32 Before 32 ~ Photo an Hour

I’m thrilled to have completed another 32 Before 32 item, because this year has been mostly a bust. There were a lot that were ongoing goals that didn’t come to anything, so I’m glad this one did. It has been really easy to achieve it, because it’s just a case of remembering to take the photos!

I put together my favourite images from each month, and I think they sum up my year quite well. A fair amount of food, family, and a smattering of Simon Mayo. That says it all really. I went through each post, and made some observations.

  • I took 152 photos; the most I took in one day was fourteen, and the least was ten.
  • By a huge margin, food and drink was the most popular subject in my photos – 32 photos in total.
  • 19 of the photos were of books, three of alcohol, five of me in the bath and two of animals.
  • Three of the photos were of me watching Pointless or Pointless Celebrities – it’s always on when I’m doing Photo an Hour!
  • Five of the photos are related to Simon Mayo, Mark Kermode or Wittertainment. Yeah, it was the year of the obsession.

As I mentioned in my previous post, Photo an Hour will continue, each and every month. If you want to join in next month, we’ll be doing it on the 14th December. Please do join in, it’s a lot of fun!


10. Complete a Photo an Hour post monthly

Photo an Hour #15 ~ October 2014

Saturday was the day I picked for October’s Photo an Hour. I am so glad that I have managed to keep up with doing one a month, because it means I get to cross off a 32 Before 32 item after next month. I have been so terrible this year with my birthday list that it’s nice to know that I’ll have achieved at least one more!


10am ~ I woke up late, because I was staying at my niece’s house, and she has the best blinds and curtains that block out all the light! I can’t remember the last time I woke up at 9.30, but I stayed in bed for a while and read my book!

11am ~ I toddled along to the library, because it has just reopened after a month of being closed for refurbishments. It’s still the smallest library in the world but it now has self-service machines. I picked up a couple of new books, even though I have enough at home to keep me going for years.


12pm ~ Reading in the bath. When I took this photo, I realised it meant that the first three photos of the day were centred around books, but that’s not an unusual Saturday morning for me! You’ll notice that it’s a different book from the one I was reading first thing, and that’s because I got this one from the library, and I have a tendency to start books as soon as I pick them up!

1pm ~ Doing some makeup and having a cup of tea. I got abuse from various members of my family on Facebook for the colour of my tea, because apparently it resembles warm milk rather than tea. I answered my critics as I usually do, with protests of YOU DON’T HAVE TO DRINK IT! Also, it had a filter on it.


2pm ~ Another item on my 32 Before 32 list is to learn to play chess. It’s been on various lists in the past, and I’ve never bothered to do anything about it. But Jen offered to teach me before we went out for the afternoon, and it turned out to be easier to pick up than I thought. It’s just a case of practicing and learning to think a couple of moves ahead. I can’t cross it off yet, but hopefully I will be able to before too long!

3pm ~ Jen and I left to pick up V and head to Anna’s, and halfway there, Jen realised she had forgotten her phone. After a fair amount of swearing, we headed back to hers to pick it up, and I took this photo of the wing mirror of her car. It made me laugh because I realised that I had caught Jen sprinting up her drive.


4pm ~ I struggled with a four o’clock photo, because we were just hanging around at Anna’s waiting to go out. I snapped this one because V was reading it!

5pm ~ Sing-a-longa Frozen! We were really excited to go, but the reality was a lot of children making a lot of noise. You expect this sort of thing at a Sing-a-longa event, but there aren’t usually this many children. Obviously we were expecting that, because it was Frozen on a Saturday afternoon, but I did think that lots of little girls dressed as princesses running up and down the aisles could have been avoided. Obviously it was amazing fun to sing along to Let it Go though.


8pm ~ No photos at 6 or 7pm, because we were watching the film, but by eight (or thereabouts) we were out and heading back to Anna’s for pizza. I took this while Hannah popped to the shop, and I had to retune the radio to Radio 2 to take the photo! What a loser!

9pm ~ I couldn’t think of a thing to take a photo of, because our pizza hadn’t arrived and we were just sitting around chatting. So I decided on the Face Game with Anna. Always a winner.

I wasn’t entirely happy with my photos this time round, mainly because I slept late, had to miss two hours out, and felt that many of the photos were taken in a rush! But they’ll do!

