5pm ~ On the way to the pub.

018 019

6pm ~ A lemonade in the pub garden. I’m not much of a drinker, and most certainly not on a Sunday evening.

7pm ~ Still in the beer garden, and having not moved, I had to take a photo of something else. I chose the condensation ring on the table.

020 021

8pm ~ Rain caused us to move inside, and watch some World Cup football on the television. It was Germany vs Ukraine – not a fact I remember from this distance – I can just see the names in the next photo!

9pm ~ I got home and watched a little more of the match. I didn’t watch an awful lot of the football during the world cup – as someone who used to like football a lot, I have next to no interest in it anymore. But I don’t mind the odd game, especially as part of a big tournament.

I’m so insistent on continuing with Photo an Hour, and then I look at a collection of photos like these, and think ‘Why bother?’ They aren’t particularly interesting, and they don’t have any people in them. But I still like them – I like being able to look back at a Photo an Hour post and remember what I was doing that day!

I still have to blog about July’s Photo an Hour, and yesterday’s August exploits, and then I’ll be up to date! I’m hoping that I’ll be all done in time for September’s day (which Louisa will be setting very soon!).

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Photo an Hour #34 ~ May 2016

I am so behind with Photo an Hour! These photos that you are about to see come from May, which means I have three to post before I am up to date! A part of me just wants to start again, and forget the ones I’ve missed, but I like having them to look back on, even when the days are as mundane as this one turned out to be!

I took part in May’s photo an hour three days after everyone else, because I was at a work event, which basically involved a lot of sitting in one place. And when I was taking photos, it was for my work’s social media, so fitting in Photo an Hour photos just wasn’t feasible. So my plan was to do it on the Monday, when I had a day off, and then I forgot. I ended up doing it on the Tuesday, when I was travelling back from an overnight stay in London.

09 010

9am ~ Looking out of my hotel window; I was staying at a Travelodge near Kings Cross (I think). I went to May’s Mark Kermode in 3D, and as I was off for two days following our work event, I took advantage and booked a hotel.

10am ~ Time for a sophisticated breakfast.

011 012

11am ~ On the way home, I popped into Westfield at Stratford. It’s not my favourite place in the world, but mid-morning during the week is an acceptable time to visit, as there’s hardly anyone around.

12pm ~ Waiting for a train home at Stratford.

013 014

1pm ~ Home, and feeling entirely exhausted, if I remember rightly.

2pm ~ Time for some lunch.

015 017

3pm ~ Attempting a nap, but actually getting drawn into a Den of Geek article that had me adding lots (and lots) of books to my to-read list.

5pm ~ I lost an hour somewhere, and I don’t think it’s because I had a nap. I think it’s because doing Photo an Hour on a Tuesday didn’t come naturally, and I kept forgetting! I was reading by this point – still not napping.

018 020

6pm ~ To demonstrate just how long ago this was (as though a calendar can’t do that), this is what we were watching on the television – Britain’s Got Talent. I have a feeling that we were catching up on a recorded live show from the weekend.

8pm ~ And finally, with another hour missed out, a Tuesday night cider and a blanket.

I’m going to try really hard to round up everyone that joined in, but as may be apparent, I’m a tad disorganised at the moment.

I’ve almost certainly missed some people off this list, so if you can remember this far back, and you’d like me to add you, just let me know.

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Photo an Hour #32 ~ March 2016

It’s time to jump back aboard the blog train; I’ve been having some major connection issues just lately, but I hope they are all sorted now, so I’m hoping to get back to something resembling a bit more of a schedule. I was hoping to join in with Blog Every Day in May again, and I still might, even though I’ve missed the first week!

But now, it’s time to catch up with my Photo an Hour posts – I have two to post, because I’m so behind! This is from March, from Easter Sunday (which feels so long ago now!), when I went out to London with Hannah for her birthday.

09 010

9am ~ Awake to some sunshine (which didn’t last long), streaming in through the windows that still don’t have curtains. I really must get that sorted!

10am ~ Breakfast of champions. Also the breakfast of someone who a) doesn’t mind spending the odd 99p on one bowl of cereal, and b) isn’t (but probably should be) overly concerned about their sugar intake.

