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    Monday Musings 001

    I’ve stopped reading psychological thrillers because they stress me out. I started reading one last year about a suicide, and then I had a dream that someone I knew had taken their own life, and that was that. I gave them up cold turkey. It’s hard, because they are very popular at the moment.

    I am not currently enjoying the way my blog looks. I thought it was what I wanted but it’s not right and so I need to change it. To what, I’m not sure.

    It’s nearly my birthday again, which means I a) I need to pull my finger out in terms of my 37 before 37 list, and b) I need to start thinking of 38 new things to add to a new list.

    I regularly download games on my phone, and then get so obsessed with them that I have to cut myself off completely, and delete them and force myself to forget about them.

    I wholeheartedly believe in the power of a rewatch. I am currently rewatching, amongst other things, Sherlock, Doctor Who (Matt Smith, obviously), and E.R.

    I want my blog to be something that I care about again, but I am so lazy.

    Rupert Graves as Lestrade in Sherlock is currently my everything.

    Andrew Scott as everyone (though obviously mostly as the hot priest) is also my everything.

    On Saturday I bought DMs from a charity shop but I think I just bought them because they are DMs and not because they suit me. We’ll see though.

    Today is the 52nd anniversary of my mum and dad’s wedding anniversary. It feels weird to say that it’s their wedding anniversary, so my mum is no longer with us, but her not being here doesn’t negate the fact that it’s 52 years since their wedding.

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