Life Lately

Life Lately

Well here we are again. Every so often I find myself writing a post like this, alternating between apologising for never blogging, and wondering if blogging is still for me. Of course, I know there’s no need to apologise; who’s sitting around and waiting for me to write a blog post? And my ruminations on whether or not to jack the whole thing in always come down on the side of ‘but I will get around to blogging more at some point…’ I guess I’m just reluctant to say a permanent goodbye.

My dilemma (or dilemna) is that I would love to make more of my blog. I’d love to make some extra money, and have some more opportunities as a result of this little space of internet real estate. But to have those opportunities, you have to put the work in. And I’m already putting the work in at the job I get paid real money for. Also, I’m lazy. There’s no two ways about it; given the option between making a plan, sticking to it, writing regularly, taking and editing photos, connecting with other bloggers, making good contacts etc, and sitting on the settee and watching The Apprentice, I’m going to choose the latter nine times out of ten. That’s who I am.

I do have a list of posts I want to write. I want to finally get around to sharing some of my very few 35 Before 35 successes. And as my birthday approaches, I will be sharing my 36 Before 36 list. And then there’s all that’s in between; I’m hoping that as I blog more, the inspiration to write more interesting and entertaining posts will arise. I’ll be seeing you.

Six reasons to miss summer when it’s gone


For a while, I thought I was in the minority in liking autumn more than I like summer. Since being exposed to everyone’s innermost thoughts on social media, I realise that it isn’t a minority. That autumn is better than summer is apparently THE MOST POPULAR OPINION OF ALL TIME. Whether it’s pumpkin flavoured coffees, new boots or that back to school vibe (pretty sure I’m in the minority there, actually), everyone is gaga for the change of season.

So in an attempt to a) get back to blogging about stuff that isn’t catching up on Photo a Day, and b) write something a little more challenging than ’10 reasons I love autumn’, I thought I’d think of a few things that I will miss about summer (even though I am so glad that the weather finally appears to making its way towards autumn).

Being able to go to an outdoor event and not worry (too much) about the weather

Case in point, yesterday I stood in Hyde Park and got ridiculously soaked. Admittedly, it means that I will always remember dancing to Man I Feel Like a Woman in the pouring rain, which is a fabulous memory to have, but still. British summers aren’t perfect, but if you arrange something in July, you might just be able to get away without an umbrella.

Washing your hair and then going for a drive to dry it in super quick time

Maybe I’m stuck in a bit of a hair rut at the moment, but for the past few months all I’ve done with my hair is wash it, spray it with some sea salt spray, and leave it to dry naturally. When I’m able to have the window open in the car and let the summery air at it, it dries quickly, and it just feels nice. (Disclaimer, I still can’t drive, I’m talking about going out at the weekends with my friend Hannah!) As the temperatures drop, if I try air-drying my soaking wet hair, I’m probably going to catch my death of cold.

Sitting in the garden with a book

The back of our house is a little sun trap on summer mornings, and it’s a nice place to sit and read chapter after chapter. Though with autumn on its way, I’ll just transfer into the house, put the fire on and make a cup of tea.

Having a barbecue

I’ve hardly had any barbecues this year, and now I feel as though I’ve missed my chance. Cooking outside is less fun when it’s chilly, or when it’s raining.

Quieter roads

Again, as I don’t drive, maybe it’s not my place to complain about this. But I’m a passenger a lot, and it’s nice to be able to make our way through our tiny village with a fraction of the traffic during the school summer holidays.

Beach paddling

Don’t get me wrong, I will paddle in the sea when it’s freezing cold. But there’s no denying that it’s a little less enjoyable when you are worrying that your toes are going to fall off. Also, people look at you like you’re a bit strange when you have your feet in the North Sea in November.

So there you have it. Six reasons why I might just miss summer. This is all folly of course. None of these things can actually make up for the chillier days, the new boots, coats, jumpers and tights, the amazing television, having the fire on, drinking more tea, my birthday, and the lead up to Christmas. (There, you got a list in the end anyway.)

Photo by Kate Tandy on Unsplash

Life Lately

Life Lately

Every now and again I feel the need to do a Life Lately post. It’s usually a good way of kickstarting my blog again, and giving me a way of getting back to a slightly more regular schedule of posting.

At the moment, my blog has descended into being a cluster of posts at the end of the month that are roundups of one type or another. That’s not what I want it to be, but I never seem to find the time to write anything else. There’s no reason for this either; I am no busier than the average person who has a full-time job and no children, but time just seems to slip away into a black hole that is full of Netflix watching and Twitter scrolling.

But I’m making lists of posts that I want to write, so I do feel as though the impetus to actually write is returning slightly. I’m not terribly concerned with all of the other stuff that seems to come along with blogging these days, but I do enjoy the writing, and the connecting with a small group of bloggers that I have come to know. So I’m going to have another run at it!

I’ve also made a couple of aesthetic changes around here, so if you read my posts actually on my blog, rather than through a reader, you’ll notice a new theme. It’s not exactly what I want, but until I take the time to work out exactly what that is, it’ll do for now!

Life Lately

Well it’s been a little while. I find myself having to write these types of post more and more often; explaining my absence from the blog, and for some reason finding it necessary to apologise.


In the last couple of months I’ve purposely taken a bit of a step back from blogging, because it has started to feel a lot more like a chore than a pleasure. I’ve written on more than one occasion about feeling a pressure to conform when it comes to blogging, and at the moment, it’s not a pressure that I feel I need. Life has been so busy lately, and continues to be so; I rarely find myself with a free day to just completely relax and do nothing. Most of this busyness is merely down to fun days out and meeting up with people, and so I don’t feel as though I can reasonably complain; but in all honesty it’s beginning to take its toll a little bit, and removing blogging from the equation has been one little concession that I’m happy to have made to try and clear my head.

Frankly, with current events being what they are, complaining about being busy with a Monday to Friday working week and social engagements at the weekend feels entirely out of order, but putting things into perspective by acknowledging the horror in the world is easier said than done sometimes.

All I will say is that despite considering giving up the whole blogging thing entirely, I’ve decided that I ultimately I like it too much, and I’m going to keep things ticking over for the rest of the year. In the somewhat arbitrary way that the new year suggests the need for a new start, I’ll be back with a bang in 2016, or at least I’ll try and commit to a more regular posting schedule before deciding that this just doesn’t work for me, and ultimately ending up writing yet another one of these types of posts.

I’m also going to spending some time getting back to reading blogs. Reading went the way of writing in terms of blogging, and I’m not even sure why. I get as much pleasure out of reading the posts of the bloggers that I admire, as from writing posts myself, so I don’t know why I let that whole thing fall by the wayside. If you start getting comments on posts from two months ago, it’s because I’m playing catch up!

By this point, it’s unlikely that I have that many regular readers left, but part of the new start will be committing to the idea that I am absolutely writing this blog for me, as a record of my oh-so-busy life, so it shouldn’t matter who is reading and who isn’t!