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    37 Before 37

    37 Before 37 ~ Re-design my blog

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    It’s been a long time since I sat down and came up with my 37 Before 37 list. In fact, it’s been around 10 months! I’m notoriously bad at a) ticking things off from my birthday lists, and b) blogging about them. Writing a birthday list post in September is pretty much unheard of!

    But as I decided today to change the design of my blog, I thought it deserved some content to go along with the new aesthetics. And then I realised that a blog redesign was actually on my 37 Before 37 list, so this felt like the perfect post.

    This is actually the second redesign since my birthday; I had it in my head that I wanted my blog a very specific way, and then it just wasn’t sitting right with me. So I changed my mind again. It’s nice having this little space where I can make use of my very rudimentary web design skills, picked up over a decade of blogging and a make-do-and-mend attitude wherever it is required.

    I guess there is still some stuff to do – it’s always fun working out what a theme can and can’t do, and in an ideal world I’d be able to design something from the ground up, but that would require many more skills than I have in my arsenal. So I will let others do the designing, and then I’ll do the customising, and hopefully I’ll get somewhere close to where I want to be.

    So that’s a tick for number 29 of 37 Before 37: Re-design my blog.

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