Six reasons to miss summer when it’s gone


For a while, I thought I was in the minority in liking autumn more than I like summer. Since being exposed to everyone’s innermost thoughts on social media, I realise that it isn’t a minority. That autumn is better than summer is apparently THE MOST POPULAR OPINION OF ALL TIME. Whether it’s pumpkin flavoured coffees, new boots or that back to school vibe (pretty sure I’m in the minority there, actually), everyone is gaga for the change of season.

So in an attempt to a) get back to blogging about stuff that isn’t catching up on Photo a Day, and b) write something a little more challenging than ’10 reasons I love autumn’, I thought I’d think of a few things that I will miss about summer (even though I am so glad that the weather finally appears to making its way towards autumn).

Being able to go to an outdoor event and not worry (too much) about the weather

Case in point, yesterday I stood in Hyde Park and got ridiculously soaked. Admittedly, it means that I will always remember dancing to Man I Feel Like a Woman in the pouring rain, which is a fabulous memory to have, but still. British summers aren’t perfect, but if you arrange something in July, you might just be able to get away without an umbrella.

Washing your hair and then going for a drive to dry it in super quick time

Maybe I’m stuck in a bit of a hair rut at the moment, but for the past few months all I’ve done with my hair is wash it, spray it with some sea salt spray, and leave it to dry naturally. When I’m able to have the window open in the car and let the summery air at it, it dries quickly, and it just feels nice. (Disclaimer, I still can’t drive, I’m talking about going out at the weekends with my friend Hannah!) As the temperatures drop, if I try air-drying my soaking wet hair, I’m probably going to catch my death of cold.

Sitting in the garden with a book

The back of our house is a little sun trap on summer mornings, and it’s a nice place to sit and read chapter after chapter. Though with autumn on its way, I’ll just transfer into the house, put the fire on and make a cup of tea.

Having a barbecue

I’ve hardly had any barbecues this year, and now I feel as though I’ve missed my chance. Cooking outside is less fun when it’s chilly, or when it’s raining.

Quieter roads

Again, as I don’t drive, maybe it’s not my place to complain about this. But I’m a passenger a lot, and it’s nice to be able to make our way through our tiny village with a fraction of the traffic during the school summer holidays.

Beach paddling

Don’t get me wrong, I will paddle in the sea when it’s freezing cold. But there’s no denying that it’s a little less enjoyable when you are worrying that your toes are going to fall off. Also, people look at you like you’re a bit strange when you have your feet in the North Sea in November.

So there you have it. Six reasons why I might just miss summer. This is all folly of course. None of these things can actually make up for the chillier days, the new boots, coats, jumpers and tights, the amazing television, having the fire on, drinking more tea, my birthday, and the lead up to Christmas. (There, you got a list in the end anyway.)

Photo by Kate Tandy on Unsplash

BEDN ~ The Great Outdoors

Last year, while I was out walking near my house, I noticed a plant hanging down over a fence, and it was the most fabulous colour that I had to take a photo. When the leaves started changing again this year, I remembered it, and decided to go back and take a look at it again. I wanted to try and take a photo of it every week, to chart the change in colour.

As you can see from the first photo, which was taken at the start of September, it was still green, with the odd leaf starting to change. The following week, the red was really starting to show through amongst the green leaves. Then, when I went back the following week, the entire thing was the vibrant red that I had loved last year! I was expecting a much more gradual change, but it wasn’t willing to wait!

I only ended up taking four photos, because when I went back on the fifth week, most of the leaves had fallen, leaving a bare plant, and as much as I love a bare tree, there wasn’t much of interest in a few branches hanging over a fence.

But the photos that I did take show it in all it’s beautiful red glory! I am going to start taking photos earlier next year, possibly in the new year, so I can really chart its progress. I’m also going to use a proper camera, and not just my phone!

Fun to Come #1

I’m starting a new weekly blog post on a Monday, called Fun to Come, of things I am looking forward to in the week to come. I’ve been inspired by some of the lovely lbloggers that I’ve come to know over the past few weeks, who do similar posts. It’s nice to be positive about life!

watch png

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Getting out on some autumn walks and snapping some photos; I want to try and complete my scavenger hunt!

Book group on Thursday, we’re reading Rebecca, and I need to get a move on with it!

Fitting in some charity shops.

Potentially hitting number 52 on my 52 Films in 52 Weeks list.

Heading off to the Caravan of Love on Friday with my besties.

Link Love

I’ve had to be super organised and schedule this post, because this week went from being fairly busy to super busy. As you read this, I am on my way to Cardiff for a Doctor Who-related day. I’ll be sure to update you with a fantastical blog post when I get back! On with the links!

Gabrielle at Design Mom posted these photos she found by photographer Caren Albert. She used an electron microscope to photograph food, and the results are fascinating!

