Link Love

I have quite a few links to share with you this week, so on with the show!

First up, probably the best Tumblr ever created (particularly as the front page as I’m currently looking at it has John Slattery on it): Guys in Suits. You’re welcome.

Mrs M Makes is running a lovely giveaway to celebrate reaching 50 followers – you should check it out!

Do you want to see a photograph of Albert Einstein in fluffy slippers? Of course you do.

Albert Einstein in Fluffy Slippers

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Also from Retronaut, photographs of the construction of the Hoover Dam.

This interview with Chelsea Clinton will make you realise two things; what a lovely, accomplished person she seems to be, and what an awful person Rush Limbaugh is (as if we needed reminding of that).

Here are a few blog posts that I have enjoyed recently. Sarah at Yes and Yes is looking for people to share their true stories with her. Jo at A Cup of Jo shared Rachel Hulin’s Flying Henry photos. And Stephanie at LLO interviewed Steve, a guerilla gardener who is prettying up London by creating pothole gardens.

Buildings designed to look like a sugar shaker, a Jawa sandcrawler and a hashtag? Amazing!


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You may have seen this doing the rounds of Facebook and Twitter, but it’s so incredible I had to share it too! Although it looks like a photograph, it’s actually a portrait drawn by Samuel Silva using ballpoint pens. I found it on Colossal, but you can check out Silva’s own Deviant Art page (and see more of his amazing drawings) here.

Finally, Melanie’s Back to School in a box post would be perfection in itself (notebooks, pencils, milk and cookies? It doesn’t get better), but she finished the post with a quote from You’ve Got Mail. It’s not a great film, but it is a great Autumn watch.

Link Love

How is your week going? I am sitting watching the Olympics and trying to sort out a playlist for my first run tomorrow! I was inspired by Fran’s blog post about running, so I decided to download the C25K app, and give it a go myself. I just need some tunes to keep me motivated! In the meantime, here are some links I have found for you this week.

Some onscreen couples, like Julia Roberts and Richard Gere in Pretty Woman, or Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing, just seem to work. This article, 9 On-Screen Couples That Weren’t, wonders what might have been.

This is rather cool. Bob Egan takes famous album covers and matches them up to their original locations using Google Street View. The website takes some navigation, but the results are fun.


~ Pop Spots ~

Did you think airbrushing and touching up photos was a modern phenomenon? Abraham Lincoln’s head was placed onto someone’s else’s body for one of his most famous portraits!

I’ll be going nowhere near a beach this year, but I’m always interested in a list of books. NPR have compiled the Best 100 Beach Books Ever. Also, the 100 Best Ever Teen Novels.

I find myself wanting to visit São Paulo just to see these incredible phone booths! 100 artists were given a phone booth to transform them in any way they wanted. The full list is here; which one is your favourite?


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Remember I blogged about yarn bombing last month? A famous yarn bomber, Olek, ‘bombed’ a 12 foot statue of Albert Einstein in Washington DC. It was removed shortly afterwards (let’s not forget that it is a form of graffiti), but it looked amazing while it was still there!

I’m jealous of this – five friends take the same photograph for thirty years. I want to do it with my friends!

Finally, a look inside the Athlete’s Village in London.