34 Before 34 ~ A Second a Day

I’m still really enjoying putting together my Second a Day videos, but remembering to actually film the second each day is not easy! I actually missed a couple of days this month, one because I was ill in bed for literally the whole day, and one because I completely forgot!

I’m still a little disappointed at how many of these shots have screens in them; this is partly because I forget to record anything until I am sat on the sofa in front of a screen, but also because I spend too much time looking at them! I’m hoping that by the end of the year, I’ll have this down to a fine art, and these videos will reflect the fun parts of my life a little more.

I am pleased that Iceland, The Corrs, Mark Kermode and my nieces make an appearance, and I think it’s funny that Dolly Dog appears twice, as does my knitting! That pretty much does sum up my month!

33 Before33

34 Before 34 ~ A Second a Day

I was inspired by this project when I was watching Chef recently. As part of the father-son bonding, the son films a second a day, and then sends the completed video to his dad. Of course, I don’t live in a Hollywood film, so my one second each day is going to be a lot less interesting than theirs, but I’m really enjoying doing it, and now that December is over, I have a completed video ready to share!

It’s not perfect; I’m not pretending that I’m an aspiring vlogger or anything. I just like the idea of documenting a year in my life in a slightly different way to the usual photo a day.

I’m a bit disappointed that there are so many screens in the video; although I do spend a lot of time in front of a screen in one way or another, there are people in my life too, and I’m going to try harder over the coming year to show that!