BEDN ~ November on Is That You Darling

Today’s marks the end of November, and with it, the end of Elizabeth’s Blog Every Day in November challenge. After taking part in Blog Every Day in May, I knew how challenging a month long blog challenge was going to be, but I decided to give it a go anyway. It’s nice to be challenged, particularly when it comes to writing, and I had a lot of fun again, as I did with BEDM.

I always said that to consider the challenge complete, for me personally, I would have to blog each and every day and write on the prompt given by Elizabeth. In the end, due to illness, I didn’t manage to complete each prompt, though thanks to scheduled posts, I did manage to blog on each day. So although it’s not a total win, it’s pretty much good enough for me. To conclude, I’m going to combine my usual month-end post with today’s BEDN post, and round up November’s posts.


An introduction to BEDN, something I made, a prompt about light, Rolo biscuits, and all sorts of reasons to love November.

Dealing with stress, a list of ten years I’d go back to in a time machine, a quick blog chat, a YSL beauty review, and another Photo an Hour.

Remembrance Day, my hometown, World Kindness Day, an office wishlist, and some of my favourite folk.

Some of my hobbies, my favourite ways to relax, Anti Bullying Week, my favourite news story of the day, and what I wore on my birthday.

World Television Day, leaving on a jet plane to Toronto, the perfect date, ways I procrastinate when I lack motivation, and my ideal home.

Some Christmas traditions, the great outdoors, and a Christmas wishlist.

My Thoughts On

I wrote up my thoughts on three Hitchcock films, Shadow of a Doubt, Vertigo, and The Trouble With Harry.

31 Before 31

It was my birthday, so I rounded up my 31 Before 31 challenge – my A-Z challenge, my biscuit challenge, my Hitchcock challenge, and then the full results.

32 Before 32

With the end of 31 Before 31 came the start of 32 Before 32; I launched the list with Part I, Part II, and Part III, and then I made a start with the list by reading David Jason’s autobiography.

BEDN ~ Christmas Wishlist

Since I started thinking about what to write for this prompt this morning, I’ve had Wouldn’t It Be Loverly from My Fair Lady in my head. “All I want is a room somewhere, far away from the cold night air.” Eliza Doolittle doesn’t want much, just somewhere to call her own (and some warm body parts). That’s how I feel about Christmas. I don’t really want, or need a lot. I love opening presents on Christmas morning, but I don’t expect anything in particular. and I always appreciate what I do get.

I currently have three gift vouchers in my purse; I have a real hard time spending them. It took me six months to spend a £50 Primark voucher that I received for my birthday last year. If I can’t even work out what I want to buy myself, how would I ever think of things to tell my family to buy me!

But finding things online and creating a wishlist is always fun, right? So that’s what I’ve done. I don’t really want them for Christmas, I just think they are nice!

Christmas Wishlist

1 ~ Retro Designer Robot Wall Clock ~ Pretty Dandy ~ £24.95
2 ~ Dinosaur Pin ~ ShanaLogic ~ $5
3 ~ Peekaboo Tote Bag ~ Lazy Oaf ~ £8.50
4 ~ Underground Print ~ Hannah Zakari ~ £45
5 ~ Pride and Prejudice Book Page Brooch ~ House of Ismay ~ £7.50
6 ~ Morph and Chas Bookends ~ IWOOT ~ £14.99
7 ~ Green Elephant iPhone 4 Case ~ Case Papa (Etsy) ~ £4.39
8 ~ Vintage Typewriter Necklace ~ Of Cabbages & Kings ~ £12
9 ~ Tai Arrow Ring ~ Les Pommettes ~ $35


BEDN ~ The Great Outdoors

Last year, while I was out walking near my house, I noticed a plant hanging down over a fence, and it was the most fabulous colour that I had to take a photo. When the leaves started changing again this year, I remembered it, and decided to go back and take a look at it again. I wanted to try and take a photo of it every week, to chart the change in colour.

As you can see from the first photo, which was taken at the start of September, it was still green, with the odd leaf starting to change. The following week, the red was really starting to show through amongst the green leaves. Then, when I went back the following week, the entire thing was the vibrant red that I had loved last year! I was expecting a much more gradual change, but it wasn’t willing to wait!

I only ended up taking four photos, because when I went back on the fifth week, most of the leaves had fallen, leaving a bare plant, and as much as I love a bare tree, there wasn’t much of interest in a few branches hanging over a fence.

But the photos that I did take show it in all it’s beautiful red glory! I am going to start taking photos earlier next year, possibly in the new year, so I can really chart its progress. I’m also going to use a proper camera, and not just my phone!

BEDN ~ Christmas

Today’s prompt was supposed to be about Yes Moments. But I don’t find myself having a whole lot of those just now, so I thought I’d skip back to the prompt I missed on Monday and talk a little about Christmas.

This year my plans for Christmas Day itself involve staying at home. I’m always at ‘home’ in one way or another, because I am always at a family member’s house. But I worked out the other day that I haven’t spent Christmas Day in my own house since at least 2007. That’s a whole six years! To be honest, I can’t even remember if I was at home in 2007; my Facebook photos seem to suggest that I was, but Christmas Day looks much like Boxing Day in my photos, and apparently my memory isn’t that good. Anyway, for a homebird like me, being away from home on Christmas Day for six years on the trot is unthinkable. I don’t know how I let it happen!

So this year, I am staying at home with my dad, and we are having my sister and her wife join us for dinner. Then in the afternoon my other sister will come to ours with her family and we’ll have a lovely afternoon of doing not very much. I kind of wish we were one of those families that went for a walk on Christmas afternoon, because I love the idea of a bracing walk in the freezing cold. But there’s not really anywhere to walk around here, and the reality of it in between eating, board games, more eating, and maybe a bit of television, there probably isn’t all that much time left for walking.


For the last couple of years, I have to admit, I have somewhat struggled to capture the Christmas spirit in the same way that I used to. I haven’t had the same enthusiasm for the festive period since I lost my mum, because up until two years ago, I hadn’t spent a Christmas Day without her. Sometimes it does feel slightly like going through the motions, but I think it’s getting better year on year!

There are a few things that really make Christmas for me. For the last few years I have spent a weekend with my friends watching Christmas films. We are doing it again this year, but various commitments mean that we can only manage one day rather than a whole weekend. We’re going to have to narrow down our festive film choices!

I mention this all the time, but the Christmas Radio Times is another big tradition for me. Even if I don’t get round to watching all the things I want to watch, the tradition of marking out what I want to see is an integral part of the build up to Christmas.

I go to church every Christmas Eve, for a carol service. It’s not midnight mass, it’s just a little candlelight service, and I love it. Last year I went with my sister and niece and then went back to theirs for takeaway afterwards. I haven’t told them yet, but I full intend to do this again this year; I’m hoping it becomes a new tradition in itself!

Lastly, the most important part of any festive period is spending time with the people I love. That’s a big old cliché, I know, but it’s important!

Some of my Christmas post from the past: