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I’ve decided that this week, I’m going to try to post every day. I’ve discovered in the past that it’s the best way to drag me out of any kind of blogging slump that I find myself in. Also, I find myself rejuvenated with regards to my blog since I actually pulled my finger out and changed the name. I have lots of ideas that I am jotting down in my new filofax, and they’ll be making an appearance throughout this week.

So this is just a post to let you know what is going to be coming your way in the future of Is That You Darling. If you’re a long time reader, you’ll probably know that I have a bit of a habit of starting a series of posts, and then failing to see it through. I don’t really know why this happens, but it does! I recently made a list of all these series, and I am going to be picking a few of them up from time to time. As I said, this week I am planning to post every day, but in the future I want to try and post at least three times a week. Sometimes it will just be a ‘Best in Show’ post, which, as you may know, features my favourite five things in any given category. Sometimes it will be a more personal post, not anything deep and meaningful, but a round-up of anything fun I’ve been up to.

I’m also going to try out a few new things. I want to try and be part of the blogging community at large, and it’s something I have found really difficult. I think the main reason for this is that my blog doesn’t really have any structure to it; where other bloggers can definitively call themselves fashion bloggers, or beauty bloggers, or craft bloggers, for example, I can’t do that. I will never be a beauty blogger, because I just don’t have enough interest in beauty for it to be a large part of my blog. However, I sometimes think I would like to blog about a particular item that I find and love. The same goes for fashion; I love clothes, but I don’t consider myself an expert in any way. However, in the future, you might see the odd Outfit of the Day post (if I can pluck up the courage), and sometimes I might do a review or feature of a product I like. I don’t know yet – I think about all the blogs that are out there that are already doing these things, and I think that there is a touch of oversaturation. I won’t be doing it unless I think I can bring something a little different to it!

The one thing that I do want to feature more on my blog is crafts. I don’t do a huge amount of crafting, but I do love what I do, when I do it! I knit a lot, though less in the summer, and I want to do a lot more cross-stitching. Again, I do think that there are already a lot of craft blogs out there, but the great thing about crafting is that it can be so individual to the person doing it (in a way that I don’t think beauty, and to a certain extent, fashion, is).

I’m also hoping to feature another giveaway on my blog in the coming months. I really loved doing one last year, so I’m trying to currently set the wheels in motion at the moment! I’ve set up a Facebook fan page for the blog, something I have been meaning to do for a while, so that if the giveaway happens, I’ll use the Facebook page to help promote it. Please feel free to like the page! (It’s a bit bare at the moment but it’ll look a bit more professional soon, I promise!)

I’m hoping that everyone that was a fan of the blog before will continue to find things that they love, and I’m hoping to bring in a few new readers too!


Hello all

As you may have noticed, things have changed a little bit around here! Firstly, there’s a brand new name! Instead of Lady Writer/Cupid’s Bow, the blog you are reading is now called ‘Is That You Darling?’ I’ve also had a bit of a redesign, I have a new layout, and I made a header. I know that the header isn’t the most professional thing that you may have ever seen, but I’m fairly happy with it for now. As someone without any amount of design experience, I was limited to what I could achieve, but until I come up with anything better, it’s here to stay. The layout is also not my idea of perfection (and I still need to do a lot of messing around with it too), but it’s all I could really use that was a) free and b) allowed me to use a custom header. All in all, I don’t think it looks too bad, and as I am going to be the one that is probably looking at it the most, I think that’s the most important thing!

So, if you are wondering about the name, here’s a brief explanation. When I first started thinking about changing the name of my blog, I was thinking about song titles – primarily The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan songs – but as you can imagine, an awful lot of them were already taken. Then I started to think about film titles or quotes, and somewhere along the line I started thinking about Dial M for Murder; “… is that you, darling?” is one of the taglines, as well as being a quote. As Dial M has been one of my favourite films for a long time, I really liked the idea of using something from it, and this just seemed to jump out at me. I knew I was never going to get a name that described my blog (because frankly I don’t know what my blog is all about, really), and so there was no use trying to think along those lines. I have had this one in my head for some time, along with a couple of others that got rejected (or used elsewhere):

  • A Flamingo in a Flock of Pigeons (I love flamingos but hate pigeons; using the word in a blog title was never going to work)
  • Across a Moonlit Mile (used for my other blog)
  • Hopeless Yesterday

 Dial M for Murder, while not necessarily an obvious choice as inspiration for a blog name that will hopefully include lots of loveliness and not too much murder, is, as I mentioned, a firm favourite for me. It also has a special place in my heart, because it was a film that I watched a lot with my mum, and she always used to laugh at me because I’d have to confirm with her exactly what he did with the key every time we watched it (you won’t get this unless you’ve seen the film, and I won’t ruin it by explaining it).

Dial M for Murder (1954)

“Is that you, darling?”

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My plan was to sort of relaunch the blog under this new name, and have lots of plans for a much better blog. I haven’t been posting an awful lot lately, because I’ve been a bit lacking in inspiration. I plan to do another post within the next couple of days regarding what will and won’t change here as Lady Writer becomes Is That You Darling? This post was just to alert you all to the change, and to let you know to update your links so you don’t miss any of the fun!

Nelly Shoe Competition

Hello all

Over at Nelly, they are running a competition to design your own shoe. The winner gets their design made and sold, as well as a £2000 voucher to spend on shoes! I don’t normally enter competitions where I have to put in too much effort to win the prize, nor do I like competitions where you have to get votes on your effort to win (or get through to the next stage, as is the case here). However, this was quite fun to play around with the colours and styles etc, so I thought I would give it a go! I have ended up creating more than one (I’m still going, it’s quite addictive!) I thought I’d blog about it and ask you, if you like my shoes, to vote for them! Or maybe you would like to have a go yourself! Let me know what you come up with if you do design a shoe!

Anyway, so here are some of my shoes! Please follow the links to vote for them!




I don’t suppose for one minute that I am going to win anything, but it’s fun to give it a go, and I might as well give it my best shot!


Best in Show ~ People Tree Dresses

Hello all

I love People Tree. That is, I love getting the catalogue through my door and perusing it wishing I could afford to buy anything. I have never bought anything from them, but I know that if I did, I would love my purchases. I had never heard of them before Emma Watson did a collaboration with them, but now I love them and check out the sale section on their website all the time.

I was going to just do a blog post of all the things that I have found that I love, but that would be a very long post, so I thought, for now, I’d just pick my favourite dresses from the site at the moment.

Dragonfly Frill Neck Dress – £42dragonfly-frill-neck-dress-f76db6b59f30

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Tropical Print Amy Dress – £75


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Sari Kimono Dress – £64


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Lora Coral Dot Dress – £75


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Delicate Flower Skater Dress – £55


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What do you think of my choices? I obviously love them all, but I think my favourite Tropical Print Amy dress. It’s on the front of the most recent catalogue, and I keep catching sight of it and wishing I could afford £75 for a dress! I also really like the Sari Kimono dress; it’s not my usual style (more like my sister Kim’s), but I do really like it and think it would be a great autumn dress!

The great thing about People Tree is that all of their items are Free Trade; they are committed to improving the lives of the poorest people around the world. You can buy anything from them with a clear conscience and with the knowledge that you are also helping these people. There items are beautiful and fashionable and wonderful, but they aren’t interested in ‘fast fashion’; things that are produced cheaply at the expense of those poor communities for our consumption.

Until next time