Donate to Charity – Amazon Wishlists

If you’re interested in donating to charities, but don’t know the best way to get involved, consider purchasing an item from their Amazon Wishlist.

I don’t think that I’m a particularly selfish person, but I could definitely do more for people. As an introvert who much prefers being at home with the door closed, this isn’t going to manifest itself in volunteering, or marching, but I can give to charity, and I’ve started trying to do that a bit more.

I’m all for setting up standing orders and donating one-off amounts to charities you believe in, and I’m also very much of the opinion that everyone should be allowed to give as much or as little to the charities they feel passionate about. You shouldn’t let anyone make you feel bad about the choices you make when it comes to charity giving; everyone has a reason for wanting to give, and that’s a personal choice.

But, with larger charities especially, it’s not always obvious where your money is going, and as much as altruism for altruism’s sake is nice, it’s also heartwarming when you see how your donations are being used.

That’s where Amazon wishlists come in. Many smaller charities have them, as they are in need of specific items, and people wishing to donate can choose to purchase them directly. I know Amazon is not everyone’s cup of tea, but when it comes to charitable giving, it’s worth putting all that big bad corporation stuff to the back of your mind, surely?

Charity Wishlists

With that in mind, here are a few charities you can help by purchasing something from their wishlist.

Haven House
This is a children’s hospice who help children and young people who have life-threatening, or life-limiting conditions. Many of the children under their care can’t play with regular toys, so they have an Amazon wishlist comprised of items that are suitable. Find their wishlist here.

Wood Green Animal Charity
Animal charities benefit hugely from physical donations; if you have old duvets and blankets, animal sanctuaries and rescue centres are a good place to take them. Wood Green is one of the leading animal welfare organisations in the UK, and you can find their wishlist here.

BHT First Base is a resource, training and health centre for people who are street homeless or vulnerably housed in Brighton & Hove. Their wishlist asks for basic items that most people buy for themselves without a thought. Find their wishlist here.

With Kids
This is a family and children’s charity working in Glasgow and Edinburgh, which aims to build self-esteem and resilience in children. They are asking for games and toys; you can find their wishlist here.

SIFA Fireside
SIFA Fireside are a Birmingham-based charity working with vulnerable adults who are experiencing homelessness or are vulnerably-housed. They ask for clothing, razors, and other everyday items. Find their wishlist here.

I’m thinking about making this a regular feature, as I really do think it’s a great way to help out charities that you want to support. Let me know if there are any charities close to your heart who could do with a shoutout!

The Happy Badger

I’m aware, as I write this post, that it’s probably an inopportune time to be entitling a post ‘The Happy Badger.’ I apologise, but that’s just the way it is.

Anyway, I recently became aware of the Happy Badger, who works with (formerly Appliances Online), to spread a little happiness across the blogosphere by donating £50 to a charity of the blogger’s choice.

When I first heard about it, of course I wanted to get involved. I’ve had ‘Do Something Amazing for Charity’ on my birthday list for two years in a row now, and I still haven’t worked out what I want that amazing thing to be. It will be going on next year’s list too, and I’m going to try doubly hard to get it ticked off before my 32nd birthday!

I decided a while ago that my something amazing would probably be an awareness thing, rather than a fundraiser. I would love to raise lots of money for my chosen charity, but I think it’s getting harder and harder. My Facebook feed is full of people doing lots of wonderful things for lots of wonderful charities, and it’s impossible to support them all. So I have my thinking cap on for something I can do to raise awareness for a charity that is close to my heart.

In the meantime, my chosen charity for the Happy Badger to donate to is Farleigh Hospice, which is an Essex-based hospice.

Farleigh Hospice relies on fundraising and donations to raise the £7850 it needs daily in order to meet the needs of local people with life-limiting illnesses. That’s a huge amount of money, and as someone who deeply appreciated the help that I received from the hospice on the worst day of my life, I am forever committed to helping raise money for them.

So the £50 that the Happy Badger very kindly offered has been donated to Farleigh Hospice in the hope that they can continue doing the very important work that they do.

If you would like to be visited by the Happy Badger (which sounds all kinds of trippy, I know), you should visit the website and check it out.

Link Love

Wednesdays might become my regular day for a Link Love post, but we’ll see. I prefer not to commit myself in such a way, it’s only a disappointment when it doesn’t work out! But now, for the second Wednesday in a row, here are some of my favourite links.

I posted this on my Facebook page last week, but I had to share it here because it’s fascinating! Photos of the Statue of Liberty being constructed in France before it was shipped to America. That whole site is a pretty big sinkhole time-wise, so be warned!

A couple of new Tumblrs that I found, the first is called Slaughterhouse 90210, and it pairs shots of favourite television shows with quotes from literature. And Iconic Costumes (via Gems) quite simply pays tribute to some of the most iconic wardrobe choices in film and television.

Have you seen these BT ArtBoxes? To celebrate 2012 being the year of the Diamond Jubilee and the London Olympics, BT commissioned artists to transform the famous red telephone box any which way they liked, and they are now on display across London. They are going to be auctioned off for charity in July, with proceeds going to ChildLine.


~ source ~

The V&A Museum of Childhood is displaying two, one by Hannah Monteiro (in the background), and the other by Stephen Gregory. It’s tough to pick one favourite, but it’s possibly this one by Julien McDonald, called, simply, Fabulous. It’s at the Royal Exchange.


~ source ~

Take the pressure off yourself – 20 Things You Don’t Have to do on the Internet (via Making it Lovely)

Finally, the brother of one of my best friends is one half of Daring Dynamos. Phil (the aforementioned brother) and Tom are cycling the world, having adventures in music and raising lots and lots of money for War Child. They’ve already raised an awe-inspiring amount of money, but are aiming for lots more! For today only (Wednesday 27th June), the highest donation on their Just Giving page will win two tickets to this weekend’s Hop Farm Festival in Kent. Not only is it an awesome line-up (Bob Dylan, anyone?), but you’ll get that warm and fuzzy feeling that only donating to a really worthy charity can give. Go on, do it now! Even if you’re not interested in the festival (though I should stress BOB DYLAN IS PLAYING), you can still donate today, tomorrow, or anytime you like!