Florence (or Firenze, Florentina and Fiorenza) is the capital city of the Italian region of Tuscany, and of the province of Florence. (Wikipedia)

This perfect example of gorgeousness is my new baby niece, Florence. She was born last week, on 9th July, and she is just perfect! I went to see her for the second time today and got to have a really long cuddle with her. I do feel sorry for Lyla though, it must be strange for her because at least with older children you can explain that a baby is coming and get them prepared, but with Lyla, her mum just went away for a couple of days, and now there’s this new baby in the room that everyone is cooing over and wanting to cuddle! So I made sure that I went straight to Lyla when I went into the room, because I don’t want her to think that I don’t love her anymore! Florence was a much bigger baby than Lyla, and she is completely different in lots of ways, but they are both wonderfully gorgeous and I hope that they will grow up to be best of friends! I am glad for them that they have brothers and a sister each, and it’s nice that Lyla and Flo will be so close in age!

It was Sarah’s birthday party in the pub last night, and Abbie and I did some karaoke again – this time a song from High School Musical. It was truly awful! For some reason Abbie wanted to do it as a duet, instead of just singing it together, which meant that of course I was singing bits on my own! Which is a disaster, as anyone who has ever heard me sing will testify! In the end we just starting singing together, and it wasn’t too bad!

I am reading a really good book at the moment, called Thanks for the Memories, by Cecilia Ahern. It’s very good and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes chick lit with a bit of a twist! I can see it being made into a film, because it’s so good! It would nice if they set it in Ireland if they do make it, but I can’t see it happening!

Gray’s Anatomy

Henry Gray’s Anatomy of the Human Body (or Gray’s Anatomy as it has commonly been shortened) is an English-language human anatomy textbook widely regarded as a classic work on the subject. (Wikipedia)

As should be fairly obvious from the title of this blog, I am currently watching Grey’s Anatomy. (I have decided to make my titles more thematically relevant, rather than just choosing random subjects from Wikipedia) I am watching Series 4 on Youtube, as some fantastic American person has uploaded every episode! They are in about 5 parts, as there is obviously a limit to the length of the clip you can upload, and I should imagine it’s completely illegal, but Vicky told me about it the other day and I thought I’d get watching before Youtube decide to remove them! It is very exciting, as it hasn’t been shown on British television yet, and when it is it will be on Living first, before Channel 5, and that will be months. So I am doing it this way! And then I will be totally up to date with America, as the new series won’t start until September, and hopefully, this wonderful person on Youtube will put the episodes on there as and when they are shown.

I am again displaying my amazingly interesting life by getting so excited about a television programme aren’t I? Oh well!

Finally, a quick note to say that it won’t be long until Florence is born. I believe she is due on 11th July, which is in 12 days, but apparently she has been engaged for a while so she might come out sooner! Yay! A new niece to add to the two I already have!

Cheadle Hulme

Cheadle Hulme is a suburban area located in the south of Greater Manchester in the North-West of England. (Wikipedia)

So Thursday and Friday saw our annual trip to Alton Towers. I say annual, this is only the second year that we have done it but we have decided to make it an annual trip because it’s so much fun. Last year, I wrote in my blog about the funny story regarding the watch that Jenny received from George, that story has passed into folklore and is still told with many a giggle. We also have a story to tell from this year, although this one was less funny at the time. Having said that, it did not take long for me to start laughing, but I think that may have been hysterical laughter.

We had booked to stay in a Bed and Breakfast in a little village called Cheadle, which was about 10 minutes drive from Alton Towers. Using directions printed from the internet, we managed to get onto the M25 only to get lost when I accidentally read the directions as “exit at Junction 17”, when it actually said “pass Junction 17”. So that was our first accidental detour, which took us onto the A12 and past places like Gidea Park. Anyway, so we managed to get back onto the M25 with the help of Will and a program that V managed to download onto her blackberry, but then, about 5 hours later, I had a sudden realisation that we were heading towards Manchester, and it didn’t seem right. So I hazarded a guess that when Anna typed Cheadle into the internet, she hadn’t checked that it was Cheadle, Staffordshire. Of course, this is what had happened, it had taken what I can only assume is the bigger or more popular of the two Cheadles, and come up with Cheadle, Cheshire instead. As one can probably imagine, Jen was the least pleased of everyone, especially when we saw a sign stating “You are now entering Manchester”. Will thought that we had mad e a special detour in order to visit the Primark, which would have made it slightly more worth it, but it all turned out OK in the end as it only took us about 50 minutes to get out of Manchester and to the B&B.
Alton Towers itself was fantastic, of course! We bought the Fast Track tickets this time, so we managed to get on Rita, Oblivion, Air, Nemesis and the Flume without queuing for too long. My favourites were A ir and Oblivion. We also managed to get o n some other things as well because we hadn’t queued for too long on the big ones, so if anyone is thinking about going I would definitely recommend the F ast Track tickets!

