Photo an Hour #38 ~ September 2016

My plan was to get all up to date with my Photo an Hour posts in time for the November date, which is tomorrow. Unfortunately this is the penultimate post in my frantic catching up – this is September, so I still have to share October with you!

September’s Photo an Hour fell on the 24th September, but in spite of all my hopes for a lovely autumn day, it was ridiculously hot. I was haring around Colchester trying to get various things done, and I ended up shedding various pieces of clothing, and wishing I could shed more!

fullsizerender fullsizerender-1

7am | An early start because I had stupidly booked a hair appointment at 8am!

8am | Waiting outside the hairdressers.

fullsizerender-2 fullsizerender-3

10am | I missed 9am, as I was in the hairdressers, but by 10am I was in Marks and Spencer’s browsing the selection of fizzy alcohol. I was buying a wedding present for a work colleague, and I managed to get a rather large bottle of prosecco (amongst other things).

11am | This photo reminds me that the wool I bought on this trip to the wool shop was for a dragon that I still haven’t finished! I really must get better at seeing things through.

fullsizerender-4 fullsizerender-5

12pm | By this point I had escaped the high street but was still shopping, in Staples. (RIP Staples)

1pm | Finally home, and despite having been complaining about the heat merely two hours earlier, by this point I was under a blanket on the sofa, watching Gilmore Girls!

fullsizerender-6 fullsizerender-7

2pm | Out again, because neither Hannah or I can resist the lure of a supermarket.

3pm | Back home, and watching a film – Blue Jasmine.

fullsizerender-8 fullsizerender-9

4pm | Still watching Blue Jasmine, and taking the opportunity to update my films spreadsheet, which is one of my favourite things.

5pm | Out again! We went a-foraging, for sloe berries (I think), as Hannah’s granddad is making her some sloe gin. I also procured some blackberries, and, if memory serves, I made a blackberry and apple crumble with them.

fullsizerender-10 fullsizerender-11

6pm | Watching Pointless Celebrities. When I posted this on Instagram, Rebecca, one of my fellow Photo an Hour-ers, commented: “I always think of you when I see Pointless thanks to Photo an Hour!” It has popped up more than anything else, I think, in my years of doing this. Except maybe Wittertainment.

7pm | Still on the sofa, watching Strictly and shopping for a dress for a wedding.


Another fairly boring but typical Saturday, but at least there are no in-the-car shots this time! Don’t forget that you can join in with Photo an Hour if my fabulous day here has you inspired! We’re playing tomorrow – Saturday 19th November – just take a photo every hour, and either upload them using #photoanhour, or gather them together and add them to a post (or do both!).

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Photo an Hour #37~ August 2016

August was a bit of a bust, in all honesty, when it came to Photo an Hour, because it fell on a day when I spent a large chunk of time in the car. As I mentioned in my last post, taking just one photo in the car and making it original is hard, but when it’s four hours or so, it’s really impossible! But I tried, and though the results are not interesting in any way, I’m sharing them because I’m a completist, and I can’t jump from Photo an Hour #36 to Photo an Hour #38 without feeling like I’ve got a hole in my head.

08 09

8am | See what happens when you have to round up several Photo an Hours in a short space of time? People realise even more than usual that you just do the same thing, over and over again. Saturday mornings = Wittertainment catch up time.

9am | I bought this in-shower tanning lotion, because I wanted to look slightly less than milky-white in the photos from the Spain wedding that I was at last month. I didn’t really use it that much in the lead up, and the result – the photos went online last night, and I look like a ghost.

010 011

10am | The first in-car photo, and it’s the classic wing mirror shot.

11am | At least this one was pretty.

012 013

12pm | Hannah must love Photo an Hour days when I’m in the car with her. It seems to happen a fair amount.

1pm | Huzzah – out of the car so a different type of photo! At the service for a refreshment break, and I’d just bought these shoes the day before, so I wanted to show them off. I like them a lot, but the laces never stay done up. Probably because I’m a teenager about them and can’t actually do loops because I worry that people will think I’m a loser.

014 016

2pm | Reading back on my caption for this photo reminds me that I’d been out the night before, and though I hadn’t consumed that much alcohol, the combination of it with the car journey had me feeling a little delicate, and I ended up dozing just a little bit.

