Photo an Hour #12 ~ July 2014

Without realising it, I picked the day of my nephew’s first birthday party for July’s Photo an Hour. I actually find it a lot easier to do Photo an Hour days when I’m not busy. Firstly, if I’m out and about, I almost definitely won’t have internet access on my phone, meaning I have to upload a load of photos all at once when I get home. More importantly, I find it difficult to take photos when I am busy, because I have to really think about what to take a photo of. In the case of a first birthday party, I had to take four of the photos while I was there, and as things weren’t changing that much, it was more of a challenge than if I was at home pottering about! But I managed, and I coincided with my sister Kim, who was also taking part in Photo an Hour, and was at the party. One of our photos is almost exactly the same!

9am – Eating some breakfast. I was half awake before this, but the massive storm kept me awake for some of the night, so I had a lazy start.

10am – I had to wrap up some presents; one for Freddy, whose birthday party I was going to, one for Lyla, whose birthday had been the day before, and one for her sister Florence, who had turned six a week before, but for whom I hadn’t got around to giving a present. Add to this my dad, my sister, and two best friends celebrating birthdays, and July becomes an expensive month!


11am – Before the party, I had to go and buy some birthday cards, and I took a detour into the library. I nearly always end up there! I had spotted a book that I wanted to read a couple of weeks ago when I was in there, and luckily it was still there on Saturday, so I borrowed it. (It’s Along the Way by Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez, in case you care!)

12pm – This weekend is always flower show day (I did a photo an hour on this Saturday last year too!), and I like to head down to the field to have a look around, even if it’s only for an hour or so. The flower arrangement categories were all inspired by books this year, which was obviously right up my street! There was a Beatrix Potter category, a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party category, a Harry Potter category, and an Enid Blyton category. I took a photo of this lovely Noddy display – I love how beautifully colourful it is!

1pm – There are always bees at the flower show, and I always like to take a look from a distance. I’d love a hive in my garden, especially knowing how endangered bees are, but I think I’ll have to settle for planting some bee friendly flowers!

2pm – Party time!

3pm – This was one of my ‘What shall I take a photo of?’ photos. I ended up snapping Hattie, who seemed quite proud of the fact that she had collected up all of the blue balls!

4pm – Time for Freddy to blow out his candle! Except of course, he’s one, so he doesn’t really get the whole ‘Blow the candle out!’ instruction. He just looked at it quizzically, before my brother blew it out for him!

5pm – My piece of cake! I can confirm that it was delicious.

6pm – It was a hot, sticky day, with thunder bugs galore, so I had to have a quick dip in the bath when I got home. I took The Goblet of Fire in with me, but I only read a couple of chapters. It’s such a bloody big book, it’s hard to hold!

7pm – Time for tea! I didn’t want dinner, because I’d been grazing on rubbish all afternoon at the party, so I decided to finish off the day with the meal of champions: beans on toast and a cup of tea.

What a busy day! A lot of fun though, and it’s always lovely to get together with all of my family, and spend some time with the little ones. I do love having a plethora of niblings to cuddle and annoy!

As ever, I encouraged everyone to join in, and there were quite a few of us this month!

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It’s great to have lots of people joining in; I really do like having an insight into people’s days! It’s also interesting to see the overlap – there were multiple photos of ironing, washing up, reading, food and alcohol this month!

If you’re interested in joining in with Photo an Hour, next month’s will take place on Saturday 16th August. I don’t have any plans as yet, though that is likely to change! It’s easy to join in: set a reminder on your phone to take a photo each hour (if you think you’re likely to forget!), and upload your photo to either Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, tagging it with #photoanhour. If you don’t want to upload in real time, but would prefer to post your photos into a blog post, please feel free, and just send me a link to the blog post, so I can add it into mine!

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Photo an Hour #11 ~ June 2014

I chose Sunday as my Photo an Hour day because I was going to be away for the weekend, and I thought it might make the photos a bit more varied. I completely forgot that the caravan that we stay in when we go on holiday is terrible for phone network, and as a result I had to upload a whole bunch of photos at once at the end of the day! I’m quite happy with the photos themselves though; it was a long and fun day!



9am – I actually woke up at around 7am, but I completely forgot about Photo an Hour for a couple of hours! When I finally did remember we were getting ready to go out, so I just snapped a quick photo.

10am – With four girls and a baby to get ready to go out in a caravan, it can take a while. So an hour after I was getting ready, we were still there, and I decided to paint my nails. I then had to ask my friend V to do my shoes up for me because my nails weren’t dry!


11am – It’s hard getting a photo when you are just about to get into a swimming pool! This was a very uninspired photo of the locker we were putting our stuff into.