And I have just realised that I last posted about how I was going to the Ball, and haven’t posted since. It was really good, lots of fun but it was so so so so muddy. My feet were so dirty by the end of the evening it was unreal! But I had a good time, and can’t wait for next year!


Summer is a novel by Edith Wharton published in 1917 by Charles Scribner’s Sons. (Wikipedia)

It’s the Summer Ball at uni tonight. And the weather is seriously awful! Who would have thought that it was June? And Hayley from work is getting married today, so I feel bad for her, cos I am worrying enough about my hair tonight, never mind if I was a bride! Still, if the rain holds off then the photographer will be pleased because my dad always says that this kind of weather is the best for photos, too much sun isn’t a good thing! Of course the photographer is the only one thinking like that!

So I have my dress and my shoes (which I hate), both of which are recycled from previous uses, my dress is the one that I wore to the Summer Ball at work last year (the 2nd most horrible work do that I ever went to), and my shoes are a non-descript pair of black strappy heels, which don’t fit properly, are too high and are going to get stuck in the mud. But, I couldn’t find any that I liked to buy, and I don’t really have any money to be spending on new shoes, so I have to wear them.

I have reached the end of Series 3 of House, which is annoying as there is not even a release date for Series 4 on DVD yet. And it’s in the middle of its run on Ch5, so I can’t start watching it now. Grr! But, I suppose that gives me ample time to watch Sex and the City in it’s entirety, because I saw the film and loved it! And I also have to watch CSI Series 8, CSI: NY Series 3 and countless other television shows!

Star jelly

Star jelly, or pwdre sêr, is a compound purportedly deposited on the earth during meteor showers. (Wikipedia)

That sounds so nice, star jelly. But wikipedia goes on to describe it as ‘foul-smelling’. Which is a bit gross. Anyway, it’s quite late but I didn’t wake up today until 12.30 and therefore I don’t feel overly tired right now, so I am listening to the Heroes radio show in the hope that they are going to read my email that I sent them regarding my theory about Ellie. If they don’t I will be so disappointed, because I have convinced myself that they will! A bit like when I convince myself that I will win the lottery and feel genuinely gutted when not one number comes up.

On Friday night, Anna, Vicky and I went to see Boyzone at the O2 in London. I was never the biggest Boyzone fan when they were around before, it was always Take That and Backstreet Boys for me, but I obviously wasn’t going to miss out on a concert with the girls. Besides which, once I actually started listening to their greatest hits, I realised that I actually like most of their stuff. And as it was, I really enjoyed the concert, because they put on a really good show. My only complaint was that it was primarily Ronan singing, and the other 4 acted like his backing singers most of the time, but it was always like that so it was no great surprise. My favourite parts were when they did a Jackson 5 medley, and then when they sang ‘A Different Beat’, cos that’s my favourite Boyzone song. And then they did ‘No Matter What’ as an encore (which V nearly missed cos she went to the toilet), and came out on a thing hanging from the ceiling over the audience. So that was quite good. All in all I had a good night, and then on Saturday, I went to see Sex and the City with Rob and Anna. Rob, being the rom-com queen that he is, really enjoyed it (especially the naked ladies, no doubt), and so did I. Much more than I expected I would to be honest, because I have never watched so much as a full episode before, but I really fancied seeing the film, so now I feel as though I have to watch the entire back catalogue of episodes! I have them on my Lovefilm rental list now so I will have to wait for them to come to watch them! And, obviously I love Chris Noth, who plays Big. He’s just yummy. One of those big men who would completely envelop you in a hug.

They didn’t read my email on Heroes. Gutted. But there is always the potential for next week, cos the theory wasn’t explored any further in the next episode. I know this because I watched next week’s episode already.