Photo an Hour #54 ~ January 2018

Unbelievably, I am now a full year behind on my Photo an Hour posts. But there’s something quite nice about revisiting a random day from last year, so I’m not entirely sorry.

January 2018’s Photo an Hour day saw me in London visiting the History of Magic exhibition at the British Library. For some reason I decided that I wanted to post my photos in my stories instead of on my grid on Instagram, so they aren’t the best photos in the world!

IMG_0233 (1) IMG_0248 (2)

11am ~ Getting on the tube at Liverpool Street. It was a super rainy day, but of course, I had left far too early, and so had hours before my slot at the exhibition!

12pm ~ So I spent a good amount of time wandering around Bloomsbury, taking lots of photos of blue plaques, and having a look in bookshops. I assume that this building is a part of the British Library, but who knows?

IMG_0272 (1)  IMG_0284 (1)

1pm ~ On my way into the exhibition, where you weren’t allowed to take photos, so I had to take a photo of this at the entrance.

3pm ~ A couple of hours later, I headed back out into the rain to seek out more blue plaques, and head to Persephone Books. I love their books, though I have to say that I found the shop itself a little intimidating (small, and not that warm a welcome by the member of staff working on that particular day), and because I always have too many books to read, I came away empty-handed.

IMG_0298 (1) IMG_0300 (1)

4pm ~ Back on the train and reading a book that does not even come close to comparing to even the worst book in Persephone.

5pm ~ Back in the car with Hannah, and on the way home, no doubt to sit by the fire and thaw out!



We’ve gone an arranged the whole year, so if you’re looking to join in at some point, these are the days on which we’ll be playing! On the day, just upload a photo every hour and hashtag it with #photoanhour so we can all be nosy and take a look!

Photo an Hour #52 ~ November 2017

Between the October and November Photo an Hour days, I had turned 35, been to Disneyland Paris, and fractured my wrist. By this day, it had been a week, and I still had the big cumbersome plaster on, and I was still feeling pretty silly.

08 09

8am ~ This Photo an Hour day started with reading in bed, as they so often do. The Disneyland Paris postcard is in the shot because I’d just got back the night before, and the card had been in my iPad to stay flat. Also, it makes the photo slightly more interesting.

10am ~ A quick stop at the library to pick up some reservations, before hitting the road for a journey to North Lincolnshire. I read Hercule Poirot’s Christmas, but didn’t get around to reading A Boy Called Christmas.

11 14

11am ~ In the car, on the A1M. Is any Photo an Hour collection complete without a wing mirror shot?

2pm ~ There are only so many wing mirror shots you can take and upload without being considered a boring Instagrammer, so I refrained until we got out of the car. This badge was a brand new purchase from Disneyland, and I love it.

15 17

4pm ~ Another missing hour, but by 4 o’clock we were at Tesco looking at alcohol, and I took a photo of me and Hannah in the security mirror. You can just about see my plaster cast in this photo, or at least you can see that I only had my jacket on one arm.

6pm ~ Hannah’s mum’s dog, Pops, who likes to have a ball thrown for him, so he can chase it. He’s absolutely relentless; once you start, you can’t stop, so it’s easier not to start, but this is him waiting patiently for it to be thrown.

18 23735247_384517548643875_6958440760093966336_n

6pm ~ Admiring a mini pair of DM boots.

7pm ~ A rare Photo an Hour selfie, but I really liked my hair. I got used to wearing it curly for the six weeks while my wrist was in plaster, as I couldn’t use my straighteners. I have since had it all cut off, and almost instantly regretted it, so I’m waiting for it to get to this length again (it’s going to be a while!).

23734370_1482918338465153_9060959081212149760_n 7

8pm ~ A photo of a photo, and though the background suggests otherwise, this was an engagement party rather than a birthday party.

9pm ~ Proof!

In case you’d like to play next time around, September’s day is set for 22nd September. It’s really easy to join in, just take a photo each hour and upload it to Instagram using the hashtag, or save them for a blog post. Once I’m up to date, I’ll start rounding up who joins in, but in the meantime, Louisa at Duck in a Dress is a lot more organised than me, and actually does the round up post!

We’ve also decided to set the dates for the rest of the year, to give people a chance to put the dates in their diaries so they can join in.

  • 27th October
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Photo an Hour #50 ~ September 2017

Never let it be said that I don’t lead the most exciting life – here’s a random Saturday from a rainy day in September of last year, that sees me napping, reading, watching Jurassic Park and updating my iPad. I joke, but in all honesty, sometimes this is all I want do on a random day in September. Every weekend might get a bit boring like this, but sometimes it’s just the best.


9am ~ Well it’s Saturday morning, so of course I’m listening to Wittertainment.

10am ~ Well it’s Photo an Hour, so of course I have a photo of a wing mirror.


11am ~ Taking a look around my favourite farm shop, and photographing my favourite jam (Tiptree jam is the best).

12pm ~ Reading under a blanket could possibly be the best way to spend time.


1pm ~ I often end up putting Jurassic Park on just to pass the time; this was an accompaniment to lunch.

2pm ~ Back under the blanket with my book, and adding in a cup of tea.


3pm ~ I bought a candle from Good Book Hunting, and in case you’re wondering, it does smell exactly how I imagine Stars Hollow to smell.

4pm ~ Still reading. This book was Pax, by Sara Pennypacker (who has a great name), which I reviewed here.


6pm ~ The 5pm photo is missing (I suspect I fell asleep), but by 6 o’clock I was watching Pointless Celebrities and updating my iPad.

In case you’d like to play next time around, June’s day is set for 16th June – tomorrow. It’s really easy to join in, just take a photo each hour and upload it to Instagram using the hashtag, or save them for a blog post (or do both, like I try and fail to do in a timely manner). More details can be found here.

Photo an Hour #48 ~ July 2017

We did Photo an Hour on 15th July, and there’s a couple of classic Jane’s-doing-photo-an-hour photos in here! We have Wittertainment, public transport, books, and a wing mirror shot. (Oh, and a whole bunch of missing hours.) The only thing missing is Pointless Celebrities!

08 09

8am ~ Up nice and early to get into town, and of course, as is standard for a Saturday morning, catching up on the Wittertainment podcast from the day before.

9am ~ Waiting for an appointment.

10 11

10am ~ Still waiting!

11am ~ There’s a really good charity bookshop in Colchester, and I have to avoid it like the plague if I’m trying to limit the amount of books I am trying to buy. Otherwise this kind of thing happens.

12 15

12pm ~ Is there anything more boring than a photo of a bus?

3pm ~ After a few missing hours of travelling, I was at my nephew’s birthday party, watching him delight in his new Stretch Armstrong.

16 17

4pm ~ A wing mirror shot! What else can you take a photo of when you’re in the car, seriously?

5pm ~ We were on our way to Stratford for an evening of para athletics at London 2017, where we saw Richard Whitehead storm to victory. It was a great evening!

That’s the end of the photos, because although I took a fair amount at the athletics, they weren’t strictly part of Photo an Hour.

In case you’d like to play next time around, April’s day is set for 28th April. It’s really easy to join in, just take a photo each hour and upload it to Instagram using the hashtag, or save them for a blog post (or do both, like I try and fail to do in a timely manner). More details can be found here.