Autumn is well and truly here, officially as well as in my heart. Both Sarah and Kaylah have made to-do lists for this most spectacular of seasons.

The US Presidential election race has entered its final six weeks. 90 Days, 90 Reasons is a collection of essays by all sorts of different people about why they feel you should vote for Obama. If you’re American, of course. The rest of us will just have to stand on the sides holding pom-poms and hoping for the best.

Another week, another cake: a really old recipe on Afeitar’s blog for a Malteser cake. Yum!

An interesting article about students cheating in exams at New York Magazine.

A frightening blog post about a Twitter troll. Fascinating reading though.

A blog I found because of a link at Skulls and Ponies – Join the Mood. Hair, crafts and recipes.

Dean Reeves has reimagined movie posters in a Film Noir style.


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Have a happy Wednesday!

US Television Week ~ Returning Shows Part I

Earlier in the week I previewed some of the new shows that are debuting on American television in the next few weeks. As well as the new shows, there are a few old favourites that I like to watch, and I thought I’d round them up for you too. Please note that there may be spoilers if you aren’t up to date (on an American schedule) with any of these shows.


NCIS Season 10

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Last time we saw our favourite Naval Criminal Investigative team, they were being blown up by none other than Toby Ziegler Harper Dearing (played by Richard Schiff), apart from Ducky, who was having a heart attack on a beach. Because of the way that American television news gets reported, fans who keep their finger on the NCIS pulse probably already know that all the main stars of the series have signed new deals, so it’s unlikely that any of them are going to be departing in the season premiere. If you’re interested in a few teasers, there are some here and here. It looks as though Harper Dearing isn’t done with blowing things up, although I can’t imagine he will elude capture past the end of the opening episode.

I’m not sure what this season will bring, aside from exploring Abby’s adoption again, after we found out last year that she has a brother she didn’t know about. I don’t know if Tiva fans will finally get what they are looking for, or what the overall theme of the season will be. But I do know that I continue to love the number one scripted show on American television, and I will be sad when it inevitably comes to an end. Ten seasons is a massive achievement, and I do wonder if the creators are beginning to see an end in sight. Maybe not this year, but certainly within the next couple.

NCIS returns to CBS on Tuesday 25th September at 9PM. FX shows it in the UK, and will probably air the new series in the new year.

NCIS: Los Angeles

ncis la

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NCIS: Los Angeles had a bit of a sticky ending. Callen went rogue and killed the Chameleon, in front of people and television cameras, and ended the episode being bundled into a police car. Hetty resigned (again), following the deaths of a couple of agents. All I know is that there is no way in the world that Chris O’Donnell isn’t returning for another season, so we should probably expect all of that business to be cleared up within the first episode. My guess is that the murder was set up somehow, that it possibly wasn’t even a murder at all, but a faked death. I don’t know exactly, but I know that we aren’t going to be visiting Callen in prison for too long. As for Hetty, I don’t know. She has been seen in promo pics on a yacht, so she’s definitely back. I wouldn’t be overly sad if she wasn’t back, but I think she probably is. I would just hope that we don’t yet another season with her resigning, because it’s getting a bit old!

As you can see from the photo above, we are also going to find out what the team have been up to over the summer. Deeks has been on a camel, obviously. Apparently episode two is a good one, great for Kensi and Deeks fans, and really funny. Also, later in the series, we have some mums on the show! LL Cool J, Daniela Ruah, Chris O’Donnell and Eric Christian Olsen have their mums in an episode!

NCIS: Los Angeles returns to CBS on Tuesday 25th September at 10PM. It will be aired on Sky 1 in the UK at a later date.

Criminal Minds


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No cliffhanger at the end of the last season of Criminal Minds; instead we had a wedding and a departure. Prentiss leaving has left a gap on the team, and it’s filled by Jeanne Tripplehorn, playing Alex Blake. I think I’m going to be happy with this, I loved Prentiss and I hated to see her go, but I am hopeful that Alex (Blake? What will we call her) will be great. She’s a linguistics expert who has a past (not a romantic one) with Reid, so I think she’ll fit in well.

Talking of Reid and romance, apparently he is set to have a love story this year. Morgan fans will be moaning, because yet again Reid seems to have a storyline where their favourite action man doesn’t, but as I don’t really like Morgan, I don’t mind. Bellamy Young, who played Hotch’s lady friend Beth, has been promoted to series regular on Scandal (more on that tomorrow), so she is making a couple more appearances to leave the show, though I hear that Beth will still be considered Hotch’s girlfriend for a while, she just won’t be around for it.

In other news, it seems as though we have another scary unsub this year, who is going to be hunting our beloved BAU team. As I mentioned to my friend Katy, Morgan and Rossi are expendable, nobody else is!

Criminal Minds returns to CBS on Wednesday 26th September at 9PM. Sky Living will air the new series in the UK at a later date.

I’ll be back tomorrow to look at Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and Happy Endings.