4pm | I missed a 3pm photo, which was probably for the best, because what on earth would I have photographed?  By 4pm, we had reached our destination (Scunthorpe, if you’re interested), and we were having a look around the shops.

017 018

5pm | More shopping, in Tesco this time. There’s just nothing more to say about this photo.

6pm | In another car (someone else’s, hence I’m in the backseat), and out for dinner. It had obviously starting raining by this time. Hashtag British summer.

So that’s that – one of the more uninteresting Photo an Hour days in my long Photo an Hour career. But I have to say, I do like looking back, even on the more mundane days, because they remind what I was doing, and where I was going.

Don’t forget that if you have a slightly more interesting day planned, and you’d like to join in, you can do so on Saturday 19th November – just take a photo every hour, and either upload them using #photoanhour, or gather them together and add them to a post (or do both!).

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Photo an Hour #36 ~ July 2016

I know I’ve said this before, but I really am aiming to get all caught up on Photo an Hour this month! This is July, which is ludicrous, especially given the photos are of me on the beach and I’m sitting here now with a stinking cold and a blanket. In case you’d like to flashback to those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer, here are my July photos.

08 09

8am | Saturday mornings so often start out with catching up with Wittertainment – I listen the best I can on a Friday afternoon when it airs live, but I always listen again to the podcast, because that’s just the kind of devoted superfan that I am.

9am | Getting out the shower, and feeling the need to apologise for my seriously un-pedicured feet. (This apology will reappear at 1pm.)

010 011

10am | More feet – apologies if you have an aversion! A little bit of housework makes a Saturday morning feel like a Saturday morning.

11am | I’m already missing these days when you could put washing on the line in the morning and by early afternoon it would be dry.

012 013

12pm | Off out, to the aforementioned beach, with an 80s vibe to my hair. It’s shorter now, and I love it, but I do miss the ability to be able to curl it in a wild way.

1pm | Here’s that apology – I love the focus of this photo, which is why I uploaded it, but my feet are a bit gross. Sorry. (And sorry for the third photo of my feet. It wasn’t by design.)

014 15

2pm | On the way back from the beach (quite a few Pokémon were collected!). I always find it so hard to take in-car photos during Photo an Hour!

3pm | Taking a break at Hannah’s grandparent’s house.

016 017

4pm | A quick trip to look around the charity shops. I can’t remember if I bought anything, but the smart money would be on a book that I am yet to read.

5pm | Back home and taking a look at a dress that I bought from Lindy Bop, which was for a hen afternoon that I wrote about here.


6pm | Sat on the sofa with Toy Story on. Of course now, three months later, I’m lamenting the fact that I didn’t at least extend my photos to seven o’clock, because I’m left with an odd number of photos! I can’t remember why I stopped, but my guess is that I didn’t move much from this spot for the rest of the evening, so there was little point in taking more photos of the television!

So that’s that! I’m sorry that I have been so lax in sharing these photos, not because I think they are amazing works of art, but in getting behind with my posts it means that I can’t really round up everyone else who has joined in. So I apologise to all the lovely people who are part of the Photo an Hour gang, but I promise that I will be up to date before the November date, and I’ll be rounding up as I used to!

Talking of November, if you want to join in, we’ll be playing on Saturday 19th November. If you’ve never joined in before, it’s easy – you just take photos and upload them using #photoanhour, or you can gather them together and add them to a post (or do both!). More details can be found here, or you can add your email to this form and I’ll endeavour to send you a reminder a couple of days in advance.

Photo an Hour #35 ~ June 2016

Moving swiftly on from May’s Photo an Hour post, June’s day was a Sunday, for a change. We don’t often do a Sunday, but I like to from time to time, because they are so very different from Saturdays! It’s nice to switch things up and see what people get up to!

It was a pretty lazy day for me, as I’d been to Thorpe Park the day before. It culminated in a trip to the pub, which was nice!


8am ~ A lazy start to the day.

9am ~ A giant crumpet for breakfast.

010 011

10am ~ Simon Mayo and Mark Kermode were on Sunday Brunch to promote the paperback release of The Movie Doctors. I don’t ordinarily watch this programme, because I can’t bear the hosts, but I will suffer all manner of crap for the sake of these two gents.

11am ~ They weren’t on nearly enough, and they weren’t on for ages, so most of my photos from the morning involved the television, as I barely moved!

