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    Photo an Hour #54 ~ January 2018

    Unbelievably, I am now a full year behind on my Photo an Hour posts. But there’s something quite nice about revisiting a random day from last year, so I’m not entirely sorry.

    January 2018’s Photo an Hour day saw me in London visiting the History of Magic exhibition at the British Library. For some reason I decided that I wanted to post my photos in my stories instead of on my grid on Instagram, so they aren’t the best photos in the world!

    IMG_0233 (1) IMG_0248 (2)

    11am ~ Getting on the tube at Liverpool Street. It was a super rainy day, but of course, I had left far too early, and so had hours before my slot at the exhibition!

    12pm ~ So I spent a good amount of time wandering around Bloomsbury, taking lots of photos of blue plaques, and having a look in bookshops. I assume that this building is a part of the British Library, but who knows?

    IMG_0272 (1)  IMG_0284 (1)

    1pm ~ On my way into the exhibition, where you weren’t allowed to take photos, so I had to take a photo of this at the entrance.

    3pm ~ A couple of hours later, I headed back out into the rain to seek out more blue plaques, and head to Persephone Books. I love their books, though I have to say that I found the shop itself a little intimidating (small, and not that warm a welcome by the member of staff working on that particular day), and because I always have too many books to read, I came away empty-handed.

    IMG_0298 (1) IMG_0300 (1)

    4pm ~ Back on the train and reading a book that does not even come close to comparing to even the worst book in Persephone.

    5pm ~ Back in the car with Hannah, and on the way home, no doubt to sit by the fire and thaw out!



    We’ve gone an arranged the whole year, so if you’re looking to join in at some point, these are the days on which we’ll be playing! On the day, just upload a photo every hour and hashtag it with #photoanhour so we can all be nosy and take a look!

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