Jane loves tattoos

Hello all

I have been wandering around the internet, just browsing tattoos, so I thought I would post. I don’t ‘love’ tattoos as such, but they don’t offend me in anyway, and getting one is actually on my list of things to do. So I thought I might start a new series just showing different designs that I have found.

These are three that I found on Tattoologist, a website that compiles some cool (and some not so cool) tattoos from around the web. I really like the first one, but I don’t think I could ever have it! The second one is the title of one of my favourite poems, i carry your heart with me by e.e. cummings. And I’ve always liked the idea of a tattoo behind my ear.

Then I found this one, which, if you can’t read it, says “I solemnly swear I am up to no good.” For all you non-Potterphiles out there, it’s a quote from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. I love it, but would never have it tattooed on my body! However, this inspired me to go in search of more Harry Potter tattoos, and I found quite a lot! Some good, some bad, and some downright weird! There is a Facebook group devoted to them, and various other websites, including this tumblr. Here are a few that got my attention.

The first one, “I must not tell lies”, is clever, because of course Harry has that etched onto his skin in the Chamber of Secrets, albeit by magic. The second is one that you see a lot of (though not at all my cup of tea), the actors’ or characters’ faces in a large tattoo that is added to over time. How strange must it be for Daniel Radcliffe to know that he is tattooed on people’s bodies! The stars on the girl’s collarbones are very cool; however, it’s a bit of an ambiguous Harry link, for us Brits at least. Apparently, it would seem that in the U.S. editions of the books, these three stars appear at the top of each page. I’ve checked, and they don’t appear in my editions. Nice tattoo though. The next one is the symbol of the Deathly Hallows, of which there are lots and lots. The final two are my favourites! “It’s real for us” appears quite regularly, as it’s a quote from the book as well as being a statement, it would seem, for some people, on how they feel about the stories. It’s something that Snape says, though I won’t say to whom just in case of spoilers, as it is due to be in the second part of Deathly Hallows. The last tattoo, “All was well”, is the final line from the book. It’s not the nicest tattoo in the world, but it’s a nice quote, and very meaningful for fans of the stories!

Jane loves links

Hello chums

I do this all the time – I get into a really good groove with posting regularly, and then something happens that holds me up. This time it was illness, I had a bit of a bug over the weekend and spent all day Sunday in bed. But I’m back now to share some links with you.

First of all, I just found something on Checks and Spots; a marriage proposal from a guy in Australia who created his own iPhone app and used it to send his girlfriend on an 11-hour treasure hunt! Obviously all of the destinations had a special meaning for the couple, and it culminated in a proposal. From there I also found this, another iPhone proposal – he created an advert for the iPhone, and had it played in his local cinema where he and his girlfriend were on a date. So unbelievably cheesy, and yet kind of sweet too. Not sure how I’d feel about such a public proposal though!

I have just finished reading The Mitfords: Letters Between Six Sisters, a family who are endlessly fascinating to me. Their letters spanned eighty years and encompassed some of the most important events in twentieth-century history. I then found this, a somewhat-old look at Deborah, Duchess of Devonshire (the youngest sister) and her style. She’s the last surviving sister, and the next book I want to read is her autobiography.

Other interesting links this weeks include these bookends – my favourites are the falling books one. Also, Jordan at Oh Happy Days posted on her son’s first visit to the barber shop. So, so cute, and it looks as though he actually enjoyed it, which is contrary to many children I have known when having their first hair cut!

I very much like these pillows over at Tatertots & Jelly, especially the ‘Keep Calm and Have a Cupcake’ one! My best ones Anna and Vicky would also enjoy it, I feel!

Look at this stunning leaf carving, found over at The Senses Five. There are DIY instructions here, but it would never work for me! There is one instruction for the actual artistic part of the project is ‘Carve the leaf’. I’ll just leave the carving to the experts and I’ll look at the pretty pictures!

This is one of my favourites things at the moment – the young stars of Harry Potter trying American accents. When I was in America, I only did my American accent once, and I got quite a bit of a kudos for it – though I think I said ‘like’ and ‘totally’ far too much!

A few more links now:

  • From A Cup of Jo, this amazing storyby Maurice Sendak, the author and illustrator of Where the Wild Things Are. You have to love the priorities of small children.
  • This amazing cake, in the shape of little cottages, that you can actually bake with a special cake tin, made me smile. From Where the Lovely Things Are.
  • Now that Prince William is engaged, here is a list of the 32 most eligible bachelors in the world. I don’t quite agree with all of them, but it’s fun to look at!

Until next time!

Jane loves Christmas

I changed my mind about my next Christmas post. There will be a further one to show some lovely decorations I’ve found, as I said. This one, however, is inspired by famous Christmas trees across the world.

The Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree has been donated by the city of Oslo every year since 1947, as a token of thanks for the support provided to Norway by Britain during World War II. Every year, there is a tree lighting ceremony; this year’s is taking place on 2nd December. In addition, there are carol singing sessions in the square around the tree every evening, raising money for charity.


The tradition of the tree at the Rockefeller Christmas Tree started officially in 1933. A Norwegian Spruce, like the Trafalgar Tree Christmas Tree, it is often donated to the Center. The official lighting ceremony takes place this year tomorrow, on Tuesday 30th November. The tree is then illuminated from 5.30 A.M. -11.30 P.M daily, and all day on Christmas Day! The photo there is me with last year’s tree, on a visit to New York – photo by Gemma Weber.



The world’s largest Christmas tree display appears on the slopes of Monte Ingino, outside the city of Gubbio, in Italy. At 650 metres high, and 350 metres wide, it consists of 730 lights, placed to give the impression of a giant Christmas tree. It can be seen from a massive 50 km away! It was first illuminated in 1981, and will be lit this year, as in every other year, on December 7th.



Murano Island, in Northern Italy is renowned for it’s glass making, and it boasts the tallest glass tree in the world! It was sculpted by glass blower Simone Cenedese and is made up of a thousand multi-coloured glass pipes. Quite stunning really, and a different take on the traditional tree.



Lastly, Tokyo’s famous tree, which is not a tree at all, but a projection onto the exterior of the Grand Prince Hotel Akasaka.


More trees, including Prague, Washington D.C. and Moscow can be seen here and here.

Jane loves Christmas

Hello all

I know it’s a huge 34 days until Christmas, and it is still November, but my rules work like this: If it’s after my birthday, and it’s cold, we can start thinking about Christmas. So, here we go!

I don’t always send Christmas cards, not least because I don’t like most normal cards, they are a bit boring and don’t really mean anything. But I have found some that I really like online.


This card is so cool. I found it on Miss Malaprop, and I love it! At £7.50 it’s a little more than you might expect to pay for a card, but of course it’s more than just a card, it is essentially a present!

Other cards found elsewhere include two that encompass my new found love for anything owl (except actual owls); this brilliant “Happy Owlidays” card from Modcloth, and another from there, which I don’t like as much but is still quite cute.

The penguin card there is also indescribably cute, and is also from Modcloth. I like the simplicity of the second one, by a seller called Fold on Supermarket HQ. And the third one, also on Supermarket HQ, is actually a scratch-and-sniff card, and apparently smells of pine needles and fresh snow. Two other cards are sweet and minty candy canes, and gingerbread fresh from the oven. I’m not sure how much they will actually smell like what they claim to, but they are fun!

Next time, on ‘Jane loves Christmas’, I’ll be looking at some more cards, and some incredibly cool decorations!