The Twelve Trips Challenge ~ Trip #1

One of my blogging buddies, Bev at Confuzzledom, recently posted about The Twelve Trips Challenge (#Take12Trips). Originally dreamt up by Clare at Need Another Holiday, it’s designed to get people out and about, travelling and blogging about their trips. The best thing about it is that the trips don’t have to be major holidays abroad, they can be anything from a weekend away to a trip to a local museum. I saw Bev’s post when I had just arrived home from a trip to the Essex seaside, so I thought it was a great time to start!

My friend Hannah and I have started a little tradition of going to the seaside after our very long and hard weekend at The Yoga Show. Last year we went to Frinton-on-Sea, and this year we went to Mersea Island. It was the day of the big storm on Monday; the wind had abated mostly, but it was still blowy and cold, and it was perfect for blowing the cobwebs away after four days spent largely inside.



Jumping shots are de riguer by now.

The beach huts were beautiful, in a pastel rainbow pattern, and we had a real life rainbow in the sky too.

As you can see, I took quite a few photos of the beach huts, because they were so aesthetically pleasing. That last one is my favourite shot of the day.

Minolta DSC

Lots of photos, sorry if you think there are too many, but the conditions were just so gorgeous, so I took a lot, and it was hard to whittle them down!

If you’re joining in with the Twelve Trips Challenge, let me know! Now I have to start thinking about where to go in November!

Day at the Seaside

Last week, after an exhausting weekend at The Yoga Show, on Tuesday Hannah and I went for a day out at the seaside. We decided to go to Frinton-on-Sea, which is a little town near to Clacton (in Essex). Frinton became rather famous a few years ago, when the first pub opened there in 2000. There were rather a lot of people who protested against it, but it’s there all the same. There was also a BBC documentary about the people in the town who were protesting against the installation of new level crossing barriers. They like to protest there, apparently.

The reason for all this protesting is that they are trying to keep Frinton from becoming a traditional, tacky seaside town. There’s not really anything wrong with the tackiness of a place like Clacton or Cleethorpes, they have their place, but it is nice to wander around Frinton and see how unspoiled it is. I have only ever been this one time, and obviously it’s very much in the off-season now, but that made it even nicer. Freezing cold and with hardly anyone around. Lovely.


We met a dog called Max, and so I had to take loads of photos of him.

We also went paddling. It was ridiculously cold. The North Sea at the end of October, I suppose it would have to be. It was fun though!

We also did some jumping. The responsibility for Hannah’s being a bit rubbish is mine entirely. For some reason I couldn’t get the timing right and kept missing the actual jump.

We headed up to the town for a browse and a cup of tea. Except Hannah doesn’t drink tea and I had a milkshake in the end.

And then back to the beach for a few shots as the sun dipped down.

Additional photos are by Hannah.


Hello all

As I mentioned earlier in the week, I managed to tick off another item off my list recently; I went to Yorkshire! I have been to Yorkshire before, when I was about 17, on a school trip to Haworth. I really loved it, and have wanted to go back ever since, so I decided to put it on my list to force myself to try to do it! So last weekend, when my friend Hannah said that she was going home for the weekend and asked me, at the last minute, to join her, I said yes. Her family lives just outside of Scunthorpe, a town in North Lincolnshire, and just across the Humber Bridge lies Yorkshire (East Yorkshire to be exact). We took a trip to Kingston-upon-Hull on Saturday (universally known as Hull, for reasons unknown), and it was very enjoyable! I thought I’d share some photographs with you, as proof that I have actually been there!

Coming over the Humber Bridge (though this is actually in the other direction, out of Hull). I toyed with the idea of a blog post about all the different bridges I’ve been over, and then decided that even I am not that boring.

Further proof that I was there! The poor quality of the photograph is due to, of course, the fact that were speeding by in the car. I’m actually amazed that a) I managed to get a photograph at all, and b) it came out as well as it did!

Two shots of what I can only assume is the harbour/docks. It was very pretty!

Further ‘proof’ that I was there, if it’s needed. Although frankly, I could be anywhere. And yes, I know I look kind of terrible, but I really don’t care! I’ve looked worse, and you’ve seen me looking worse (the video from the other day).

And this? Well I don’t know where this is. It’s probably Yorkshire, because I took it whilst on the bridge on that side. Anyway, I just liked the photograph.

We also went to Cleethorpes, which isn’t in Yorkshire, rather in North East Lincolnshire. It doesn’t have much to distinguish it from almost any other seaside town, which is not to say it isn’t charming, of course.

It does, however, have donkeys. As far as I’m aware, Southend does not have donkeys. And it was only £2 to ride them. I didn’t though, because a) let’s face it, I’m no fan of donkeys, and b) I don’t believe it’s fair to break an animal’s back in the name of fun.

I also went to Doncaster, which is in South Yorkshire, something I did not know. If you’d asked me last week where Doncaster was, I would have guessed at Humberside or one of the Lincolnshires. But I’m reliably informed that Yorkshire it is. I didn’t take any photographs, we didn’t explore the town or anything. But that’s twice in one weekend, so I’ve definitely fulfilled that item from my list. It feels so good to put a line through another one!

Until next time