011 012

11pm ~ Creating a Spotify playlist for the car journey. Nothing too cool on there, but all stuff I love.

12pm ~ In the car, on the way to the tube station that we drive to, and the rain started. And it had looked so promising first thing!

013 014

1pm ~ As we made our way over Millennium  Bridge, the heavens really opened, but it was one of those weird showers that only hits you from one side. So the entire left side of my body was drenched, but the right side was dry!

2pm ~ Into the BFI Southbank for the film…

016 017

4pm ~ …meaning I missed an hour. But when we came out, the sun was shining again, allowing me to snap another photo across the river.

5pm ~ We went into Zizzi’s for something to eat, as Hannah was keen to try the vegan pizza – they are actually doing a cheesy pizza that is suitable for vegans! This photo is my pizza, not vegan, nor vegetarian, but very tasty all the same (and Hannah loved her vegan pizza).

018 019

6pm ~ We walked a little way up to Westminster, to walk off some pizza, and jump on the tube. I couldn’t resist, because I never can, snapping a photo of Big Ben.

7pm ~ Back in the car at the tube station, and looking a bit bedraggled after a day of wind and rain!

020 021

8pm ~ On the way home, and guess what? More rain!

9pm ~ Finally home, in front of the fire, and we started watching The Night Manager. I think this was the day that the final episode aired, so we were about six weeks behind! We’ve finished watching it now though, and, as predicted, I thought it was amazing.

Even though I’m a bit late in rounding things up for March, I still wanted to give a shout out to everyone who joined in, and there were lots of us again!

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Photo an Hour #31 ~ February 2016

Taking just a week to post February’s Photo an Hour is such a vast improvement on last month, I feel proud of myself!

My day was pretty uneventful, though Hannah and I did go to see a flat/bungalow/cottage that we thought might be suitable to move into, and now, a week later, we’re pretty much all set to move in! Until things are completely finalised I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed, but in the meantime, I absolutely should be packing rather than writing this blog post…

12742538_1100762283276350_2372996928881422555_n 12744163_1100782926607619_1879016182056188013_n

9am | In bed, watching videos. I get quickly sucked into pages like Proper Tasty! I’m planning on making these Sweet and Salty Pretzel Cakes at some point.

10am | I had picked up some library books on the day before, and I cracked open Disclaimer by Renee Knight. I’ve since finished it, and I enjoyed it a lot.

12742116_1100807899938455_3351158866810416869_n 12734071_1100828993269679_3798614227348531878_n

11am | Only the most interesting photos for you, Photo an Hour followers! It’s a washing up photo, and not even a particularly good one.

12pm | Taking photos in the care nearly always end up with me taking a photo of myself in the wing mirror. Not this time! I added in my watch for some added interest.

12705288_1100852543267324_8448360187511604905_n 12733969_1100880559931189_2876117575909643101_n

1pm | My December Photo an Hour included a coffee with Hannah and her Nanna, and the February one did too! I had cream on my hot chocolate, which I absolutely did not need.

2pm | One of two Morrisons that we visited, primarily looking for boxes we could use for packing (their banana boxes are perfect), but we also checked out the meat-free range for Hannah while we were there.

12717304_1100906489928596_4818292855635661839_n 12745519_1100938276592084_8905116584623995996_n

3pm | Hannah’s car has a delighted face built into the dashboard.

4pm | Another highly interesting photo! Some time at the laundrette, as our tumble drier is malfunctioning, and drying clothes inside is my least favourite thing.

12742853_1100953169923928_4606624696584388730_n 1655912_1100976316588280_6726319668190760238_n

5pm | This turned into a three-supermarket day, as I had to pick up some bits in Sainsbury’s.

6pm | Finally home, under a duvet, watching Pride. I was so happy with life at this point.

12717693_1101010896584822_8258870181563349156_n 10426781_1101045653248013_6174639799673757343_n 

7pm | Still under the duvet, still watching Pride, but now drinking tea.

8pm | I made this my final photo, because otherwise it just would have become me under a duvet watching telly for the next few hours! Jaws was a good choice, but I have to fast forward the bit where Quint drags his fingers down the blackboard.

So as you can see, not a very exciting day! But I like Saturdays where I don’t do much, especially if I’ve had a few in a row where I’ve been especially busy.

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