Iron Man

“Iron Man” is a song by British heavy metal band Black Sabbath from their second studio album Paranoid released in1970. (Wikipedia)

I am very excited about the forthcoming Iron Man 2. I am not a huge fan of comic books, but I loved the first film so much. I imagine that it has much to do with Robert Downey Jr. in the lead role, because I thought he was brilliant. I wish that I was more into comic books, as I like the idea of reading them, but I just don’t know where to start. Anyway, so I follow the director of the film, Jon Favreau, on Twitter, and he posted a link to a New York Times article about the new film. One of the things that I like about Iron Man, and why I also like Batman, is that they are not superheroes in the traditional sense, in that they don’t get powers from a freak accident or insect bite. They obtain their powers through inventions, and I like that idea for some reason.

And I like Robert Downey Jr. A lot.

Where Have All the Cowboys Gone

Where Have All the Cowboys Gone” is the name of a song by Paula Cole. It is featured in her album This Fire. (Wikipedia)

I have decided to start a new blog. I’ve imported the old one, but I was reading somebody else’s blog this morning (they shall remain nameless, because I arrived at said blog through the tried and trusted means of Facebook stalking), and it inspired me to start writing again.

I am going to be trying to use my blog as a kind of journal, just to highlight things that I find that are interesting (to me of course, I should imagine that most other people will get bored rather quickly). So here goes, with my first post.

I watched Glee tonight. I started watching it while I was in the States, and told everyone back here how much I loved it, but then it ended up clashing with Criminal Minds, so I had to forsake it. I only ended up watching the first 4 episodes while I was over there, so now its on E4, and it seems that every single person in this country now watches it and finds it amazing! So I am watching it with Katy, and we are very much enjoying it.

I am dressing as a cowgirl for Flirt! tomorrow night. It will be the third time in recent years that I have dressed as a cowgirl, and the fourth time that I have had to dress up for a Wild West theme – I dressed as an Indian for Vicky’s New Year’s Eve party a couple of years ago. But at least that means that I have the costume, and do not have to go out and buy anything new! Tomorrow evening also marks my return to Sub Zero after too many months away. I cannot wait.

I am very much enjoying this video, as I do like a good mash up. I wish I didn’t have to call it a mash up, but that’s what it is. I really like anything like this, even if I don’t know all of the songs that are featured. As I said earlier today, I have to make a conscious effort to listen to chart music these days, because otherwise when I do go out to Sub Zero or anywhere similar, I find myself adrift. I still do, to be honest, but at least I make an effort.

Season Finale

Season Finale is the sixth and last album by Hèctor and Tito.

I wanted to post about the wonderfulness that is Grey’s Anatomy, and realised that I have already done so once, so I had to pick a new title, because I already used Gray’s Anatomy once. Anyway, so it was the season finale of Season 5 of Grey’s last week, and I finished watching it last night. It was amazing! And beware, anyone that reads further than this, cos there be spoilers. 

I guessed that Izzy was going to die, after she got her memory back, it was all a little too good to be true. As Anna has pointed out, she hasn’t actually died, they didn’t make it clear if she was going to survive, because she was flatlining at the end. But I think she is dead. As well as George. I can’t believe that about George. I had no clue that it was him, except when it became obvious to Meredith, I suddenly realised that of course it was him. It was such a clever way to end it. And I love it that I had no idea that it was going to happen! 

I love it that I am able to get up to date with these U.S television shows and watch them almost as they air in the U.S. It reduces the chance of spoilers greatly, for which I am very grateful, because I hate it if I accidentally find out what is going to happen. The only other show that I am up to date with is Criminal Minds, and I am even lagging a bit behind with that – I have two episodes still to watch, and I think the season finale of that is this week. Then I can spend the summer watching Bones and NCIS and the CSIs and countless other things that are on my list. Not that my life revolves around television, of course! 

I am meant to be revising right now, I have my last exam tomorrow, and then I am free! 


The bones are a musical instrument (more specifically, a folk instrument) which, at the simplest, consists of a pair of animal bones, or pieces of wood or a similar material. (Wikipedia)

So the world has gone swine-flu crazy. I know that people have died (a baby in the U.S. died this morning – the first fatality outside of Mexico so far), but I wish people would stop panicking about it. Or more specifically, I wish the media would stop trying to get everyone to panic. There is nothing to be done, if you get it, you get it. As Dr Hillary said, the normal winter flu can kill, and people don’t panic about that. Hypochondriacs the world over are in heaven right now.

I have been watching Bones lots lately. I really want to get to the end of Season 1, but it seems to be taking ages! Once I have completed the first season, I might move on to Brothers and Sisters Sason 2, or House Season 5. As you can tell, my life is so interesting!

I drew an amazing picture last night, to send to Anna. I have scanned a copy, but I won’t put it on here until I have sent it to her, or it will ruin it! Even though I am not sure how regularly she reads my blog. I am not sure that anyone reads my blog at all!

Ashes to Ashes is back. And it’s awesome. Loving Gene Hunt, as ever, he has some of the best lines ever. E.g:

Alex: You’re playing with them?
Gene: No, that’s just the way I’m standing.