As ever, I encouraged friends, family and fellow bloggers to join in with me, and many of them did!

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That’s a lot of people, maybe the most ever! I love seeing everyone’s photos, so I always hope to have lots of people joining in, and then I rely on Louisa to remember the date when I forget and very kindly remind people that the date is imminent. She’s a star!

Next month’s Photo an Hour will take place on Saturday 8th November, just in time to get it done for my birthday! Let me know if you’ll be joining in!

Photo an Hour #14 ~ September 2014

Doing challenges like this always makes me feel that the year is going by so quickly. It doesn’t feel like five minutes since August’s Photo an Hour, and now here we are at September’s. Just two more to go before I meet my 32 Before 32 goal!

I chose Saturday for September’s Photo an Hour, without really knowing if I had plans. As it turns out, I had pretty exciting plans!


8am ~ Heading out on the train. Not only was I there for more than ten minutes before the train left, but I was also leaving far too much time between me arriving in London and the event I was going to starting. My brain just works in a way that says if I’m not at least ten minutes early, technically I’m late, even though that’s not true.

9am ~ As it turned out, it was a good thing that I was early, because I had to get off the train and go to find a library so I could print the ticket that I had left at home! Although then, as it turned out, I just waved the ticket in front of the lady and she let me in, so it wasn’t overly necessary, but I was glad I had it in the end!


10am ~ Even with an impromptu trip to the library, I still had a ridiculous amount of time to kill, so I went in for a drink at McDonalds in Liverpool Street.

11am ~ See – time to kill! It was a Chiswick Book Festival event that I was going to, and it didn’t start until 11.30, so I had a wander around Chiswick, which is pleasant enough, with some nice shops, and then sat in the park for ten minutes.


12pm ~ Technically speaking, this wasn’t my noon photo, because I was listening to Simon Mayo speak at that time. But I took this photo of him afterwards, when I was steeling myself to speak to him and get my book signed, so I’m including it. I still can’t believe that I met him. Amazing.

1pm ~ I headed straight back home afterwards, to see what mischief my nephews were getting into (I have been house and nephew-sitting for the last week, while my sister has been away, though my youngest nephew is fifteen, so didn’t need an awful lot of looking after!). Straight back on the tube with the hope that I’d make it back to Liverpool Street in time for a train home, without having to wait 45 minutes.


2pm ~ Make it back I did, and I was Wickford in time to get on yet another train to go home!

3pm ~ Finally back home, after a long morning of a lot of trains and tubes! Robbie was watching some nonsense on the television, as is often the case!


4pm ~ My sister’s cat doesn’t really like me. He’s not mean, he’s just indifferent in a passive aggressive kind of way. Anyway, he was lounging all over my bed, so I snapped a photograph.

5pm ~ Time to make some dinner for my nephew, who was going out to a party. Dermot O’Leary is not my favourite Radio 2 DJ, but he’ll do. As if I’d listen to anything else while I’m making dinner.


6pm ~ My sister doesn’t have a dishwasher, so I’ve been washing up by hand all week, and it seems never ending. My hands are feeling the effects too, they are so dry!

7pm ~ I got my nephew to cut my fringe back in, because it grew out so long ago, and my face just looks so much better when a third of it is covered with hair.


8pm ~ Watching some Doctor Who with Jimmy. I thought it was the best episode of the latest series, which given that there have only been four episodes, isn’t necessarily shining praise, but there you have it. I have a few issues with the latest series, nothing to do with Peter Capaldi, who is, of course, amazing, but something’s not gelling for me. (It’s Clara, if I’m honest. I’m not a fan.) But Listen is a really good episode.

9pm ~ All nephews out for the evening, so I was contemplating a double bill of films. In the end, I only watched Saving Mr Banks, and saved Mary Poppins for Monday.

As always, I encouraged people to join in with Photo an Hour, and we had the usual crowd, and a few more!

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There were quite a few this month, which makes me happy! As I said, there are two more to do before my birthday, so the next date will be Saturday October 11th. It’s entirely possible that I have plans that day (in fact, I think it’s the day I’m going to see Singalonga Frozen), so hopefully lots of good photo opportunities will present themselves!

