Photo an Hour #45 ~ April 2017

This was a busy weekend, according to Instagram. I was apparently slightly hungover on this particular Photo an Hour day, though I can’t for the life of me remember where I had been the night before. I rarely drink anything, never mind enough to feel hungover, so it should be much easier to remember! The day itself saw me meeting up with my best friends for dinner, and then the following day I saw my great-niece for her first birthday. Weekends like that are nice, but I’m sure I needed some sort of lay down on Sunday evening to get over all the socialising.

07 08

7am | Up early, despite this apparent night out the previous evening. I still can’t work out where I could possibly have been.

8am | McDonalds for breakfast, because Hannah, who I live with, is the nicest person in the world and went out to get it.

09 10

9am | Back to bed, for some reading.

10am | Sometimes I’m just in the mood for some show tunes. More specifically, sometimes I am just in the mood to sing Defying Gravity as loudly as I possibly can and pretend that I sound just like Idina Menzel.

11 12

11am | We parked next to this HILARIOUS van.

12pm | To the shops, and in an attempt to ensure that I didn’t spend any money, I stuck mainly to shops I couldn’t afford, rather than those I can afford. I would never be tempted to spend the likes of £26 on a top, as nice as that white and blue stripey one is.

13 14

1pm | A quick stop at M&S, and I took the chance to pick up a bottle of Sparkling Florida Orange, because it’s delicious.

2pm | Back to bed, with chocolate and a book.

16 17

4pm | Shockingly, having laid down on my bed, with my book, nursing a bit of a hangover, I fell asleep and missed the 3pm photo. By 4pm I was awake and about to paint my nails.

5pm | Attempting to tame my hair with the best tools I have. (Actually, that comb has seen better days.)

18 19

6pm | Off out, with Jen and Hannah, to meet with the rest of the gang for food.

7pm | Trying to decide on said food.

20 21

8pm | I so rarely have dessert in restaurants. This might be hard to believe – I do not look like the sort of person who turns down food – but it’s true. I don’t know why; probably because I so often over-indulge on a main course.

9pm | But I went for one this time, and was treated this. I don’t remember for certain, but I’m sure I felt sick after this.


10pm | Yeah, I’m the loser who nearly always forgets to count their photos and make sure they end up with an even number so this doesn’t happen. It’s not even a good photo…

As you can see, your day doesn’t have to be scintillating for you to join in with Photo an Hour. Sometimes it’s the more mundane days that make for the more interesting photos (not sure this is the case this time, however…)

Our date for this month is Saturday 26th August (Bank Holiday weekend!), and if you sign up for a reminder email (in the sidebar on the right of this page), I’ll do my best to remember to send it. More details about Photo an Hour can be found here, and all my previous Photo an Hour posts can be found here.


Photo an Hour #44 ~ March 2017

March seems like an awfully long time ago now. I know, I know – that’s because it is. As is traditional, I have got rather behind with Photo an Hour posts, so here, at the end of June, is March’s day in photos.

IMG_7267 IMG_7272

7am ~ Reading in bed, which is how most Photo an Hour days tend to start, for a large proportion of the participants!

8am ~ The view from the back of the house. If I remember rightly, I ummed and ahhed over the wording of the caption of this photo on Instagram, because anything with ‘back door’ in it just sends my mind to the gutter.

IMG_7277 IMG_7281

9am ~ On the bus, as I so often am on a Saturday morning.

10am ~ Waiting in the opticians for my first eye test in years. This ticked off a 35 Before 35 list item!

IMG_7286 IMG_7293

11am ~ Eye test quickly dispatched with, now in Paperchase. I didn’t buy a gift card, but I thought they were pretty.

12pm ~ I so rarely capture a photo dead on the stroke of the hour, so when I was able to, I thought I’d prove it with a photo of a clock!

IMG_7300 IMG_7303

1pm ~ Rocking my best ever pin that I had received just prior to this day; I got it as a thank you for transcribing an episode of the podcast The West Wing Weekly, and I wear it with pride on my denim jacket.

2pm ~ Home, and doing a little housework.

IMG_7309 IMG_7317

3pm ~ Reading again, with the woodburner on, because though it was March, it was cold. How weird to imagine wanting to introduce fire into your home right now!

4pm ~ Watching Only Connect, which I have spectacularly failed to keep up with in the last couple of series. I really should try harder, because I love it.

IMG_7320 IMG_7323

5pm ~ My housemate Hannah had been to Hackney and brought back with her a fair amount of vegan food.

6pm ~ The last photo of the day, a) to keep an even number of photos for this blog post, and b) because this was where I sat and stayed for the rest of the evening. Flicking through Little White Lies, and watching (what else?) Pointless Celebrities.

This is the part where I say that I’m going to try and get up to date really quickly, so that I can join in with the roundup post on time for the next Photo an Hour. But you all know that this probably won’t happen, so what’s the point?

Photo an Hour is a lot of fun, with or without a roundup post, so if you haven’t done it before, please feel free to play next time! We don’t have a date confirmed for July’s fun, but if you sign up for a reminder email (in the sidebar on the right of this page), we’ll let you know in advance. More details about Photo an Hour can be found here, and my previous posts – all 43 of them – can be found here.

Photo an Hour #43 ~ February 2017

I’m not going to start this post bemoaning the fact that I am never up to date with anything – it just gets boring!

