Jane loves links

Hello all! Time for me to point you in the direction of some more fun I have found!

Another wedding link first, although nothing has changed since last week; I am still not getting married! I just think that some of these wedding toppers are so cute. It looks like you can commission them to include almost anything! Another cake topper here, which is also cool. A bit more sophisticated, maybe, than the others. I don’t know how I would choose if I was getting married!

A very useful article here about how to style your fringe. My fringe is a huge problem in my life. I love a full fringe, but never manage to maintain it because I never get around to getting it cut regularly enough! But I am loving all four looks here!

Who doesn’t love a rainbow? A rainbow is one of those natural things that just makes me smile. They are amazing, and I always feel a little bit lucky when I manage to see one. One of the best I ever saw was over Niagara Falls, that there is a photo I took of it.

Niagara Rainbow

I love this album on Flickr, of Tetris, Tetris Everywhere! As someone who grew up with Tetris and still loves to play it, I love the idea that people spot Tetris pieces in random places. Very cool.

To add to my growing obsession with the idea of working for Pixar, I found this article about fifteen very cool offices around the world. All very interesting and different, but none more so than Pixar headquarters in San Francisco. Every now and again I like to use Streetview on Google Maps to check out my dream work address.

I only just today chanced upon this gallery of ‘10 Characters from the ’90s Who Would Be Fashionable Today.’ I love it! I didn’t watch all of the shows or films, and I don’t necessarily agree with all of them being fashionable now, (Will Smith in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air? Really?) but it’s very cool still! I do agree with Janeane Garofolo in Reality Bites though. Totally something I would wear! (By the way, the link to this piece seems to be a bit temperamental. Try this: http://flavorwire.com/113450/10-fictional-90s-characters-who-would-be-fashionable-in-2010 and refresh if you get an error.)

I’m still thinking about my other post ideas, a regular craft post and one about influential and inspirational women. I have lots of craft links to share, and I want to try them out for myself when I have some disposable cash.

Until next time, I bid you adieu.

Jane loves links

Hello all! I have been checking out my traffic since my last posts, and it looks as though there are people coming by and having a read, which gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling!

So, on with the links. There are an awful lot of wedding related websites out there, I come across a lot while I am looking for craft projects, as it seems making things for your wedding is all the rage. Obviously, I don’t have a wedding to plan, so I don’t take a lot of notice, but things have caught my eye, including these amazing wedding invitations. They are so different, especially the plantable ones!

I love these monster posters, especially this Nessie one. I thought I didn’t know who the Sasquatch was, but it turns out that it is another name for Bigfoot. Another good site here, creating art and accessories out of old cassette tapes. I am old enough to have had cassette tapes, and whilst tidying my room recently I found a lot of old ones. I haven’t thrown them away, as my friend Hannah has a tape player in her car, so I have plans to make her a mix tape! I particularly like the wallets made of cassettes on that site, I think I might have to try and make myself one!

Amazing photos on this site of ‘Hideously cute newborn babies.’ I challenge anyone to not look at these and smile. A definite pick-me-up if you are feeling a bit down! Of course none of them are as cute as the babies in my family!

I read an interesting article on the BBC website about why Americans are so wary of using one dollar coins. It was something I noticed while I was living there, I saw them, but not much, and I have often wondered why they have notes instead of coins. In 2007 a law was passed that says the mint has to produce $1 coins commemorating dead presidents. Abraham Lincoln is the next one to be released, later this year, so they have another 24 to make after that, and possibly more considering that will take them up to 2016, and more recent presidents could be dead by then. It looks as though there will be lots of $1 coins sitting in stores somewhere!

On my current wishlist are these amazing tweezers. I just love them!

I also love this collection of Air Mail related goodies. It makes me want to start a collection like this of my own.

Etsy is a website I try to stay away from, simply because I get that “Oooh, I want it!” feeling about almost everything on there. However, on my search across the internet this week, I got there by way of a link. Of course, I had an “Oooh, I want it!” moment when I saw this.

I managed to get my laptop working for just long enough to get my other finds off it, so I have lots more to share in the coming weeks. Obviously today there will be no Tuesday Treat, but I am sure that you can survive without one!

I will leave you with a video from this weekend’s Emmy Awards, which I love.


Jane loves links

It turns out that there is much to consider when thinking about how to improve a blog. Firstly, I am very conscious of the fact that I start a lot of my posts with ‘So’ or ‘OK’. That is the first thing to change. Secondly, I wanted to change the way I title the posts; whilst I like the way I was doing it before, I want something a bit more uniform. Therefore, ‘Jane loves links’ will be a regular round-up of anything interesting I have found online, ‘Tuesday Treat’ will remain, as will quotes (I am using different translations of the word “Quotation” for those). I will also be introducing some sort of regular craft post, though I haven’t decided what they will be called. I’ll also be introducing a ‘things’ post, as well as one about television, when all of my shows restart. Another thing I want to do is a regular post about influential and inspirational women, though this is going to be a work in progress until I know exactly what I want to do with it. I’ve also had a bit of a mess around with the sidebar; I’ve added my list of 28 things, and I have a new Flickr feed.

