The Week That Was

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♥ A slightly older link, but the best news evs for Louisa at Duck in a Dress. Congratulations!

♥ Terri-Jane is telling ‘should’ to do one, and I’m on board.

♥ Elise took a tour of Glasgow Central Station, and it’s left me wanting to do something similar.

♥ Elizabeth from Margot and Barbara is one of my favourite bloggers, and her post about her allotment supper is one of the reasons why.

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♥ I love this mash-up – the music of Inception over the trailer for Inside Out, creating Incept Out.

Five summer looks in films.

♥ $129 for a mystery flight in 1950.

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Three worders

Monday ~Excited for Imelda

Tuesday ~ Lunchtime squats – ouch!

Wednesday ~ Anticipating a downpour

Thursday ~Foraging course booked

The Week That Was

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♥ Holly nominated me for a blog award – something that never fails to make me smile! Thanks Holly!

 Sarah’s post about investing in herself has got me thinking, and I have realised that I need to start with the small changes too.

♥ Though not a vegetarian myself, I do have a professional interest in the world of vegans and vegetarians, so I did enjoy reading Charlotte’s post about why she is mostly meat-free.

♥ Thanks to Rachael’s post about creating cross-stitch versions of her family, I now want to cross-stitch everyone I know

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♥ I went to university with a lot of people who would have been a lot more interested in a Maths degree if their lecturer had looked like this.

♥ I’m yet to complete my watching of Parks and Recreation, but this is still an awesome article. Leslie Knope is the actual best, y’all.

♥ There’s still time to watch one of the best children’s films ever made on iPlayer (until first thing in the morning on 5th April): The Amazing Mr Blunden *is* amazing.

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Three worders

Monday ~ Worked all weekend

Tuesday ~ Croaky of throat

Wednesday ~ Trampoline in field

Thursday ~ Contemplating a cider

The Week That Was

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♥ Victoria shares 5 good things; I always love posts like this!

♥ Nicki went to Liverpool and vlogged about it.

♥ Michael went to visit his parents on the Isle of Mull, and though it was wet, it looks and sounds lovely!

♥ As I’m always on the lookout for new music to excite me, I’ll be checking out Sleater-Kinney on Terri-Jane’s recommendation!

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♥ The man who posted himself from Britain to Australia in the 1960s, and got away with it!

♥ There may be some debate over whether or not this is the actual ‘earliest footage of New York ever‘, but it’s still fascinating to watch.

Tweets I’ve shared this week

Three worders

Monday ~ Kinda moved yesterday

Tuesday ~ Tuesdays are rubbish

Wednesday ~ Country station tuned

Thursday ~ Fancy dress discouraged

The Week That Was

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♥ Sarah made a Chocolate, Caramel & Peanut Butter Pie, and it looks good. Like, really good.

♥ Jasmin went on a tour of an abandoned tube station, and now I want to go on a tour of an abandoned tube station.

♥ Angela had all her hair cut off, and it looks great!

♥ Elizabeth blogged about bringing more colour into her life, and I’m inspired to do the same!

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Five ordinary photos that you didn’t realise changed the world.

♥  The man who returned works of art that his grandfather looted from his time in Nigeria.

♥ This week’s Colossal link – a CT scan revealed the mummified remains of a monk hidden inside a buddha statue.

Tweets I’ve favourited this week

Three Worders

Monday ~ Totally unproductive weekend

Tuesday ~ New desk success

Wednesday ~ Weekend in sight

Thursday ~ Trouble stating awake


The Week That Was

Whenever I feel as though I am not blogging enough, I introduce a new series, in the hope that it will spur me on. And so here we find ourselves with a weekly round up of links and fun stuff. I always used to do a Link Love round up, but that kind of petered out, so I thought I’d resurrect it with The Week That Was. It’s going to be a bit of a scrapbook of things that I’ve found and loved. I hope you find something you love too!

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♥ It’s all about the cushions: Janet from Words That Can Only Be Your Own made a cloud, and Sammy from Live It Love It Make It made a geometric heart.

♥ Elise made the actual best tea cosy you’ll ever, ever see. It’s a dormouse!

♥ Emily got married last year, and she’s sharing some photos on her blog. She looked amazing; what a dress!

♥ Lou went to Edinburgh, and made me jealous with her photos.

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♥ Colossal is one of my favourite websites on which to spend any amount of time, and my favourite post from there this week is this one: Three Dimensional Figurative Collages Encased in Multiple Layers of Glass, by Dustin Yellin. Stunning!

♥ I love this illustration of each Best Picture nominee as an Oscar, by Olly Gibbs.

♥ I have read all about breathing techniques that will help you fall asleep before, in one of the magazines I work for, but this article reminded me that sometimes you actually have to think about your breathing, and not just rely on it to do the same thing it always does (i.e. keep you alive).

A timeline of everything that has happened regarding Adnan Syed’s case since the podcast started.

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Three Worders

Every single weekday (excluding Friday), Simon Mayo asks for listeners’ three word summaries of their day, and he reads some of them out. I’m a bit obsessive about sending in my three-worders, and I have barely missed a day in over a year. I thought it would go some way to sum up my week to share them here!

Monday ~ Suspiciously quiet inbox

Tuesday ~ Totally still light

Wednesday ~ Given up sugar

Thursday ~ EastEnders excitement mounting