As ever, I would love for you to join in with Photo an Hour, so please do! Mark the day in your diary, and upload a photo every hour on Instagram or Twitter using #photoanhour, or put them all in a blog post and tweet me the link! It’s always so nice to see what everyone gets up to on a random day of the month!

Nine down, three to go of number ten of 32 Before 32 – Complete a Photo an Hour post monthly

Photo an Hour #13 ~ August 2014

I almost completely forgot about Photo an Hour this month; it was only that I saw Louisa mention it on her blog that reminded me! I can always rely on Louisa!

I had no plans on Saturday, but I have found that they are the best days for Photo an Hour. It means that I don’t have to worry about remembering to take a photo throughout a busy day, and I also find that it means I find more interesting things to fill my time. I don’t want to take a photo of the same thing three times in a row, so I end up having a day where I’ve done lots of different things!


9am – My dad was going out, so I went with him, but I had some books reserved at the library, so I was on the doorstep waiting for them to open at 9am! I started Love, Nina in the car, at least for as long as possible until I started to feel sick.

10am – In the last couple of months, I have been scouring charity shops for vinyls (ever since I remembered that there is a record player that works in my house), and today was no different. This charity shop was clued up; they had some premium records that were quite expensive, but some were more in my price range at 99p. I did pick up one such record (actually, it was £1.99), but it’s almost too embarrassing to share. OK, it was an EastEnders singalong album from about 1986. I love it.


11am – I saw these on Facebook the other day, so when I spotted them in Tesco, I had to have one. Ultimately, I was a little disappointed. Obviously the Nutella is amazing, but the breadsticks are a little thin for my liking.

12pm – Heading home. It’s always hard to get a decent photo when travelling in the car, and I’m always conscious that I have taken very similar photos in the past!


1pm – I know that a Wotsit roll isn’t the most sophisticated or grown up lunch in the world, nor the healthiest. But sometimes you just need one, you know?

2pm – There is always a photo of me reading in the bath in my Photo an Hour posts! This time is no different, although my book (The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair by Joel Dicker) was accompanied by the Ward Thomas album this time. Both the book and the album are awesome.


3pm – Saturday was the start of the Premier League season, and while I don’t care about football half as much as I used to, I do like to check in and see what’s happening. Tottenham won, though again, I can’t get myself terribly worked up about it.

4pm – Playing some records. I started with my Glenn Miller record, which I love, and then moved on to the aforementioned EastEnders album.


5pm – I haven’t watched an awful lot of the European Athletics Championship, but I stuck it on for a while earlier, and saw Elidh Child getting her gold medal. Medal ceremonies always make me a bit emotional. I don’t know why!

6pm – Watching Pointless Celebrities. This often makes an appearance in my Photo an Hour posts too – I’m obviously a creature of habit!


7pm – My dad and I had the same independent thought about dinner; burritos! I do love a good burrito, they are probably my favourite when it comes to Mexican/Tex-Mex.

8pm – Once I worked out how to get my phone to download podcasts (the standard podcast app wasn’t working), I decided to find some new ones to download. As much as I obviously adore Wittertainment (especially since I have found an archive going back to 2005), I do like the opportunity to listen to something a little different from time to time. I’ve found a few things, but I wish there were more amazing British podcasts to listen to. If you know of any, let me know!

Not the most exciting day in the history of me, but a perfectly satisfactory one. Obviously I didn’t go to bed at 8 o’clock, but I always try to take an even number of photos, and I was starting to lose interest by this point! Taking another one would have meant taking another two, so I decided twelve was plenty.

As ever, i spread the word and asked people to join in with me.

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I do love doing Photo an Hour, but more than anything, I love to see people joining in. It’s so good to see what people are up to, whether they have exciting plans or they are just pottering around at home.

If you would like to join in with September’s Photo an Hour (September? Say what?!), it will take place on September 13th. I have tentative plans to do something rather exciting on that day, involving a book release and my number one favourite DJ, but it’s not set in stone at the moment, so we’ll see. Joining in is easy – take a photo every hour (set a reminder on your phone if you think you are likely to forget), upload it to Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, and use the hashtag #photoanhour. If you don’t want to upload in real time, and would prefer to post your photos in a blog post, just send me the link and I’ll include you in my roundup.

Nine down, three to go of number ten of 32 Before 32 – Complete a Photo an Hour post monthly