I Like to Hear Those British Girls Scream

Last Friday I went to Hyde Park to see Bon Jovi open British Summer Time. It’s the second time I have seen them in Hyde Park now, and while I would love to see them play an arena or a stadium, there’s something pretty special about watching them in the open air.

I went with my friends Hannah and Jen, and we met up with my sister Kim and her wife, Frances, when we got there. Luckily, the weather decided to change just in time and provide us with blazing sunshine for the afternoon while we were sitting around waiting for Bon Jovi to come on. If anything, it was too hot, but that’s not really much to complain about; it would have been much worse if it had been raining!

The actual park itself, where the concert was held, has been transformed into a kind of village for the duration of the event; it’s on until Sunday with a plethora of acts taking part including The Rolling Stones, Jennifer Lopez, and Lionel Richie. Elton John was supposed to be there on Friday but has pulled out due to illness, and there are now free tickets available for the day to see Ray Davies and Elvis Costello.

As well as Bon Jovi, we also got to see Bush and Kaiser Chiefs, who were supporting them. I don’t know an awful lot about Bush, and I’d forgotten that Gavin Rossdale (who is super hot) was the lead singer until halfway through their set. He actually came right out into the crowd and for a minute I thought he was going to come right towards us. He didn’t, but it was still exciting!

I’ve actually seen Kaiser Chiefs play before, when my friend used to work for their management company and she scored us some free tickets. I am not their biggest fan, but I think they are a great live band, and Ricky Wilson is a good front man, and now that he has a decent haircut, is actually rather attractive.

But of course, the main event was Bon Jovi, and we only had to wait until 7.20 to see them! I was impressed by how prompt they were, we expected them to be a bit late, but they came on and started straightaway.

Jon wears red on stage rather a lot (though he did change halfway through to a black top), which makes it really easy to pick him out. As you can see, we were quite far back, but that doesn’t really matter to me. Unless you are willing to pay extra to get in the gold or diamond circles, you aren’t going to be particularly close. I could see them from where I was, and I could hear them, and that’s what matters! I do wish that I had been able to see Tico (the drummer) a little better, because I’m mildly obsessed with him, but I had to make do with seeing him pulling his funny faces on the big screen.

As you can also see, my photography skills from this distance and in the dark are not up to much. Actually, it’s my camera, rather than my photography skills!

The gig itself was perfection, of course, with just about every song that I would have hoped for being played. They played a couple off the new album, and they were all ones that I liked and knew quite well, thankfully! But of course, the best songs were all the classics, and I was so pleased that they sang Someday I’ll Be Saturday Night (my personal favourite), Who Says You Can’t Go Home, We Weren’t Born to Follow and Captain Crash and the Beauty Queen from Mars. It was the first time Jen had seen them and she was hoping for Always and These Days, both of which they played for the encore! And Hannah, who knows and loves them the best, was very happy when they sang Dry County, a song that I have never heard! She also loved it that he sang a little solo bit of In These Arms. I was surprised when they did Living On a Prayer before the encore, but they did a little bit of it stripped back and acoustic, which was great. The whole thing was great!

Hannah and I particularly liked loved it when, in the middle of We’ve Got it Going On, Jon said “I come back to London town for one reason, for one reason only…. I like to hear those British girls scream!” Hence the title of this blog post!

It was the perfect start to a great weekend; I got up to lots but each activity deserves its very own blog post!

Music Love ~ BEDM

I always knew that this was going to be a tricky prompt for me, because it asks about five favourite albums. I don’t really listen to albums. I’ve always struggled with them, because I don’t really like listening to music that I don’t know. I know that probably sounds stupid, because how else can you get to know music without listening to it? But the idea of sitting down to listen to an album, at least half of which I have never heard before, fills me with dread. I hate it. But, having spent a little bit of time thinking about it, I have managed to come up with five albums that I do like.