012 013

12pm ~ I did actually manage to get some cleaning done, due to the convenient situation of the kitchen in relation to the television.

1pm ~ Still loads of tidying to do, but I took a moment for refreshments.

014 015

2pm ~ There’s very much a theme to this Photo an Hour roundup, isn’t there? Taking the chance to catch up with the previous day’s podcast.

3pm ~ Still tidying and cleaning! It’s not a very big house, but when you a) keep taking breaks and b) decide to do a thorough clean, it takes a while.

016 017

4pm ~ Taking the chance to read some of my book, even though I should have been getting ready to go out.

5pm ~ On the way to the pub.

018 019

6pm ~ A lemonade in the pub garden. I’m not much of a drinker, and most certainly not on a Sunday evening.

7pm ~ Still in the beer garden, and having not moved, I had to take a photo of something else. I chose the condensation ring on the table.

020 021

8pm ~ Rain caused us to move inside, and watch some World Cup football on the television. It was Germany vs Ukraine – not a fact I remember from this distance – I can just see the names in the next photo!

9pm ~ I got home and watched a little more of the match. I didn’t watch an awful lot of the football during the world cup – as someone who used to like football a lot, I have next to no interest in it anymore. But I don’t mind the odd game, especially as part of a big tournament.

I’m so insistent on continuing with Photo an Hour, and then I look at a collection of photos like these, and think ‘Why bother?’ They aren’t particularly interesting, and they don’t have any people in them. But I still like them – I like being able to look back at a Photo an Hour post and remember what I was doing that day!

I still have to blog about July’s Photo an Hour, and yesterday’s August exploits, and then I’ll be up to date! I’m hoping that I’ll be all done in time for September’s day (which Louisa will be setting very soon!).

Don’t forget that you can sign up for a timely reminder, a couple of days before the designated day. Just pop your details into this form.

Photo an Hour #34 ~ May 2016

I am so behind with Photo an Hour! These photos that you are about to see come from May, which means I have three to post before I am up to date! A part of me just wants to start again, and forget the ones I’ve missed, but I like having them to look back on, even when the days are as mundane as this one turned out to be!

I took part in May’s photo an hour three days after everyone else, because I was at a work event, which basically involved a lot of sitting in one place. And when I was taking photos, it was for my work’s social media, so fitting in Photo an Hour photos just wasn’t feasible. So my plan was to do it on the Monday, when I had a day off, and then I forgot. I ended up doing it on the Tuesday, when I was travelling back from an overnight stay in London.

09 010

9am ~ Looking out of my hotel window; I was staying at a Travelodge near Kings Cross (I think). I went to May’s Mark Kermode in 3D, and as I was off for two days following our work event, I took advantage and booked a hotel.

10am ~ Time for a sophisticated breakfast.

011 012

11am ~ On the way home, I popped into Westfield at Stratford. It’s not my favourite place in the world, but mid-morning during the week is an acceptable time to visit, as there’s hardly anyone around.

12pm ~ Waiting for a train home at Stratford.

013 014

1pm ~ Home, and feeling entirely exhausted, if I remember rightly.

2pm ~ Time for some lunch.

015 017

3pm ~ Attempting a nap, but actually getting drawn into a Den of Geek article that had me adding lots (and lots) of books to my to-read list.

5pm ~ I lost an hour somewhere, and I don’t think it’s because I had a nap. I think it’s because doing Photo an Hour on a Tuesday didn’t come naturally, and I kept forgetting! I was reading by this point – still not napping.

018 020

6pm ~ To demonstrate just how long ago this was (as though a calendar can’t do that), this is what we were watching on the television – Britain’s Got Talent. I have a feeling that we were catching up on a recorded live show from the weekend.

8pm ~ And finally, with another hour missed out, a Tuesday night cider and a blanket.

I’m going to try really hard to round up everyone that joined in, but as may be apparent, I’m a tad disorganised at the moment.

I’ve almost certainly missed some people off this list, so if you can remember this far back, and you’d like me to add you, just let me know.

I still have a couple more Photo an Hour posts before I’m up to date, but for now, let me just invite you to join in with the August date, on Saturday 27th August. I can send you a timely reminder by email if you want one – just pop your details into this form. Please do join in, it’s a lot of fun!