Talking of my ’28 things’ list, I have completed another item! I learnt to knit over the weekend. I sat with my mum and she taught me all the basic stitches. I don’t know if I could manage a whole pattern, I certainly couldn’t on my own, but I might be able to with my mum’s help. I am very proud of myself!

I didn’t receive any comments on my previous post, which leads me to believe that nobody is reading it. Which is sad, but hey-ho. Maybe I should advertise better. I have been finding some good things around the wonderful world of the internet, so here goes.


I found this page, of classic films as posters, as part of a project that TCM are doing. I love how classic they are, I would love one for my wall, although it doesn’t look as though that is possible at the moment!

I’m not really one for reading fashion blogs, I get bored quite easily, and I really dislike all the pretentious people who think that they are blazing some sort of a trail style-wise, when in reality they all look the same. Still, I found this page when I jumped between some blogs, and I really like these cigarette ‘pants’. I think I need to be 2 dress sizes smaller to pull them off though!

This is amazing, I really want one! I wouldn’t be able to scratch off too much, but it would be fun to do still! A good idea for a present for a globetrotter!

These lasagne cupcakes are also brilliant. So cool for a dinner party! And talking of cooking, I am going to attempt a variation on this for Richard’s birthday. Obviously I am never going to be able to replicate it, but the idea is there now, so I think with a basic sponge and some icing I should be able to put something together!

I always look through the local paper at the wedding photos, primarily to see if there is anyone I know in there, but also because it always fascinates me that so often, the couples look like each other. As it turns out, I am not the only one to think this, this page has photos of some couples who truly could be siblings!

So that’s my first rebooted blog post (kind of). I hope it worked OK, and I hope whoever is out there reading it found some enjoyment in it. Have a good week!


Friday is one of the main characters of Daniel Defoe’s novel Robinson Crusoe. Robinson Crusoe names the man, with whom he cannot at first communicate, Friday because they meet on that day. (Wikipedia)

It’s been a while since I posted again. I am trying to work out what I want to do with this blog, I don’t feel that it’s very interesting as it is, and whilst I don’t kid myself that lots of people read it, I’d like to make it interesting for those that do! So I am just going to throw some things against the wall in the next few posts and see what sticks!

Today, I am going to link to some different blogs, websites and articles that I have found. First up is Why They’re Hot. I came across it on another blog that I read, and it’s great! There’s nothing I like more than looking at pictures of very attractive men, and this site has lots! Some of my favourites on there are Hugh Laurie and Tom Hardy. There’s are loads more on there, even David Mitchell makes an appearance!

This is a great idea for an article, as I love stationery, but it’s a bit disappointing, because some of the stuff on it isn’t that much fun! Although the first item, the highlighters, are very cool, even though they are just highlighters!

I read a really funny review of the Burlesque trailer, which really made me laugh, especially the bit about Pete Burns/Cher. I am looking forward to the film though, it looks as though it could be fun, albeit a little predictable!

Brilliant website here, that gathers together a load of interesting letters and notes that should be seen by everyone. I particularly enjoyed this one, as my current obsession with Pixar is getting quite out of hand. Despite having no qualifications as an animator, and not really wanting to live in California, I desperately want to work there.

I have a load more links and blogs that I wanted to post but they are on my laptop, which is playing up at the moment. I am also collecting craft projects that I want to try out, so I think I may implement a regular craft post where I can get them all organised into one place.

Oh, and an update on my ’28 things’. I have just realised that I did one more – I went to a football match last week! It was just a pre-season friendly, Ipswich vs. Spurs XI, but it counts! This week, I am going to try and get a few more done, namely 3, 14 and 22. I’ll keep you all updated with my progress!

Finally, if you do read my blog, please could you let me know what you think of it by way of a comment? I’d really appreciate it!

Enjoy your weekend!


Summer is a Walt Disney short film released in 1930. Directed by Ub Iwerks, it is the the sequel to the short Springtime (1929). It is 6 minutes long. (Wikipedia)

So summer is here! Actually, it’s been here for a while, and we have actually had some weather to back up the fact that it has officially been summer since 21st June. It’s not been so great for the last couple of days, but I am not a fan of the really hot weather anyway, so give me a slightly cooler day anytime.

It has been over 2 months since I last posted, on May 4th (Star Wars Day), and even then it was only a ‘Tuesday Treat.’ Things just got on top of me with university and everything else. But now that I have nothing to do (at least until I find myself a job), I will try and update more regularly! This one won’t be very interesting, I have a long list of interesting websites that I have found that I want to share with you all, but that will have to come next time.

I was looking at my list of 28 things I wanted to do before my birthday, which is now 119 days away. I am under no illusion that I will get them all done, even getting any done seems a bit hopeless, but I will try and get as many done as possible, and then the rest can just be carried over! So far, shamefully, I have only managed one, and even that’s a bit dubious. I managed to kind of watch a sunrise, at the Summer Ball, where we stayed until 4am. I was outside while the sun was rising, and whilst I wasn’t actively watching it rise, I experienced it, and so I am giving it to myself!

This photo is the Survivors’ Photo from the Summer Ball – they went up onto a crane and took a photo of everyone that made it to 4am. Richard, Hannah and I are in it, I managed to spot myself straightaway!

OK, until next time, when it will be a much more interesting post, I promise!

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