Moulin Rouge soundtrack

I’ve chosen to include this particular photo, because this is the collector’s edition of the soundtrack; rather than the single CD, I have two. I love the soundtrack to Moulin Rouge, it’s pretty much perfection as far as I am concerned. I recently went to Singalonga Moulin Rouge in London (post possibly coming soon), and I adored singing every song as loudly as I could!

Songs in A Minor – Alicia Keys

This is a rare example of me buying an album based on liking one song, and going on to fall in love with the album. I used to listen to this on my way to work on the bus when I worked at Special Reserve, and then I went to see Alicia Keys at Wembley with a work friend. I haven’t listened to it in years, so I might have to dig it out.

Everything Changes – Take That

Strictly speaking, this is not a favourite album, not any more. But when I was eleven, it very much was. I had it on tape, and I think I probably got it for my birthday. I don’t listen to it that much any more, but when I do, I feel eleven again.

The Very Best of Disney

I have a number of Disney albums, usually bought for me as presents by my mum, but this was the first one I got. It was the same Christmas that my mum got a stereo with a CD player, the first in our house, and I played it over and over. I still love it. My copy has my name written on the front, because for some reason my little brother decided to label it.

Crossroads – Bon Jovi

I was going to pick Bon Jovi’s Greatest Hits, which is the album of theirs that I have listened to most, but I decided to pick Crossroads, because it has Someday I’ll Be Saturday Night, and if pushed, I think I would have to say that’s my favourite Bon Jovi CD. I found this in Cash Converters for a pound a little while ago; what a bargain!

Friday Letters

Old photo!

Dear 31 Before 31 list, prepare to be worked on in the next couple of months like never before. I am pulling out all the stops to make some serious progress.

Dear Richie and Jon, please make up.

Dear US television, I can feel you building to your season finales. I both love and hate it.

Dear Jimmy, thanks for cutting my fringe!

Dear fellow cowgirls, yeehaw!

Dear Instagram, you and I are going to be much better friends real soon! Hurrah!


Dress to the Maxi

As of now, it’s just over four months until I go to see Bon Jovi at Hyde Park. I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am about this, because, of course, Bon Jovi are awesome.

As the gig is an outdoor event, one of the more pressing issues on my mind has been what to wear. I’ve never been to an actual festival, but I know that for those who have, what to wear is a majorly important part of the preparations. Whilst the Bon Jovi gig isn’t a festival, it is outside, and therefore what to wear needs to be considered.

When I went to see Bon Jovi last time, I wore a maxi dress. It’s the only maxi dress I own (though I do have a bargainous charity shop skirt as well), and I felt it was perfect for an summery outdoor gig.

Although this isn’t the best photo, you can see from this that it was a very colourful dress, teamed with a denim shirt to prevent major sunburn, and a slightly obnoxious hat that I only wore because it was a special occasion. I could never pull it off on a regular day, I’d feel like a tool.

Anyway, so given the choice, I would consider wearing this dress again, but I can’t obviously, because that would be ridiculous. But I do want to wear a maxi dress again, because I love the way that I feel in them! So it’s time to start thinking about it, even though it’s still a way off (I’m excited, OK?).

There are two main problems I have with maxi dresses. The first is that they are invariably too long. I would not describe myself as short, but neither am I tall, and my legs are kind of stumpy. This means that when I try maxi dresses on, I find that they pool at my feet, making walking rather perilous.

The other problem is that a lot of the maxi dresses out there are really designed for slimmer ladies than myself. There are lots of dresses that I have tried on that have just done nothing for me. So I’ve been taking a look at plus size maxi dresses, knowing that when a piece of clothing is actually designed for a woman carrying a bit more weight, it actually works to flatter my figure! This is much better than when you try on a dress in a shop, knowing full well it was made to look best on someone who is a size eight!

Also, a lot of the maxi dresses at Marisota are available in a variety of lengths, which banishes the problem of falling over whilst walking too! Now all I have to do is hope for a fabulously sunny day on July 5th. It happened last time I went to see them, fingers crossed for British summer to actually hit at the right time again this year!

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