12pm – At noon we had just got out of the swimming pool, so I snapped a photo of myself. I am aware that I look far from my best, and also like I am about twelve years old, but I don’t care!


1pm – On our way back from the pool we found a pub and had a carvery lunch. I am always so very hungry after swimming, so this really hit the spot!

2pm – Despite what appearances may suggest, I don’t actually often have a dessert when I go out to eat, but everyone else was having one, and I couldn’t resist the lure of the chocolate fudge cake. It was a massive piece, but it was super yummy, so I ate the lot.


3pm – Despite having been stayed in the same caravan about five times, I had never been to the beach that is across the road before this trip. This time, I went twice! It was a lovely sunny day, so there were lots of people around, so we soaked up some rays (through sun cream, of course), but I quite quickly got bored of the sand getting everywhere. I much prefer when the tide is in and you can walk along the wet sand.

4pm – Yeah, so it was only a couple of hours since I had eaten that monster piece of chocolate fudge cake. I still had an ice cream.


5pm – Time to just chill! Anna and V were napping, as was the baby, so I did a bit of puzzling. It’s a tradition to take puzzle books to the caravan!

6pm – By the time it came to watching the football (which I only had on because everyone else was asleep!), I was getting quite sleepy myself. I think I nodded off for about eight minutes.


7pm – All babies just love mirrors, and this one is no exception. We had some fun in front of the mirror, before it was time for a bath.

8pm – More chilling out, this time I was reading my book. I’ve since finished The Rosie Project, so expect a review soon.

9pm – I really thought I had taken an even number of photos, which is what I always try to do so that they work out evenly in my blog post. But I must have miscounted, as this was my final shot of the day – an unfiltered photo of the lovely sky. I don’t think I’ve ever known the evening sky to be anything but lovely when we go to Camber.

I’m glad I chose a Sunday this time around, and I’m glad that I was away, as I didn’t have to think too hard for most of my photos! It was a quieter month for joiner-inners, but I had two old hands and a newbie!

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I’m trying to bring the date of Photo an Hour forward a little bit, to the start of the month, so I can do my November one before my birthday, which is the twelfth. So July’s Photo an Hour day will be Saturday 19th July. As always, I would love for everyone to join in with me, it’s always such fun to see people’s photos of their day! If you want to join in on Twitter or Instagram, tag your photos with #photoanhour so I can find them easily. If you are taking photos to put into a blog post after the event, send me the link! I am a bit rubbish about encouraging people to join in, though luckily every month Louisa from Duck in a Dress remembers and tweets about it!

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Photo an Hour #10 ~ May 2014

Yesterday was the last day of the month, and it was also the day I chose for May’s Photo an Hour. I don’t really know why I picked the last day of the month; when it comes to November, I need to pick a day before my birthday (on the 12th), so that I can do the final post that will count towards my 32 Before 32 item. So really, the middle of the month would be more ideal, because then there would be approximately one month between each day, rather than just a couple of weeks! So I’m going to try and even things out over the next couple of months, if that makes sense!

I had plans yesterday, so I thought that would make for more exciting photos than usual, when I am stuck at home doing nothing much at all. It didn’t really turn out that way, and I think this is one of the most boring Photo an Hours that I’ve ever done! It doesn’t help that I went to the cinema, so had to miss out on two hours!


10am – A late start to the Photo an Hour day, because I didn’t have anything to take a photo of at eight or nine o’clock! I stayed at Anna and Rob’s house, and we went out for breakfast. This is Rob driving to the Toby Carvery for the aforementioned breakfast.

11am – As it turned out, we were back in the car by eleven, having finished out breakfast. Rather than another photo of Rob driving, I took a photo of the lovely blue skies.


12pm – This is my new favourite top. I can’t imagine a time when I won’t want to be wearing it. It’s just sheer perfection.

1pm – After we had been out for breakfast, we had quite a bit of time to kill before we went to the cinema, so we put a Derren Brown DVD on. Seven of us went to see him in Southend on Friday night, and it was one of the best shows I’ve ever been too; so entertaining and so much fun. I just love him.


2pm – Still too early to start thinking about leaving for the cinema, and with Derren over, there was nothing for it but to put some Friends on. I don’t watch an awful lot of it these days, because I don’t have Comedy Central at home, so it’s a bit of a novelty to see it sometimes!

3pm – Back in the car! We drove from Southend to Basildon for the cinema, so I took a photo of Jen and John’s car from Anna’s car.


6pm – As I previously mentioned, I couldn’t take 4pm and 5pm photos, as I was in the cinema (that would be a serious contravention of the Code of Conduct), so I took one as we came out at six o’clock. Obviously, with my predilection for even numbers (not sure if I’ve ever mentioned that facet of my personality on the blog), being in screen eleven isn’t ideal, but I was in seat 10, so it wasn’t all bad.We saw X-Men: Days of Future Past, and I loved it. I can’t wait to write a blog post about it.

