Photo an Hour #25 ~ August 2015

As ever, I’m slightly behind with recapping the latest Photo an Hour day. It took place the weekend before last, on the bank holiday weekend. When I set the date, I didn’t have anything special planned, but then as time went on, I arranged to see my sister, and then got roped in to help my friend Lucy with a show she was putting on.

9am ~ I didn’t wake up very early, but when I did, I realised that I hadn’t listened to the previous day’s Wittertainment podcast. It makes a good accompaniment to laying in bed and checking social media.

10am ~ My room needed a tidy, mainly due to the fact that the flat had a viewing, but also because my sister was coming to see me and it was a bit of a mess!


11am ~ My sister and brother-in-law arrived (after getting slightly lost on the way), and after a quick nose around the flat, we headed out. The Colchester Free Festival takes place on the Bank Holiday weekend every year, so we went into town to take a look at what it had to offer.

12pm ~ One of the things the festival had to offer was some ‘delisious’ burritos. I didn’t eat one, though my brother-in-law did have some doughnuts that Sarah and I helped him with.


1pm ~ The festival hadn’t really got going while we were there, and it wasn’t doing much for us, so we headed back into town for a wander.

2pm ~ And then we headed to the Harvester for some lunch. I love spending time with my sister and brother-in-law, and I have gone from living down the road to them to living 30 miles away, so I don’t get to see them (or any members of my family) as often as I would like.


3pm ~ Anyone who has ever taken part in a Photo an Hour knows that sometimes you have to take a photo of your feet, if for no other reason than you simply don’t have anything else to photograph.

4pm ~ By four o’clock I was back in Colchester, at the theatre where my friend Lucy was putting on a show. She had roped Hannah and me in to help with lighting and sound, and I got saddled with the lighting. I’ve never done anything like this before, and I was really nervous, but I ended up really enjoying it!


5pm ~ I was in this box for about five hours, so the photos got a bit samey! This one is of the group of performers rehearsing. It was a singing show, something Lucy and her friends put on to raise some money for charity, and it was great.

6pm ~ The set list. As you can see, I had to do quite a bit of scribbling to reassure myself that I wasn’t going to plunge the singers into darkness at inappropriate moments!


7pm ~ Still in the box! It did become increasingly hard to find things to photograph, as you can see. They were still rehearsing at this point.

8pm ~ Show time!


9pm ~ Hannah is so often around on Photo an Hour days, and I often have to take a photo of her to mix things up! She was on sound, and knew what she was doing from the off – I took a bit more practice!

10pm ~ Out of the box! This was the staircase in the car park.

That was my day! I think given that I was sat in one place for so long, I didn’t do bad at some variety!

My ever-wonderful partner in crime, Louisa from Duck in a Dress has already rounded up the day, and linked to everyone who joined in. There’s quite a few of us these days, and I just love watching our little gang grow! I have plans for a website before too long; nothing fancy, just somewhere to collate things and keep people up to date. In the meantime, I’ve started an email list, so if you want a reminder a couple of days before the next Photo an Hour day, sign up here, and I’ll send one. The next one is taking place on 26th September, who’s in?

Burger Club – Love Thy Burger

A little while ago, my friend Lucy and I decided to go out for a burger. It was one of those ‘Let’s do that’ type of plans that didn’t happen for ages, but when it did, we wanted to try and find the best burger we could. The ruminations on this, which came to include our friend Laura, turned into a desire to find the best burger in Colchester, which is near to where we all live.

Our Burger Club plan is hitting a major stumbling block in the next couple of weeks, as Lucy is leaving us to head to university in Kent, and so our club meetings will have to be during holiday times when she comes back to see us. But it’s hopefully going to be something of an ongoing thing, so I hope this is just the first of many posts about burgers!

Not really knowing where to start, I put out a tweet asking for advice, and got a couple of suggestions. In the end, we decided to try Love Thy Burger, a small restaurant on Colchester High Street. It’s nothing fancy, and you wouldn’t plan to spend an awful lot of time in there, but it was a nice place to sit for an hour and eat and chat. The decor is deliberately industrial, it’s clean, and the staff were friendly and helpful. It’s a place where you go and order at the counter, which gives you an idea as to the type of place this is.

 ~ The Burger of Liberty. Forgive the less than amazing photography skills! ~

We all had something different from the menu. Lucy had the Scorchio, with chilli jam, Monterey Jack Cheese, smoky streaked bacon, jalapeno and lime mayonnaise, and LTB’s own spicy sauce. She liked it, but declared that it was probably a little hot for her. Perfect, I should imagine, if you like your food spicy!

Laura had the Cheesy Lee, with red onion marmalade, Monterey Jack cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickle and ketchup. She liked hers a lot!

I had the Burger of Liberty with red onion marmalade, pastrami, gherkin, American mustard, Monterey Jack cheese, tomato, lettuce and mayonnaise. I think I liked my burger the most out of the three of us; it was the pastrami that really gave it the edge! It tasted like America, which I think has a lot to do with the aforementioned pastrami, and I really liked it.

We got all three sides that are available; rosemary fries, onion rings and coleslaw. The fries are great – the rosemary really adds something different!

Ultimately, Love thy Burger is a really nice place to grab a quick bite. It feels nice to sit in there and eat and chat, and the staff were friendly. I’ll definitely be going back; it’s the perfect place to grab something quick and the burgers taste great.