Looking back ~ July 2016

One day before the end of August, and here I am recapping July. I was tempted to miss it out, but I actually had a lot of fun in July, and I didn’t want for it not to be documented!

I began the month by taking a holiday to Camber Sands with my best friends. As I so often say on here, we are so rarely all together, but there are a couple of times a year when we try really hard to be all in the same place. One is a Christmas date, and the other is a weekend in East Sussex, where my friend’s mum has a caravan. Freebie holiday with my favourite people – there’s nothing not to love!


We got fake tattoos, we played Pass the Pigs, we went to the beach, we played Cards Against Humanity, and we generally had a lovely weekend.

My dad turned 70 and had a party, so I got to see all my family. And if it’s difficult to get my four friends and me in the same room more than twice a year, it’s actually impossible to get my entire family – all 25 of us – in the same room more than once every couple of years. So that was nice.


This is just my siblings and my dad – the photo of all of us contains too many children for me to comfortably upload it onto my blog. But this is one of my favourite photos of the year!

I went to Bedford for the Bedford River Festival in July – my brother and sister-in-law live there, so Hannah and I drove up to see them and take part in the festivities. It was a very busy and hot day; I had fun, but I was glad to get home!

Bedford River FestivalI also headed along to the BFI Southbank for yet another Mark Kermode Live in 3D. It feels like such a long time ago, because there was no August date, so I feel like I’ve been waiting forever! This time we were treated to Hadley Freeman and David Arnold as guests, as well as a special video message from Jordan Vogt-Roberts, especially for us!

Mark Kermode BFI

And last, but by no means least, I went to YALC, which is the Young Adult Literary Convention. I had planned a full post on this, and I still hope to do it, but in the meantime here’s what went down: I met up with my friend Chloe, and we saw two panels, one with Simon Mayo as a panellist, talking about revolution in YA fiction, and one with him as the moderator, with panellists talking about music in YA literature. Then afterwards, I met him, he signed my book, and was as charming as ever. Yay for YALC!

YALC Simon MayoSo, that, in a nutshell, was July. See what I mean about not wanting to miss this one out? Usually I have to scour my Instagram looking for fun things I did, but this month was all about the fun!

I’ll be back soon (probably in a couple of weeks, knowing my track record), to round up August!


Up the Wooden Hill to Bedfordshire

A couple of weeks ago I went to Bedford with my dad to see my brother, sister-in-law, and niece. Because they live a fair way away, and I don’t drive, I don’t get to see them all that often, and I hadn’t seen them since before Christmas this time! But it just makes the times that I do see them all that more exciting!

My niece Molly is three, and a entertaining bundle of fun. It’s never fun to listen to someone go on and on about any small relative of theirs, so I won’t, but I do love spending time with her!

I took lots of photos and so I thought I would share a few of them here.


Me and the little monkey herself. A little bit snotty, but a whole lot lovely.





I’m currently experiencing a minor obsession with trees. I can’t stop taking photos of them, for some reason. I would say that I particularly like bare trees, but I know that as soon as they start blossoming, I’ll be equally obsessed.




Lunch at the lake in the park.



Some topiaries we saw on the way to the park – the top one is clearly a teddy bear and a unicorn, and the bottom one is a man’s face, but I don’t think you can see it too well in the photograph!


Molly has the best slippers ever.


One of my favourite things about seeing Molly is just sitting and chilling out with her, especially when she puts her hand on my arm or leg while she’s watching television. I don’t know why I love it so much, I just do!

IMAG0410 IMAG0408

Talking of chilling out, I spent a bit of time doing this over the weekend; drinking tea and reading. Although I struggle to drink too much of my brother’s tea because he makes it far too strong for me!