7pm – I think this is the third timethat Pointless Celebrities has featured in a Photo an Hour! It just so happens that I nearly always watch it if I’m home on a Saturday night!


8pm – On a whim, I decided to have some chip shop chips for dinner. I know they are terribly unhealthy, but a Saturday night in demands terrible food.

9pm – I had a bath and tried to finish my book, Mrs Hemingway, but I failed. I really wanted to get it in under the wire as a May book, but I just had too much left to read.


I wasn’t terribly proactive about reminding people that Photo an Hour was approaching, so some regular participators forgot! I will try and be better next month!

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Next month I’ll be doing Photo an Hour on June 22nd. It’s a Sunday, which is a first for me, but I thought it would make a change. I’d like to see what everyone’s typical Sunday is like – I expect to see a lot of roast dinners! I’ll be away for the weekend that day, so hopefully I can find some interesting things to photograph! Join in on Twitter, Instagram, or just on your blog. Just tell me if you are joining in so I can take a look at your photos and include you in my roundup! Use #photoaday on social media if you are joining in.

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Photo an Hour #9 ~ April 2014

Last Saturday I did April’s Photo an Hour. I got my days mixed up when I set the date, and originally picked a random Tuesday. I don’t really like doing Photo an Hour during the week, so I switched it to Easter Saturday. But then I had the most boring day, and so my photos aren’t great! But I guess that’s half the fun; having a diary of a day each month, regardless of whether it’s a fun-filled day or a mundane one.


8am – My alarm is set on the BBC Radio app on my Kindle, so I wake up to Radio 2 every day. On a weekday, that means Chris Evans (which is quite a rude awakening, I have to say), and on a Saturday, it’s Anneka Rice.

9am – Lazing in bed, reading my book. I’m not totally enamoured with Longbourn yet, but I hope I will be soon!


10am – Book post is the best post, right? I’m looking forward to reading this one.

11am – Snooker is probably my favourite sport (if we can call it that) to watch on the television these days, so I love World Championship time. Especially when Ronnie’s playing.


12pm – Three book photos in one day! I went to the library to pick up the book that I had reserved. I currently have thirteen books checked out, so I need to get reading!

1pm – This was one of my ‘What do I take a photo of?’ photos. I was trying to find something to eat for lunch, and sulking because there was very little that was inspiring me, despite there being a jam-packed cupboard.


2pm – My big job for Saturday was to tidy my room, which I kind of started doing, but I had to have something to listen to whilst I did so, so of course I put on a Wittertainment podcast.

3pm – Tea break. Except it’s not really a break if you haven’t started doing the job you’re supposed to be doing.


4pm – It seemed a bit of a waste to be stuck inside whilst the sun was shining so bright and warm. So, in the interests of procrastinating as much as humanly possible, I went and sat outside for twenty minutes to get a bit of Vitamin D.

5pm – Has anyone else got addicted to 2048? I have it on my phone and my tablet, and I can waste a lot of time playing it. Especially when I am supposed to be doing something else.


6pm – The tidying started! I know it doesn’t look as though I did, but part of the task involved moving everything from one part of my room to another. And then it stayed there for a while. You’ll be pleased to know that it did eventually get done, up to a point, but there’s much more tidying and organising to be done. Which is a joy.

7pm – This is a terrible photo, because just as I took it, my battery died! By the time I had found my charger, and the phone had turned back on, it was past the point where I could take a 7pm photo, so this had to be the one. Watching Pointless Celebrities while having some dinner.


8pm – Having a bath after a busy day of tidying (!), so I lit my lovely candle and read my book.

9pm – My Essex Life deadline approached, so I had some work to do on Saturday night.


10pm – Trying to find something to watch on Netflix. There’s far too much choice, and I usually can’t decide on anything, but I ended up watching a film called Breathe In that I quite enjoyed.

11pm – Trying to decide on a bedtime drink. I went with hot chocolate!

As I said, it wasn’t the most exciting day in the world, but it’s always nice to meet the challenge of taking a photo each hour when you aren’t up to much.

I always encourage people to join in with me, and this time, there were a few people along for the ride.

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If you would like to join in with May’s Photo a Day challenge, I’ll be doing it on 31st May, the very last day of the month. It’s the day after I go to see Derren Brown, and I think I should be staying overnight with my best ones, so there should be something of interest happening in the morning, at least (I’m thinking cooked breakfast, if you’re reading this Rob).

Five down, seven to go on number ten of 32 Before 32 – Complete a Photo an Hour post monthly.