There you stand in your dungarees

I have a thing for dungarees. I have a pair of short ones, but I’ve been on the lookout for some full-length ones for a while, and when I found a culotte-style pair, I couldn’t resist.

And with new clothes, comes the once-every-couple-of-years urge I get to do some outfit photos. I am under no illusion that I look like a bit of an idiot, and I feel so awkward while I’m doing them (even though my photographer, Hannah, is awesome and great at taking photos and just generally wonderful), but I’m trying hard to do things that I want to do, and overcome awkwardness and nervousness.




Jumper ~ Primark
Dungarees ~ Tu at Sainsbury’s
Shoes ~ Very
Glasses ~ SpecsPost

As you can see from the photos, I am a bit squinty, and that’s because it was such a sunny Sunday! We haven’t had too much sunshine in recent weeks, so it was nice to have an entire weekend of it, even if it was still very much on the chilly side. Spring has not yet sprung, and as I write this, the skies are very grey and full of the promise of rain, but there’s the promise of better weather in the air.


One more photo then, with a filter on it, because I think I look uber-cool in a seventies kind of way. I’m never going to be a fashion blogger, but these little forays into outfit posts are fun from time to time!

Free Your Feet

Summer has finally arrived! Or at least, we like to think it has; we’ve had a few sunny (though not as warm as I would like) days, and we’re all throwing caution to the wind and getting our legs and arms out!

I’m getting my feet out too, and taking part in a Free Your Feet competition with Clarks. The challenge is to take a pair of their gorgeous sandals and style them up in a summery kind of way.

Now as you know, I’m not a fashion blogger. I try, from time to time, to do an outfit post, and I always end up feeling, and therefore looking, totally awkward and self-conscious. I just don’t know how these fashion bloggers do it so much! But as ever, I wanted to give it a go and take part, so here’s how I styled up my sandals.

This is the only maxi dress that I own. As a plus sized woman, with a certain amount of height issues, I can’t say that all maxi dresses are suitable for me. Many are unflattering, and most end up trailing around at my feet and tripping me up. But this one is perfect, and I love it. It’s so bright and colourful, and it’s short enough, and I don’t think it makes me look bigger than I am (I hope!). I got it from George two years ago, and I plan to wear it for years to come!

My denim shirt that I wear over the top is a necessity; if I get my shoulders out they will burn, so they hide under this. And talking of necessities, obviously a hat and sunglasses are the ultimate summer accessories! My hat is brand new, from Primark, and my sunglasses are the ultimate in cheapness – Poundland!

Dress ~ George at Asda
Denim Shirt ~ New Look via eBay
Sandals ~ c/o Clarks
Hat ~ Primark
Sunglasses ~ Poundland

This final photo is a bit of an outtake; I had a cardigan on by this point, because I had got chilly, and you can see my bra that should be hiding beneath the shirt/cardigan. But I love this shot! I don’t even really remember posing for it, but I like the way it turned out!

These sandals are the new love in my life. I think they are gorgeous, and they will be seeing me through the summer and beyond I think. What I particularly love about them is that they are padded on the ball of the foot, so they are really comfortable.

Are you freeing your feet this year? How are you summer-ing up your footwear?