February’s Photo an Hour took place on Saturday the 18th, a day on which I had no real plans. This is often the way with a Saturday; they just end up involving pottering around and spending too much money.

IMG_6737 IMG_6740

8am | Reading in bed. The best days start like this.
9am | My huge mug filled with tea.

IMG_6743 IMG_6745

10am | Saturday mornings are invariably soundtracked by these two. (Some time I’m going to count up how many times they’ve appeared in my Photo an Hour posts!)
11am | Off out wearing a scarf my friend V bought me for my birthday (it’s a map of Manhattan). I look very orange in the photo, but my make-up tastes don’t lie that way, so I think it was a trick of the light.

FullSizeRender IMG_6749

12pm | A vegan burger in a cafe in Sudbury called Kind Cuisine.
1pm | Charity shopping; Sudbury has some good ones.

IMG_6757 IMG_6762

2pm | Heading home, and marvelling at the blue skies and sunshine that have since taken over our weather in recent weeks.
3pm | Home from the shops and admiring my bargain of a dress that went on to be worn at my friend’s wedding. £10 for a Billie and Blossom dress in Dorothy Perkins was very welcome.

IMG_6765 IMG_6772

4pm | Reading again, with athletics on in the background.
5pm | My friend Hannah was dog-sitting on this weekend, so she went and picked up Scooby and brought her back to ours for the evening.

IMG_6776 IMG_6778

6pm | The sunshine and blue skies hadn’t translated to a warm house, so the fire was on and crappy Saturday night television was being watched.
7pm | Neapolitan ice cream – sophisticated? No. Tasty? But of course.

And that’s where I finished off. A fairly short (and not very interesting) Photo an Hour day in the end!

As ever, one of the joys of a Photo an Hour day is the company we keep – there’s now a sizable group of us who join in together on Instagram and Twitter and through blogs after the event (though not usually this long after). If you’d like to join in with the next one, we’ll be playing again on Saturday 22nd April. I send out a quick email reminder a couple of days in advance (when I remember), you can sign up for that here or via the form on the right hand side of this page.`

Photo an Hour #42 ~ January 2017

The unthinkable has happened. I have got up to date with Photo an Hour! The February date is set for this coming Saturday, and this is January’s round-up! Who can believe it? Now let’s see how long it takes me to get behind again…

January’s day was Sunday 29th; Louisa chose a Sunday for a change as it was her little one’s first birthday. I had no great plans – I started the day at my best friend’s Anna’s house, having stayed over the night before, and then came home and did nothing. Prepare yourself for some scintillating photos!

08 09

8am – Breakfast at the Divalls.

9am – Searching for something to take a photo of, I chanced upon these lovely canisters in Anna’s kitchen.

16299304_1382546331764609_4857600660030195323_n (1) 16265399_1382572471761995_3901069971450474321_n

10am ~ On the road; Anna and Rob dropped me home before going swimming. This interesting view is the A130

11am ~ One of the best things about being away overnight is getting home to discover what the postman has brought you. On this particular day, it was a book that I’d bought from Amazon, to try and help me with meal planning, something at which I am terrible.

16388163_1382607378425171_6366265506088727834_n 16265165_1382643985088177_6775567128736144880_n

12pm ~ Getting home early-ish after staying out all night is always good, particularly on a Sunday, because it means you have a whole day ahead of you. I had a whole day of doing nothing planned! But first, to the shop, to buy food to accompany my laziness.

1pm ~ I have sort of decided to start watching Neighbours again. Except that since this day, when I watched a few, I haven’t done very well at keeping up. And as it’s on every day, this is a problem.

16387437_1382812921737950_1730429955631310920_n 16298485_1382837538402155_8970952536651396558_n

4pm ~ At this point I had just woken up from a rather long nap! Tea, a blanket, and some blogging. I genuinely can’t think of many better ways to spend a cold Sunday afternoon.

5pm ~ More blogging – trying to get up to date with my end of  month posts, which went rather well for a change as they all happened at the right time, rather than in the middle of the month!

16406876_1382914908394418_6740225645722801560_n 16298474_1382954785057097_6749528004684356704_n

6pm ~ Incredibly, I was still writing blog posts. I must have been in a productive frame of mind, something that doesn’t happen too often. I was watching The Voice from the night before as well. Because I genuinely love the blind auditions so much.

7pm ~ Oh look. It’s a photo of me uploading my photo an hour photos from the previous month, in a blog post about photo an hour. I think this post just swallowed itself whole.


8pm ~ Because I’m stupid, I took a photo at 8 o’clock, instead of just leaving it, and now here we are with another odd number of photos. It was obviously too interesting not to take a photo of… Or not. I was looking at the Radio Times. I subscribe to it, so it comes through my door. I know that everyone thinks that TV listings magazines are redundant in this day and age, but I’m willing to explain, in detail, all the reasons why that’s wrong. If you’re interested.

So that’s that. Can you believe that I am actually up to date? Now my plan is to have a round-up of each month up within a week of the actual day, and I should actually be able to do a proper round-up, and include links to the people who play!

February’s Photo an Hour day is this weekend – Saturday 18th February. If you’d like a reminder as to when it will be taking place, please leave your email address here, and I’ll send you a reminder a couple of days in advance.